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tuba solo brass band

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“The sun clears the clouds,jumped out of the ground。see the weather is fine,The peasants slowly climb the hill with their bags to work。climbed the slope,after a short rest,People shouting horns to hoe,farming……”This familiar Sichuan-Chongqing folk song《The sun is out》medium vivid scene,being5average age65Chengdu native,Under the Shawan Overpass on the First Ring Road,use large、trombone、The horn and trumpet are played。

The average age of five65A brass quintet of retired residents named“Chengdu Senior Brass Quintet”,already a collaboration6Year“old band”span。This year due to the epidemic,Indoor rehearsal spaces are not open,They chose every Saturday morning9click to11Rehearse under the Shawan overpass near home,The bridge hole is like a natural high-quality giant sound,Spread melodious bursts of music,Cause passersby to stop and sing……

“Men our age usually bring grandchildren,Play mahjong or chat,But we have a skill,will make life more fulfilling,You can adjust your mood at any time,Have fun。”Band leader Ji Gang said。

average age65age

Venue not open,“old band”Right under the overpass

(tuba solo brass band)“Come,give me a dropBmajor tone。”Ji Gang, the head of the regiment, said to Wu Yibing, the tuba player.。Wu Yibing took a deep breath,Mouth hard to force Dantian's qi out,burst along the big。“high high,come again。” Ji Gang blew a note of the horn,For Wu Yibing to adjust……8moon22morning9Time,Five band members gathered under the Shawan overpass on the First Ring Road in Chengdu,Begin tuning your instruments for a Saturday rehearsal routine。

tuba solo brass band

Band performance invites citizens to stop and take pictures

their band name is“Chengdu Senior Brass Quintet”,The average age of the members is65age,maximum70age,the smallest also59Years old。from2014year7They came together to form a band because of their love,So far there have been6more than a year。

talk about why“Chengdu Senior Brass Quintet”,The head of the group, Ji Gang, told the Red Star News reporter,“I have traveled with many foreigners,Foreign countries do not call the elderly‘old age’,call‘old age’”。Ji Gang thinks,Be able to accompany your favorite music every day,This should be their happiest age。

This year due to the epidemic,The venue used by the ensemble has never been open to the public,they can only play the parts by themselves at home。Playing by yourself is different from playing in an ensemble,Without the layering and fulfillment of an ensemble sound。Chen Haibin is very itchy,this february,The five of them had thought about using WeChat to join a video ensemble,But because of network delay,can't play together,just give up。

May,After the epidemic situation has eased slightly,A few people discuss,start ensemble on the side of the road。But the roadside is windy and sunny,Several old people can't stand this toss,bad experience。Until one time when Chen Haibin was out walking the dog,Stumbled upon the Shawan Road Bridge on the First Ring Road“getaway paradise”——The bridge opening of the overpass is like a huge natural sound of high quality,bring the harmony together,like a small stage,neither affect others,Also prevent sun and rain。

5The band is very“buckle hand”

adaptation、Orchestrated Sichuan-Chongqing folk songs Record the hard work of Chengdu people

Ji Gang and Chen Haibin in the last century80He was a member of the Art Troupe of the Second Bureau of the Railway,Later the troupe disbanded,Ji Gang became a tour guide,Chen Haibin entered the agency unit。But Ji Gang is still reluctant to give up his music hobby,2008Started to resume horn practice,A total of 20 years of playing experience。

before forming a band,Because they are all people in the Chengdu music circle,Several of the people inside have participated in different folk bands in Chengdu,Head Ji Gang attended8music team,The first trumpet player Li Rong participated2bands。

Everyone knows each other,Some are even30best friend of the year,2014The age just took the lead to bring everyone together。The five people cooperated very well,in Sichuan dialect“buckle hand”,“People don't think they are professional or amateur.,Harmony is the most important thing。”Ji Gang said。

