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antique brass clawfoot tub faucet with handshower

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(antique brass clawfoot tub faucet with handshower)The faucet is an indispensable applique in our home life.,The faucet doesn't look at most,But give us a great convenience,Let us use water without going out。So if there is no faucet,We will become very difficult in our water.。Now people almost all choose copper faucet。Next,Let's take a detailed understanding of the copper faucet??Which brand of copper faucet is good?

antique brass clawfoot tub faucet with handshower(antique brass clawfoot tub faucet with handshower)How much is the bronze tap??

1、居 臣 全 简 水 水 水¥105.00

2、Inesis to wall-mounted shower tap¥49.00

3、Luo Lisa all bronze shower shower faucet¥88.00

4、Form all copperUTitle of shower¥39.00

5、Jiu Mu copper single hole wash face bowl faucet32106-079¥188.02

6、Nine animal husbandry copper single to wash your face¥24.00

7、Gwitt copper single hole washbasin faucet¥99.00

8、Zhazi Shi full copper double hole washbasin revolved water faucet¥125.00

9、Qi Qin bathroom all copper single hole wash face basin faucet7301¥49.00

10、Bird bathroom all copper single bore wash the face¥57.60

Which brand of copper faucet is good?


1937Founder of American Moen·Moen invented the mixed water faucet of a single handle cold water,People put this inventory with Edison、Bell spokes,Is famous for the international“FORTUNE”Magazine20Century United States100One of the invention of item。Moen is the famous faucet in the world today.、Kitchen、One of the professional manufacturing companies of the bathroom hardware accessories。Moen products are brands that the entire North American and social public indicate very high purchases.。Moen1994The year enters the Chinese market,And established a sales company in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Area。Moen Water Head Design Simple and Elegant,Pay attention to the processing of each detail,The faucet body uses all copper casting,Surface chrome coating bright、High reflective,Stylish design。Moen water tank,Firm and smooth,Stainless steel brushed surface,Scraping,preservative,Imports on the bottom side of the basin304Stainless steel。Products are treated,Good health。Of course,Moen's price is also relatively high,So you should consider the budget when you purchase.。

2:Hans Gya

(antique brass clawfoot tub faucet with handshower)Hans Gya is founded in1901year,Headquartered in Hiltha, Germany,Over the past 100 years,Reputation in the bathroom。Hans Gya is a bathroom brand,Mainly operating the faucet、Shower and overall bathroom products。Hans Gya brand fully implements the green environmental spirit,“Air injection”Technology will save water,At the same time, the comfort and enjoyment of the bath is not killed.。in addition,Hans Gya has developed only one-scale hand-held shower and a rolling shower rod.,Since then bring a variety of bathing experiences,Also known as“Shower”。Luxury in the bathroom,Of course, it is also a general family acceptable.。Hans Gya is suitable for high-end decoration style space,So it is recommended that a general family is still a brand of purchased prices.(Tu Hao can be free)。


Koler is established1873year,Headquartered in Wisconsin,Ancient American、One of the big family companies。Kohler mainly produces Koa Lial tubes、washbasin、Seating、Faucet Shower and other sanitary products。130Year later today,Kohler has become one of the satetted bathrooms familiar with consumers.。Kohler faucet is an indispensable part of the Kohle bathroom product structure.,It is also the leader in Kora bathroom products.,It has a considerable impact on the product layout of the Kahler bathroom.。Kohler faucet is not only elegant appearance、Styles,And each piece is fine、Ingredients,Guaranteed product durability。Kohle Overhead uses high-copper high-density copper,During the casting process,Real-time monitoring to ensure lead content,Thus to ensure the health of the user。Koler is high quality in its products,Won the praise and love of consumers in the market。

The above article introduced you to the bronze gap.?Which brand of copper faucet is good?All content,I don't know if you understand it.。The price of copper faucet is affected by many aspects,Different brands,The price of different styles is different.,So the specific price should see how everyone chooses.。I hope that Xiaobian's introduction can help everyone.。