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brass crafting tubes

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Customer and Decoration Company Talk Budget,The first payment of the hydropower is the water pipe.,Because of the attention of customers,The marketing speculation above the water pipe has not been excessive,Once I joked with the decoration company.:You have to have a selling water pipe.?Red orange yellow green blue violet,As well as gray,There is still no blue and purple market.,You feel suitable for use in the water pipe,I am calling the manufacturer to do it.。Yellow,green,blue,Don't think about it.,There are several kinds of colors.。

(brass crafting tubes)All right,This is the current situation in the water pipe industry:Over-marketing

PPRTube,Is a very mature technology,No technical difficulty,Is an injection molding machine and a mixed port,The principle of production of water pipes worldwide is the same,Pipe fittings are still a bit,Need a variety of molds:

brass crafting tubes

So,We really pay attention to that some at the water pipe.?Very simple:

one、raw material,raw material,raw material,Important things say three times。

Since there is no technical difficulty,Raw materials become the most critical core,Determines the cost and durability of the water pipe,Generally installed in front of the water pipe2The chances of problems have been small,But the time is long.,Special in hot water pipeline,Poor raw materials do the water tube life is very short,The higher the raw material level,Stronger the purity,The longer life will。

(brass crafting tubes)Our family is generally used for a long time.,so,This is the most important core to choose the water pipe.。and,The low-end water pipe is used to use a lot of recovery or recycled materials.,There must be a huge impact on people's health,Because we are not drinking twice,But many times,Long-term,His harmful substances can be removed by boiling water,Our CCTV3.15Is the party not reported multiple times??

Market commonPPRWater pipe raw material manufacturer

The best of this raw material around the world is Nordic Chemical Industry,The second is Germany Basel,Saudi,Korean materials and domestic big plants,Again is some small materials,The regeneration and recovery is used in low-end water pipes.(This is not used on the water pipe.,The country is not allowed to use recycling on the water supply pipe.,But many plants are not followed.)。

So,How do our consumers go to see the raw materials??

(brass crafting tubes)Look at brand manufacturers(Don't believe in non-branded)Official propaganda,Notice,Official propaganda。

but,The official publicity is also very slider.,These materials can be mixed,actually,A brand's water pipe is divided into many series,This series is more expensive,Which series is cheaper,why?The proportion of mixed is different。Which series of most expensive,I Can Use10%Nordic chemistry,50%Basel,40%Korean material。Which series of cheapest,I use it.40%Korean material plus30%Small plant plus30%Recovery,but,This manufacturer will definitely use the raw materials of Nordic chemicals.,In fact, his proportion is unknown.,He uses1%Can propagate。

(brass crafting tubes)So,We want to find high purity,Only watch a publicity:

Northern European chemical original

it's here,What should we first know what is original ingredient?:

Actually wePPColorful:

brass crafting tubes


We have to be a variety of colors of water pipes,In fact, it has added a color mother in it.,Just like paint coloring:

brass crafting tubes


So,What is the original configuration??Simple in mind,Advertise the colors in the upstream raw materials manufacturers,Water pipe manufacturers are not toned,Direct production:

brass crafting tubes


Logically uses original fittings,It is very beneficial to the water supply manufacturers.,Provincial,The color difference between the batch color and the water pipe and the pipe fittings will be small.(Batch between batches,But very small),but,Almost miss,even98%Will not adopt originals,Just only one reason:

I want to add other things.,I am not using you.100%Raw material,Original ingredient,Very obviously unable to add。

so,We sell so many brands of so many series of water pipes.,Only high-end micro-law and Fangch will say that he uses the original structure of Nordic chemical.,Others are all manufacturers in the production process.。

So,Since you can color like paints,Is the quality of color and water pipes relationship??There is no relationship:

1. There are some bright colors,And the cover is not strong,Sufficient yellow,Ming Yellow,If you use regeneration or recovery,He itself is mostly gray,Such a color cannot be adjusted or out of flowers(Of course,Casual 啥 子 厂 厂,Not many people use Nordic chemical,We think more)。

2. A kind of gray,Almost all the cheapest series of all water pipes,In fact, everyone understands.,This gray is close to the gray with regeneration。but,Tell special reminder,I only said a gray,Close up with gray with regeneration,Not a gray water pipe is cheap,MagnificentA+I personally think that his raw material is almost the best in the domestic water pipe series.,But his gray is not that kind of gray。

3. Besides,forPPRTube,Color is almost different and the cost is different。

two、Good and bad fittings

(brass crafting tubes)Metals used in water pipes,Mainly divided into brass and copper alloy plating,In addition to some of Weixing and other models and individual brands,Electroplating process,European imported brass craft,Because the requirements of drinking water on the side of Europe are relatively high,Require fittings that cannot be plated,Will add some heavy metal pollution,This is used in long use.。It is clear that the cost of using brass does not add plating.,Other,In fact, the quality of brass is also good.,For example, the microfact is used in materials with lower lead or less lead content.,Italy is ItalyCW617NLead-free copper:

brass crafting tubes

Inner bending tube slice

After distinguishing the copper raw materials,Pipe fitty is a simple way,Weighing weight,We put on the market10Brand25Inside the weight:

