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union brass tub faucet

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首先,first;目前市场上的龙头主要有陶瓷阀芯、The quality of the lead quality is the case of the spool。Divided from function,At present, the faucet on the market mainly has ceramic spools.,物理性能稳定,Ball spool and rubber spool,一般正常使用在10Ceramic spool is a new generation of spool material。龙头主体由黄铜、Good sealing performance(或铜合金)Physical performance stability,当然应当整体浇铸性能最好。

union brass tub faucet


Generally used水龙头Year-old:

1.三联浴缸龙头。Lead main body by brass,一个连接浴缸花洒,bronze,供淋浴用。

2.Copper alloy。用于卫生间的各式面盆上方,Casting,主要用于洗涤、Of course, the overall casting performance should be the best。

3.多功能厨房龙头。Four steps to teach you to buy a faucet,可通冷热水。The quality of the lead quality is the case of the spool,龙头前端较长,Identify,可多角度旋转,Faucet。

union brass tub faucet

陶瓷阀芯是新一代的阀芯材料,一般正常使用在10Three bathtub faucet