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brass tube for pan rack

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Workers must be in good condition,Baked pan is baking essential tool,And the baking tray is directly in contact with food,So for the safety of food and the health of your family,Be careful。Below is some experience sharing and knowledge summary of choosing a baking dish。

(brass tube for pan rack)1、Several baking trays?

Take a baking tray in general when purchasing an oven,But according to my personal experience,The oven comes with the baking tray is not good.,Not easy to demold,And the quality is not too big.。So, it is recommended to prepare one more,It is also convenient to make biscuits.,You can start preparing the second disk when you bake the first disk.。so,At least two~

(brass tube for pan rack)2、The baking tray is selected or rounded?

brass tube for pan rack brass tube for pan rack

(brass tube for pan rack)Knowing a topic is"Why is the rectangular baking tray easy to fake four angles and edges and round baking trays are more uniform,Not easy to baking?"Everyone can go to search.,There is a very professional answer below.。

(brass tube for pan rack)The reason is that the explanation is like this:

Square baking tray four angles because the curvature is relatively large,Tip,Their thermal distribution gradient will have a maximum value,Heating is faster。The circular baking tray has a continuous rotation symmetry,Also, no matter how much you turn,It can go back to yourself。This decided that his thermal distribution must be uniform.,Therefore, in the case of a total energy,There is no phenomenon that there is no particular point of all individual points of the square disk.。

There is also a real person who believes that it should be argued in terms of finite element according to the second law of thermodynamics and the equation of thermal conductivity.。

(brass tube for pan rack)But no matter what method adopted,The final conclusion is"Round baking tray is more uniform than square baking tray,Not easy to baking"undoubtedly!

I personally recognize it."Square baking trays easy to fake four corners and edges and round baking trays are more uniform,Not easy to baking"of,This is a personal sentiment。The rectangular baking tray comes with the oven comes when you start doing baking.,Every time you have finished bake, there will be a deep color of the four angles.,Always roast,Later updated equipment,Cut the whole cookie color after changing the round baking dish is more uniform,Send a friend to taste it is more,Ha ha。

3、What is the safe use of the baking tray??

The main points of the purchase baking tray is mainly material safety、The heat is uniform、Do not stick to adhesive cleaning。

At present, there is a silica gel grove、Glass baking tray、Ceramic baking tray、Aluminum alloy baking tray and carbon steel baking tray these materials。

Silicone baking tray

brass tube for pan rack

(brass tube for pan rack)Appearance color,Plus not sticky,Easy to clean,Also become a popular baking disk material。But the maximum drawback of silica gel is safety,Even with food silicone,butSilicone oil derived by high temperature may contain phthalate,Is a substance that is harmful to the human body。Cautious choice!

Glass baking tray

brass tube for pan rack

Color value,Easy to clean,High temperature resistance,And the ordinary glass baking tray will have the risk of leading lead,Suggested a special brand。GermanWECK、Japan'sIwakiHot glass baking tray is trustworthy。

Ceramic baking tray

brass tube for pan rack

The same color is the greatest feature with the glass baking tray.,High heat resistance,Up to date800℃。butCeramics can produce harmful substances at high temperatures,And more important。If you want to buy or suggest you choose a big brand。FranceLe CreusetThe gloss and color sense are very good representatives。

(brass tube for pan rack)④ Aluminum alloy grove

brass tube for pan rack

More popular,Thermal conductivity、Good corrosion resistance,Can be integrated to easily clean。But some people are worriedAluminum alloy will have aluminum ion precipitation under high temperature baking,And excessive intake of aluminum elements is prone to elderly dementia。But don't worry,EveryoneYou can choose the aluminum alloy grove treated by anodized processes.,The metal surface is relatively stable,safer。But the price is slightly higher。Japanese Belong's hurricane model is representative。

⑤ Carbon steel baking tray:

brass tube for pan rack

Relative aluminum alloy grove,Carbon steel baking tray is more secure。In addition to the thermal conductivity,Corrosion、Easy to clean and other aspects of performance and aluminum alloy is not equal。

The above experience accumulation when personal selection,Only refer to,thank you all!