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brass square tube 3 mm diameter

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 16:06:54

Everyone always feels that the welding of brass plate is very difficult,In fact, as long as you master the method,Really is not difficult。

brass square tube 3 mm diameter

①Material:H62 Welding size:14mm X 300mm X 150mm

②SlopeVShape:Slope angle should not be less than60°~70°.See the number of groove angles and weld layers:

brass square tube 3 mm diameter

③welding rod:ECuSn-B (Bronze core welding rod),the diameter is3. 2mm。

④welder:ZX7-400Welding machine,DC opposition,Welding rod。

⑤Pre-welding preheating:In order to inhibit zinc to evaporate during welding, Pre-welding preheating 220℃。

⑥Welding parameters:H62Welding parameters for plate weld welding of board contacts:

brass square tube 3 mm diameter

⑦Welding operation:Before welding should carefully clean the oil to be welded、Sewage、rust、Fourth。

When the bottom is welded, Short arc welding,Welding rods do not do lateral swing,The arc is moving in the weld.,Small current、High-speed welding,Try to make the weld thin and narrow。

Filling layer welding,The electrodes can be slightly swing slightly,but,The range of swing should not exceed twice the diameter of the electrode。

Welding of the cover layer,Welding arc is dominated by linear movement,Each welder is connected to the previous weld1/3。

Because brass fluid fluid fluidity is large,Therefore, the brass plate should be placed horizontally during the welding process., Don't be greater than the inclination 15°。

(brass square tube 3 mm diameter)Brass welding, Severe smoke,Pay attention to strengthen ventilation,Exclude smoke and harmful gases。


brass square tube 3 mm diameter