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Little life like living from small,But due to parents need“study hard”Pull the grass。Until graduation, I won't won't be won for many years in the city.,I hope to find a world to host the soul.,Talented to the grass。

The heart of each person is hidden in the heart of the heart.,But most people will remain insomnia because of the pressure of hand or no money.。As the blades of Scorpio, the subject has been thinking:Carefully,I can always do things well.。As for money,It is like it,Surveillance general

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)All right,Open question

one、Preparation process

1)Workers must first find a big mom。Most beginning,I think that it is enough to raise fish.,When looking for a big master search,LinktonychenxiSauce posts

Professional fish tank experience sharing Article:Water grass with fish,Harmonious and happy...

During heart, muddy horses:Trough,Water grass is so good!?

2)Then started up3Monthly long grass preparation,South America、Fishermen village、fish3000、Post bar forum,understood,Super-white cylinder、filter、Water grass lamp、Liquid fertilizer、Nitrification system、Carbon dioxide system……These are really important,I hope everyone will be prepared first.,Be kind to your life in your cylinder。The mother's post also has a lot of cattle in the grass.,I haven't described it.。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)3)During the period, I also went many times.,Continued back to the ultra-white cylinder、Water grass mud、Landscape material, etc.,LandscapeMMRude,Can't be avoidedjsMMKill a meal。Go back,Fish tank,Many Dongdong online buy cheaper。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

45Ultra-white cylinder,Shelf(It is very convenient to replace water),Grate(Don't be cheap like me.,Still stainless steel,Smart operation),Of course, I can't have less mom.——Timing socket

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Timing socket

Huadi Bay picks a long time tree root,After cooking, you will not be yellow.。Stone chose blue dragon stone(Because of pine)。This picture is the thermometer test heating rod will not boil into the fish soup.。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Main equipment:Tyrannical dragon36w*2Water grass lamp,Yabo120,Jiale Steel Bottle HomemadeCO2system+The electromagnetic valve

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)All spending rough statistics1700.The majority of the majority of the most remember:Cylinder(Bring up)80,lamp200,filter100,CO2system400,mud130。More than zero zero fragments,Do tens of tens of adds to five or six hundred。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)
-------------------------------In-dashed line for the experience area,Watch your lively worth of friends can skip

4)There are a lot of big gods in the jar, various or high-end atmosphere.,Or bovine homemade equipment,I am too shallow, I'm talking about the value of most of the long grass.。

1.Yaboex120Filter bucket。Decided to use it because there is a big filter bucket,Changed original garbage filter,Nitrification system2Worship formation,Water quality stability,The filtering effect did not say。But I feel45Small cylinder flow is large,Small the valve,Prawn shrimps in the direction of the water, difficult to stand the foot,Forming azoin paradise。Then you have to remove the barrel each time.,Still very trouble,suggestion45Cylinder saves money on the waterfall filter。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Yaboex120Filter bucket

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)2.Tyrannical dragon36w*2Water grass lamp。Powerful power,Light of the lamp light,Watching effect。But I feel45Cylinder,Because this opening does not choose a good light plant,Every day6Hour,Water algae。Alternatively bleed algae,Recommended,Power is dependent on organisms。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Tyrannical dragon36w*2Water grass lamp

3.Focus on talkingCO2Device understanding。It is estimated that it is most worrying in the plant equipment.,Use it、No.。There are probably on the market5Solution for picking:

(1)Fudge。Representative:CO2piece,Practical effect unknown,Because I don't dare to take life in the cylinder。But think about it and know,Use this thingCO2Quality supply is unstable,Blossom shrimps, etc.。Therefore, I have never seen the forum master recommending such equipment.。

(2)Normal type。Representative:Shandong building a steel bottle。Repeat,Convenient。2L,24Hour,One second a bubble(Both this are standard)Estimation5Month。Huadi Bay will charge a gantry20,Can you have an unsure of subway security。Overall equipment cost is probably400+20n,Is a good choice for normal grass friends。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)(3)Mood。Representative:DiscardCO2,Already charged gas cylinder,Throw the bottle to re-purchase the bottle with the gas inside.。small volume,Convenient,Long-term investment,about40Piece/moon,Native,NothingCO2The small city of the gas station is better。

(4)Ript。Representative:Strip bottle homemadeCO2。Buy a simple homemadeCO2Appointment90Yuan,Refinetor set50Yuan,baking soda、Citric acid20Yuan can useN+Month,Collect two abandoned soda bottles,You can use it in your handsCO2system。Cheap but useful,Can't schedule,Need regular shake soda bottle to prevent“Deliberate”,Relative steel bottle is more dangerous。Another kind of fermentation by yeastCO2,Lower cost,But the reaction is affected by temperature.,And yeast fermentation produces odor……。The study took a long time to conclusion:If you save money with this,The enthusiasm of playing the straw tank is tossing

(5)High-cost。Representative:Steel bottle homemadeCO2system。This is the most contentive decision in my open cylinder device.,The system concentrates on air supply stability、save trouble、save money、Advantages such as worry。Integrate homemade+Fine cylinder,It is simply the gospel of the grass industry.。(Please ignore messy spaces)

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

The system has the advantages of cylinders,Stablize:Air supply speed can be adjusted by fine-tuning valve(With the gas pressure in the bottle,Valve);Safety:Pressure20KG/cm^2 《Liquid stateCO2;timing:Optional solenoid switch,Metallimer can do automatic switch。The system also has homemade savings feature,Survey grade soda、Citric acid200gonce,As a free material,20Yuan is enough1Year-old,No need to run inflatable stations。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)200gbaking soda,200gCitric acid,300gwater,After the reaction is reached18kg/cm^2。usually1.5-2Second a bubble,Every day6Hour,Conscious air supply3Month。Reactive residue is a pale yellow viscous liquid:

