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bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

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bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

not long ago,Some media reported the strange phenomenon of blind date corner in Zhongshan Park in Beijing——There is almost no market for Sheep girls in blind date horns,Whether male or female,As long as there is no Beijing hukou or no house or car,The odds of a successful blind date are very low。in the eyes of these relatives,Marriage is not just for love and fertility,and resource sharing。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett)

Dr. Bennett in his《Oops,I go》stated in a book,Marriage is not the result of two people loving each other。it's not just for individuals,more for a business,whether the cause is revolutionary、save the whale or love。If you think marriage is primarily based on love,Then you don't know anything but love,What else to look for or expect in yourself and the other person。Love may lead to a promise to buy a pair of shoes or a slice of pizza,But it's not the determining factor in a committed marriage。otherwise,You will either break up before marriage,Or married life will be a mess,eventually had to divorce。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

In fact,Not everyone is suitable for marriage。Some people prefer celibacy,Or do not want or need to feel secure in marriage。for example,Bennett, the female patient, has the following troubles:

My boyfriend and I have been living together for two years,But whenever I bring up the subject of marriage,He's not saying he's not ready,I don't know the meaning of marriage。we get along very well,And also pretty sure he loves me。He thinks we're basically married by now,So why ruin everything we already have for a vanity name??He also felt like he wasn't ready to be a father.,or never have children。And I really want to start a family,I want him to know how good we are、how easy I am,Then maybe he'll change his mind。I want him to walk into marriage with me,Work together to create a better future。

This is actually not uncommon,It's just that some people choose to worry alone,Some people choose to seek help from a psychiatrist。Dr Bennett said,If a relationship doesn't end with marriage,That is, one or both parties have reservations about each other。So get married or not,Be the biggest conflict between the two of you。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett)If the other party doesn't make any promises to you,Then think about why,because he doesn't love you,Or is it because he is simply incapable of taking responsibility?。Some people may hide something about it,because they are always restless,I can't stand even a second of calm;Some people may not want the kind of home life their would-be partner expects;Some people just care about their own happiness,don't care about work,don't care about other people's dreams,will not make any sacrifices。

For partners who don't want to talk to you about marriage,you have to figure it out,Did he think about getting married in his last relationship?。unless your marriage candidate is younger,You can see right through him。If his past doesn't say anything,Or now he can better solve the previous problem,So try to avoid history repeating itself,stride forward。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

You have to ask yourself whether you are interested in marriage、An objective and impartial assessment of the reliability of the prospective partner and whether the partner possesses the necessary qualities and values,don't let love、Blinded by the urge to please others or prove yourself。Because if the other party does not voluntarily enter the siege of marriage,Then your future is bound to be miserable。

Of course,do not want to get married,even fear of marriage,not for men,Ladies have this trouble too。Do not believe,Check out what this patient has to say about Dr. Bennett:

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett)i love boyfriend,But I'm not sure if I want to settle down,or do you want children,Not even sure I'll live in this town forever。He wants to get married,I think I am28still very young,The world is so big, I want to see it,Maybe I will live abroad in the future。We are childhood sweethearts,started dating five years ago,Live together for three years,Everything is going in a better direction。but don't know why,thinking about marriage、eachother、Commitment and companionship until old age,I'd be so nervous。I want to deal with the pressure he puts on me。

In this case,Dr Bennett recommends,Girls don't care too much about the other party's need to get married,ask yourself what you want,Will marriage help you achieve your life goals?。Seriously consider whether you really want to start a family、Have a life partner with whom you can share property。Think about how you have dealt with marriage-related topics in the past,have you escaped,Has there ever been a situation that was doomed to fail?,Or is there a situation where a promise has been made and then run away。Be as realistic as possible,Don't ignore anything that has a negative impact on your marriage,Don't pretend that you can change。unless you've decided to try,and progress has been made。

If you feel that marriage is not for you,then you have to take the pain of possibly losing the other person。But long pain is worse than short pain,rather than being disappointed for a long time,It's better to just be lost now,And it does less damage to the opponent。Don't be picky about your love,Acknowledging that not everyone is a good fit for married life。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett)So,Do you think that there will be no trouble when two people who have no obsession with marriage come together??Do not,Because everyone has a mother who loves to urge marriage,even foreigners:

My partner and I have been living together for over ten years。We don't care much about a marriage contract or starting a family,We like to go with the flow,Because we both know each other won't leave us。but our family,or this society,doesn't seem to think so。Neither of us were ever married,So you might think what other people say makes sense,but not。Both parents kept persuading us“do the right thing”,often add a sentence before“before we die”,Really which pot can't be opened and lifted?。I want people to accept where we are。

If both you and your partner prefer unmarried couple life,other people(your parents、friend、relative)but with“Marriage is the only decent goal of a good man”to convince you,then to better counter them,you need to ask yourself,Are there any elements in this relationship that are not good for either party?,whether through marriage、mutual property、A lifetime commitment can change that。Consider whether your current relationship will be detrimental to each other or to those who depend on you,Whether they are together now or alone in the future,Consider whether in the worst case not getting married will hurt both parties。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett

Is marriage a necessity of life?,认为自己的做法没错,Once you have considered the ethical and practical implications of not marrying。

总之,think you're doing the right thing,你至少要拎清以下问题:

Then don't continue to discuss or even quarrel with the forced marriage family.,还是别人让你以为自己想结婚;

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet bennett)anyhow;

若真打算结婚,on marriage。

思考完以上问题后,You should at least answer the following questions?