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2019Chengdu International Home Design Week entered the countdown,What are the trend fashion household products will debut??today(5moon22day),Red Star Journalist in advance2019Chengdu International Home Design Week Preparation,Take you sneak peek。

Design Week Organizing Committee,This year's Chengdu International Home Design Week,In addition to Chengdu、Macau design industry associations and creative furniture brands will jointly exhibit multiple series of home works,“Furniture Design Series Discussion and Business Exchange”、“Shuangcheng started—Rong Ao Design Life Exhibition”Log in to Chengdu in the same period,And through international design innovation thinking,Promote Chengdu and Hong Kong、Macau three places in cross-border fashion、Depth communication cooperation in the fields of furniture design。

brass tube 2 inch

↑2018Chengdu International Home Design Week

Macau furniture debut Chengdu

Come and see the discolored table

When home life and graperal cultural collision,What kind of spark will be bursting?

(brass tube 2 inch)Reporter learned,This year's Chengdu International Home Design Week,Macau Designer Association、Macau Life Culture Association、Xu Yiyuan Modern Art Museum、Vatican Creative District, etc.、Macao design industry association and creative furniture brand,Will be created together“Shuangcheng started”Theme of home culture exhibition。

“Macau furniture series,Whether it is a dining table、Case or bar combination,Both use more than100Year history of riding old door panels and port interstitial tiles with modern furniture products。”Introduce the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee,See the exhibits that are currently identified,The most bright set of tables,Both sides are made of brass,When the dining process is in contact with human hand, it will leave an imprint due to temperature changes.,And here attract the audience to experience the characteristics of Macau and cultural essence。

also,Design works with elegance and harmonious theme,Then there is a connotation of life、Historical and cultural characteristics and the beauty of modern art design。The bar combination design is with a distinctive hand-drawn tile chair with the old door.,The beauty of splicing is a more light and elegant shape.,And have the practicality of space storage。

Macau Designer Association President Zhu Yuxin said,Recycled furniture design series,The theme of life memory and emotions in Macau,By modern design with traditional material manufacturing,The work combines the ancient wisdom and Western advanced creative thinking.,To the vast audience, the new and old historical culture and the Sino-Portuguese of Macau were combined.“Macao characteristics”。

Of course,Chengdu local exhibits are not inferior。Classic creative furniture series from home Xu Yuanyuan Modern Art Museum,Continuously break through the traditional boundaries of the industry,Interpret the international thinking of Chengdu Creative World with contemporary frontier design language。Solid wood furniture from the Vatican creative area,The inheritance and innovation of the Oriental lifestyle,Advocate、Gentle、Charm、Elegant China high quality home lifestyle。

RongportBig coffee in the two places unveiled

Sharing design“Dry goods”

How to integrate into crossover and fashion concept in furniture design,Highlight aesthetics and quality?Innovative design, furniture products, how to effectively develop industry channels?

Missing in these weekdays“Dry goods”,All in2019Chengdu International Home Design Week“Furniture Design Series Discussion and Business Exchange”period,Make a wonderful sharing by Hong Kong designers for the audience。

“I value the unique design of market opportunities for furniture products.。”One of the leaders of this communication meeting,Sikiki Creation Management(Hongkong)Co., Ltd. Founder and Design Director Huang Jing,More and more foreign designers integrate Chinese elements into the design,Creative creativity with their understanding,This shows the importance of design for furniture products。

(brass tube 2 inch)“Design should be interesting!”Another leader Huang Zhujian was known as Hong Kong“Design ghost”,Has an art and architecture cross-border professional background。He emphasized,The design should be used in the inspiration from life and applied to many innovative art works.。

(brass tube 2 inch)Red Star Journalist Li Yanqin

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brass tube 2 inch