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Water is washed and you can wash it.。

If you want to say a shortcoming,That is the bottle non-integration,The bottom of the bottle is welded.,Workmanship decises security。in additionNo signs of any safety certification(I don't know how steel bottles and discardsCO2Is there a certification?),National service hotline is actually a180Mobile phone number。Good self-produced air pressure is not high,Haven't heard and search for an unsafe accident。



1)Although I did3For more than a month,Real exercise or I feel a chicken for my ignorance。Before the cylinder,Slowly thinking in my heart,The tree of yourself should be:


danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Such

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924


danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

At least it can be like this

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Run the fish market with full expectation。Thoughtful fish and shrimp do dozens of dollars,I bought it in order to save the toll.,Later, this isVery very wrong practice,Behind。

2)In the afternoon, it will come back to the city.,Open cylinder

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Wash the fish tank before opening the cylinder,Because it is the first fish tank that opened in the first time.。(If you ask what I want to pay attention to?,That is, the fish tank is really very heavy.,Please be carefully wash。When washed, there was no steady fish tank.,Not breaking)

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Water grass mud,Stone from big to small pendulum。Can be designed in the fish tank mural,The essence of the gold segmentation can make the fish tank more pleasing。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Stone is basically,Pay attention:The rear view is also more,Form a preamble after a sense of sleep,Also conveniently in water flow filtering。Don't learn me before and after high,At that time, I wanted to highlight the middle of the tree.,Later, the empirical effect is not very good.。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Cylinder,There is still something else

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Put on the tree,Feel the composition of the entire cylinder,Also quite satisfactory(Tied a circle wire in the trunk part,Used to hold Moss)

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Use specialized water grass glue,Post on Mosc,The tree is affected by Moss,Continue on the stone,Because of water grass,The whole process needs to keep the cylinder moist。(In fact, Moss is not recommended on the stone.,After it will grow a long,Sticker is not good to trim)

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Rushing feet in Jiangnan

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

Best cow and climbing poor pearls。Water grass is a backache back pain two eyes fainted,Be too tired。I haven't worryable it later.,Even with sponges in the basin to the mud。Pay attention:Water crawling and other water grass as far as possible to the mud,It's enough for a dotted leaf.,At that time, the subject thought like a flower flower.,It's just fine in the mud.,Lane,When the whole group crawlted, the heart was in the heart...Beige..Beep...。So worry about the mud.,Good for you。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Gasket plastic bag,Slow water with absorbers,This is the overlooking the floating climbing climbing.(At that time, it was still unsatisfactory.,Later, it's enough to fill the grass after the water.)

Water is still very clear,The words are not bad.,Unshire。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)The landlord focuses on the handsome back

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)3)fish、Shrimp overwater。

Encyclopedia:Over the water,It is a cushioning process between the water body where the new fish is in front of the water body and the water that will be treated.。Tutorial,Is an adaptable process,Vast water is the first step behind the new fish,Directly affects whether breeding is successful。

Want to raise fish,Effective、Patience to complete this process,Guaranteed that new fish can meet the new water environment smoothly。

Overwater method

the first method:Open the bag,First, in the middle of the cylinder in the bottle into the bag,Then slowly add the water in the cylinder,Time control is reached in the proportion of water in water and cylinders in the bag in half an hour.1:1。Then carefully put the fish into the cylinder。This method does not pollute the water in the cylinder,The deficiency is that some of the delicate fish still cannot adapt to the new water quality environment.。

The second method:Use the equipment that makes the bottle to drop the water into the bag,And use the siphon to throw away the water in the bag,This process can be passed2Hour,Slowly turn the water in the bag into a cylinder,Finally, let the fish go to the fish tank from the bag.。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)4)Open the ocean

Pay attention:If you love the life in the cylinder,Please don't buy them when you buy water.。New water injected in the cylinder,Water quality is easy to fluctuate unstable。One week,Half green light injury,Grass shrimp is nearing half,Zebra fish is very forth。

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)in addition,Under the cylinder fish shrimp, the water is growing very bad.,This time the water is also in the environment in which the cylinder is also adapted.,Fish and shrimp come in, East 啃 西 西 碰,Plus, I didn't put the water and grass.,I found that climbing the earth was floating on the next day.,I have to make it very difficult to plant it.。

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924

After the water quality is stable, the fish and shrimps are finally living.。


Working every day,But I am busy after a day.,Quiet sitting in front of a fish tank or thinking or in a daze,Look at the zebra chasing in the fish tank,Traffic lights,Grass shrimp cleaning algae,I feel that life is still so lost.

Cylinder date:2015year10moon

Cylinder:45*30*30 No brand super white cylinder

illumination:T5H0 36W*2(Opening time:17point-24point)

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)filter:Yaboex-120

Bed bed:Diamond water grass

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)CO2:One second a bubble,Open with light,Simple diffuser

fertilizer:Bolon liquid fertilizer

Change in water:Change every week4Submit1

(danco brass tub drain linkage assembly 88924)Water temperature:21Spend

Water quality:Undectesed

Water grass:Triangle Mos,Climbing,Humidity,Antlership,Stars

biology:traffic light,Red zebra,Black zebra,prawn