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brass and frosted glass tube sconce

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(brass and frosted glass tube sconce)The bedroom is our most atmosphere in home space.,Want to make the bedroom full of style,Absolutely less loaded。A comfortable and nice bedside wall light,Can easily create a comfortable warm bedroom,Presenting a creative northern European style。Here is the simplicity of this moon shadowist.、Light is soft、Design full wall light,Let every night warm and comfortable,Let every morning to enjoy the eye#Moon shadow star value#。

brass and frosted glass tube sconce

By moon shadow9Anniversary,We can start now.,7moon20Day to7moon24Preheating,flower1Blocks can spike5Folding。7moon25Daily zero officially opened,forward5Second completed baby,Can enjoy5Discount,Not too much!Free store7Discount,Strengthen over double eleven!You can also participate in the lucky draw.,Handless words,HuaweiP30 ProHug home!

brass and frosted glass tube sconce(brass and frosted glass tube sconce)



This water droplets are inspired by water drops in nature.,Symbolizing pure and innocent、Natural transparent。Brass,Mask white lampshade,Clean moon,Lively, Dedicated to Northern European fashion,An appearance,It is the focus of space visual。

brass and frosted glass tube sconce(brass and frosted glass tube sconce)


material analysis

High quality lamps are not only designed,Material is also worth testing。The national standard level in this wallH65Copper material,Natural corrosion,Re-polished、Glaze72Treatment process,Decades are bright as new for decades。At the same time3CCertification,There is also a monthly shadow brand ten years warranty,Use more assured。

brass and frosted glass tube sconce

The top plate is also a copper material to create,Built-in pure steel load,After the detection bearer50kg,Safe and secure。

brass and frosted glass tube sconce

The core of the lamp is still the lighting function,Research has shown that,Too strong before going to bed will affect sleep,So this wall light uses a frosted glass lamp cover,Transfer is more soft,Easy to create a warm and comfortable sleep environment。And the lamp cover is fully closed design,Do not fly、Mosquito,Usually try to make it clean and clean。

brass and frosted glass tube sconce


scenes to be used

The wall light of this very simple drip,Lasting,Grace、Smart,In addition to with fresh northern European bedroom,Can also adapt to different styles,Different scenarios,living room、balcony、Porch、Aisle can be matched。Whether it is a home environment,Still、Dinning room、clothing store,Can be easy to control。

(brass and frosted glass tube sconce)brass and frosted glass tube sconce

High quality、Simple style、Fashion wild water droplets,Not only can you easily create a comfortable and warm atmosphere,At the same time, there is a strong northern European style,Give you a natural fresh home environment。what are you waiting for?Go home quickly,Let your home warm。

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