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connecting brass tub drain to pvc

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(connecting brass tub drain to pvc)Plastic drainage tube is still more common,Many rooms in some old communities are plastic drains,This type of tube is long, it is easy to get the problem.,Plastic drainage tube break is one of them,I have to be a lot of friends.,SoHow to bond the plastic drainage interruption?BelowWenzhou decoration networkLet's take a look.。

Plastic drainage is bonded

connecting brass tub drain to pvc

1、Bonding method:Mainly used in hardPVCTube、ABSTube connection,The practice is to apply a binder in the inner and sockets.,Interface squeezing into the inlet,Curing to be bonded。Most solvent adhesive usedPVCSolution in tetrahydrofuran or cyclohexanone,Require viscosity,Minimum viscosity at room temperature90Pa·S。

2、Welding method

Mainly used for polyolefin tubes,Such asLDPE,HDPEandPPTube。Welding,High technical requirements for operations,Less relative application。


Touching the thread connection is safe and reliable。But because you want to turn thread,The thickness of the pipe fittings must be thick than the solvent method.。Thread filler can be used in white paint wire or raw material。

(connecting brass tub drain to pvc)4、Link of a west

This connection has two methods:One is to use an eccentric size head,The other is concentric size。The weighing tube connection is mainly used for living sanitary fittings(Wash basin、tub)Connection to the drain pipe。

Plastic water pipeprice

connecting brass tub drain to pvc

Inner diameter25mm,Plastic water pipe watching wall thickness,It is sold according to kilograms.。One kilogram of probably12Yuan or so。ifPPRWater tube,There are good and bad,1Rice is good5-8Piece Maybe2.5-5Powder one meter。

The above is the relevant details of the plastic water pipe shared by Wenzhou decoration network today,If you feel that this article is not bad, you will pay attention to us.。