(brass crafting tubes)25Internal bending common brand inner bend weight and material column:

brass crafting tubes(brass crafting tubes)Different brands inner bend weight

brass crafting tubes


Special Note:

Taking contrast in sales training is normal,But in order to avoid our knowledge post being used,so,We will only publicize our own operations and we are the core name of the agent or status.,Not announced non-proxy,Non-operating or name of the brand that operates。(Next)

brass crafting tubes

Tube in the pipe

brass crafting tubes


Four、Fine process

Although the production of water pipes is standardized,But the craft refinement is still a certain difference,This distinguishing thing is actually customer you can,For example, touch the silk elbow,Touch the inner wall of the pipe:

brass crafting tubes

Microcomputer box

(brass crafting tubes)brass crafting tubes

Fangchi fitting box

All right,The quality of the pipe is actually as simple as it is.。

With the improvement of people's life,We also used the original imported water pipe.,We are sincerely the first model of imported water pipes in Chongqing.。Many customers have our home materials,wooden product,Software class is more familiar,Unclear we are doing hydropower,actually,Inside the building materials,The strongest industry status is the waterproof and other categories.,Just a customer group is generally a decorative company,Retail owners don't know Xiao Xiao。New materials in most hydropower in Chongqing,The new process is actually our introduction,The highest hydropower material can be bought here.,Even in this industry, we have become synonymous.,Many project manager decoration teams are not in us at us.,Also give the owner in us。

This2year,The inlet water pipe has a well-blown situation,Brand is more than domestic brands,I have to be confused.:

How many imported brands?

More doubtful:

(brass crafting tubes)How most is the name of German brand?German production of water pipes?Other countries?

We have implemented many decorative companies in the past few years.,So all our building materials become Germany.,Germany suddenly became a big building materials,Ha ha,The promotion of domestic decoration companies supported the rise of Germany's industry,Isn't this funny??and,Many of Germany have strong production,But not all areas,For example, home improvement coatings,Germany is not strong,Even very,The world's world ranking is more relying on。For example, Turkey,We feel that he is not very good.,But hisPPRThe industrial of the water pipe is relatively strong.,Many countries in Europe are looking for them to import.。

So,How do we distinguish from a disrupt propaganda??

Untrue,There are such categories in approximate market:

(brass crafting tubes)one、National production of imported,General Name。

This is very simple,Import declaration,Certificate of Origin,And China's health license production,Three combinations,You can judge that this is a fake import.,Notice,Three combined:

brass crafting tubes(brass crafting tubes)import customs clearance

brass crafting tubes


brass crafting tubes(brass crafting tubes)Health license

two、Indeed,but,Not Germany,For example, Turkey,Italy,Czech,Even Saudi, etc.,This is easier to judge,Ask him to provide his foreign website,I saw it at a glance.。At the same time, see the official propaganda,Is there a clear propaganda of German imported import?,Not Germany**,original imported,Ha ha,This is2Legal relationship。

(brass crafting tubes)We sincerely have three original imported brands.,German micro-law,Czech,Turkey Frante,What country is our old man?,For Grace and Flander,We absolutely only publicize100%EU imported,Never lean with Germany。but,Take a look at the market,Water in Germany,So many Turkish brands enter the country,How can I only say that Turkey is open?,Other?Very shameful?I don't think Turkish water pipes are lost.,Process details,but,People are good, purity is purity.?Did not add something chaotic?Then publicize the Czech Court??The quality of the fragrance is higher than the market90%The so-called German imported brand is good,Raw materials and microscopes are almost completely consistent,It is only a slight difference in fineness but has transcend most of the market.,The Czech Republic is the old industrial manufacturing strong country.,Not necessarily poor than Germany on the water pipe,It is only the difference between development and other aspects,Industrial automation alteration。What is the shame?,I think the Quality of the Grand Some of the Queen's Water Pipes,Don't say fake Germany。

Our current excessive marketing is really very wonderful,German this2Word,Can cover all quality,I am studying marketing marketing20Overcome,Instead, I don't understand this market.。

(brass crafting tubes)three、Typical Chinese style wisdom。Go to Germany to register a brand(This is very simple),Then,Use very little part of the product model(Most is pipe),Looking for a small plant in Germany with your own requestOEM,Revenue import customs declaration relying on this small product,Certificate of Origin,Health license,Then most in China。

This form has strong concealment,But it is also distinguished:

1.Such a brand is generally very small to have a complete foreign website。

2.He has no history,so,Compared to a brand that is sold for a long time in Germany,His many quality certificates are missing,orPSof。

brass crafting tubes

brass crafting tubes

brass crafting tubes(brass crafting tubes)

3.The official website and publicity have rarely describe the brand history.,Or narrative,No clear parent company,Established,Historical process,规模,Scale。当然,Lack of signature engineering cases or other cases of other exhibits,也可以乱写,Of course。

(brass crafting tubes)4. 产品的逻辑都不对,Our country is bold,比如:

Can also writePPR管一般是采用北欧化工的这个颜色,However, there is also a penalty that is discovered by the business and commerce.,那么,The logic of the product is wrong:

brass crafting tubes(brass crafting tubes)

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