Now there are more than 20 songs that can be rehearsed and performed.,which was adapted by Chen Haibin and Wu Yibing、There are eight orchestral songs。(The orchestration follows the main melody of the song,According to the characteristics of different instruments and the performance ability of the musicians, the musical instrument parts are written out。)

tuba solo brass band

“Chengdu Senior Brass Quintet”rehearsed song list

played more,They just want to adapt some songs with local characteristics of Sichuan。The song is the same as the article,have themes,《The sun is out》The original song was written for the Golden Drum、compose,A Yudong folk song sung by Cai Shaoxu,Only one main melody,I want to express the Sichuan people's love for their hometown、The feeling of fighting。Chen Haibin told the Red Star News reporter,This folk song is very popular in Sichuan and Chongqing area,Almost everyone hums a word or two,So he chose this song for adaptation。

(tuba solo brass band)last century60s,Chen Haibin used to be in the countryside、factory worked,The pictures and stories in my mind have never been forgotten,This time I have the opportunity to record these。“Although people say that Chengdu is a laid-back city,But our people are also very hardworking。”

Trumpet,The sun jumped out of the horizon,The weather is good, people are in a good mood。Large is slow、low voice,Describe the scene of farmers carrying their burdens to work in the mountains。coming to the destination soon,add trombone,Speeding up describes people reaching the top of a slope。trumpet next,faster、More escaping notes describe the way people are cheerful and playful during a break。on the slope,People shouting horns to hoe,farming……

tuba solo brass band

Band member Wu Yi Bing's adaptation、Monchus

(tuba solo brass band)Each song requires long-term grinding,On the basis of each completion of the spectrum exercises,Also do minimum6to8Sub-ensemble training。

Several band members are beginning to contact taps from small。Wu Yi Bing16Aged to learn the tube,The trumpet was blown at the time.,2011Changed to the large year。In order to blow the large number,He is in the renovation of the house,Delicious master put the wall of his own piano、grass、The floor has become a double sound insulation,I am afraid that the people who can't continue to practice.。If you renovate, you will take yourself in the room every day to practice four or five hours.。

Now,Music is accompanying Wu Yi Bing54year。“Each song is successful,Just like my own child is the same.,I want to dress her up to drift.。”

tuba solo brass band

The band is playing the public to shoot photos

For Ji Kong,In addition to company,It is an emotional discovery,“I am angry, I will put the pleasure on the instrument.,There is nothing unhappy to blow out.。”

(tuba solo brass band)Now,Chen Hai Bin is creating《The sun comes out》One more brilliant scene,Preparation and Wu Yi Bing Studies continue to be in the end of the music,Show the scene of harvest。After that, he also intended to rewrite this song.、Melody。

Dream in a wide narrow alley

“Tongren friends,Let the foreigners listen to it without off”

“this is《Half a moon climbed up》Bar,We learned the group chorus of this song.。”Mr. Li, who lives in the property, heard their performance,Sang a sentence。According to his memories,“Chengdu Le Di Brass Five Play”Many songs of performances he often singing during the troops.,After hearing, it seems to return to the life of the troops.。

(tuba solo brass band)Mr. Zhang is following《I and my motherland》The ensemble comes over,Not endure,He sang the whole song followed。“My family is next to the overpass,I can often see them rehearsed,Sometimes there are only two or three people.,Sometimes I can listen to a song.。”

Ji said,Although there is no way to rehearse indoors,But because of the outside,They have the opportunity to perform more people,Let everyone know the copper tube five play。Also because of here,They also have a friend of many foreign countries.。Has nearby residents and he added WeChat,I will come and listen to it.。

tuba solo brass band

The band is playing the public to shoot photos

“Chengdu Le Di Brass Five Play”The band is also performed near Chengdu, Chengdu Road, Chengdu,Many foreigners will stop using the road.,At that time, I just felt very proud.。There are four people in the team to learn musical instruments in the children's grandchildren.。“We hope to play your own heat。Now children don't need to learn a lot of specials.,Learn to love,Can make yourself happy。”

Ji Gang's dream is to bring the band to Chengdu's wide alley,Playing Sichuan's special folk songs《The sun comes out》。“Chengdu is a hot pot capital,Or both music,We want to let everyone know the music of Chengdu,Let the foreigners listen‘Do not take off’!”

(tuba solo brass band)Red Star Journalist Shaozhou Bo intern reporter Guo Yu Meng Photography report

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tuba solo brass band