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bare necessities brass band tuba duet

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To welcome the party's 100th birthday,Shanghai Municipal People's Government Information Office and Xinmin Evening News,Licensed for half a year carefully《Centennial party——Foreigner telling story》Hundreds of integrated media series products。

100Foreigner in Shanghai,Tell them in China、I feel like I am seeing to do things in Shanghai life.,First41Invitation from Sasha from Russia。

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet)name:Alexander Filippov

Chinese name:Saha

(bare necessities brass band tuba duet)Country of Citizenship:Russia

Position:Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Chi

1999year,Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to Russia Recruitment,Sasha abandoned the chief position of the Russian Symphony Orchestra,I came to Shanghai with several other Russian musicians.。He also became one of the earliest introduction of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra after the reform and opening up.。Sasha did not think of,He and his family live in Shanghai.22year。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet

Shanghai is a city

Sasha recall,Just arrived in Shanghai,Almost all of Shanghai local musicians,Everyone said Shanghai dialect。Sasha is beginning to start,I can understand a lot of Shanghainese now.,Will also say some。interviewing,When you don't know how to talk about time, you will say a few Mandarins and Shanghai dialect from time to time.。

After two more months in Shanghai,Safa will take his wife and two sons.,A family opened a new life in this city。They adapt to the food here,School of Shanghai dialect,Explore the various corners of the city。

As an Asian historic symphony orchestra,Shanghai Symphony Orchestra1879Annual established Shanghai public band,1922Annual reflected in the Shanghai Ministry of Education,1956The year is officially named Shanghai Symphony Orchestra。2014year,Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Music Hall in Relugation in Fuxing Middle Road1380Officially unveiled。For the present performance,Sats thinks geographical location、size、It is perfect in terms of professional。“22Years,Shanghai has changed a lot,For example, this place at my feet,Initially a diving pool,Then the tennis center,A few years later,It became our beautiful concert hall。”

bare necessities brass band tuba duet

these years,Shanghai's art atmosphere is more strong。Safa is in Shanghai Concert Hall、Many places in the Grand Theater。“Always,There are a lot of orchestra to Shanghai, this music city.,I have encountered a lot of old classmates.、Old colleague。

Sasha's arrival has played a small role in the development of Shanghai copper pipe.。In addition to the other copper tube musicians of the orchestra, the Oriental copper tube is formed.,Safa also insisted on the Shanghai Conservatory of Music for large teaching,Cultivate future copper tubes。Nowadays, Sats is still like riding bicycles between Shanghai Conservatory and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.。“I often think,Can you dig an authentic,Let me go.,This is great.。”Sacha kids。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet(bare necessities brass band tuba duet)

Love table tennis at first sight

In Shanghai22Years,With Sasha, there is a table tennis in addition to the large size.。“When I still a child,Table tennis in Russia is very popular。Every school is playing table tennis,Some people are still very good。I am in love with table tennis.。”After coming to Shanghai,Sasha often plays table tennis with colleagues。

Looking back in Shanghai life,Sassa always feels warm。22Year,The musicians around the world come often,Changed another,Sam,So still sitting on the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra。

He has two dreams,In addition to cultivating more bronze talent for China,I also hope that there will be a chance to take the friendship of the Chinese people to the Moscow performance.。

bare necessities brass band tuba duet

《Centennial party——Foreigner telling story》
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