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17 32x20 brass tube

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Due to a wide variety of water supply and drainage pipes,How to meet the cost of construction unit cost control,Just need to master its characteristics and applicable requirements,Make a scientific reasonable choice。Selection of water supply pipe involves life water、drain、Fire、Four aspects of rain,Let's tell you about these four aspects.。

17 32x20 brass tube

one、Water supply pipe

(one)Outdoor bubble water pipe

Tube adopted by the indoor room,It should have corrosion resistance and ability to withstand the corresponding ground load。Plastic water pipe、Water supply pipe with lining、Reliable anti-corrosion(Pipe inner wall of anti-corrosion materials,Should meet the requirements of the current national health standards)Treated steel pipe。

AWater balloon cast iron pipe

Give a water pollen cast iron tube has a high strength,Toughness、Hellogeneity、Strong corrosion resistance、Good durability、Easy to install construction, etc.。The disadvantage is that the pipe is heavy,Matching difficulty。


It is characterized by reliable connection:Electrical hot melt mode is used between the polyethylene pipe system,The strength of the joint is higher than the pipe body strength.;Low temperature anti-impact,Winter construction,Do not break the cracked;Good anti-stress cracking;Good chemical resistance,health;Aging,long lasting;Wear resistance;Flexible,In many occasions,The flexibility of the pipe can reduce the amount of pipe fitting and reduce the installation fee.;Small water flow resistance;Self-weight,Easy to carry。Mainly the cost is too expensive.,The price is twice that of cast iron pipes.。

17 32x20 brass tube

Considering the impact of construction difficulty on comprehensive unit prices,The ductile iron supply pipe is the highest cost-effective material in the outdoor water supply project.,Followed byPETube。Therefore, it is recommended that the project is not high in construction, and the ductile iron supply pipe is used.,Engineering urgent projectPETube。

(two)Indoor water pipe

Indoor water supply pipe,Corrosion resistant and installation is used to facilitate reliable pipe,Plastic water pipe、Plastic and metal composite tube、Copper tube、Stainless steel tube and reliable anti-corrosion steel pipe(Note:High-rise buildings should not adopt plastic tubes to water pipes)。since2000year6moon1Day from day to,In the new home in the town,It is forbidden to use cold galvanized steel pipe for indoor water supply pipelines,And according to the local actual situation, it is prohibited from using hot-dip galvanized steel pipes.,Promote new pipes such as aluminum-plastic composite pipes。


It is characterized by non-toxicity、health;Heat resistant、Good insulation;Convenient installation and permanent connection;Raw materials can be recycled,Will not cause contamination of the environment。

B. AGR(Acrylic copolymerization polyvinyl chloride)Tube

(17 32x20 brass tube)It is characterized by low temperature resistance,High anti-freeze ability;High impact;Good rigidity,In all plastic pipe productsAGRPipeline expansion coefficient is the lowest,Support large interval piping,Installation does not need to consider telescopic processing;High bond strength,AGRTube adoptsNO.80Adhesive quickly fell,Bonding strength is higher than the ordinary plastic pipeline4Multiplication;health:The health standard exceeds national standards and the World Health Organization(WHO)Each indicator,Health and non-toxic,Molecular structure dense,Low oxygen peroxid,Bacteria;Inner wall smooth,Damage loss when fluid transporting water,Not easy to adhere to precipitate,Can be used directly in direct drinking water、Pure water pipe delivery system;Flame retardant:AGRTube is a refractory material,The oxygen index is greater than40,Extinguish from fire。

C. Metal composite tube

(17 32x20 brass tube)Most of the composite tube is from the working layer(Require water resistant corrosion)、Support layer、The protective layer(Require corrosion)composition。Composite tube is generally metal support material,Lined by epoxy resin and cement,It is characterized by light weight、Inner wall smooth、Small resistance、Good corrosion resistance。

a、Lined steel pipe

It is characterized by the strength of the metal pipe.、Advantages of rigidity and corrosion resistance of plastic pipe,At the same time, it also overcomes the shortcomings of two types of materials.;But equally,The actual use of the pipeline is small in the pipeline.;Increase composite forming processes in production,Its price is slightly higher than the price of single pipe。also,If the bond is not strong or the ambient temperature and the medium temperature change,It is easy to generate alleviation, resulting in a decrease in pipe quality,At the same time, due to silk,It is easier to rush at the interface.。

Galvanized steel pipe is low and strong,But due to water quality,Has been banned by the state to ban due to life water project,Can be used in indoor fire engineering,Tube diameterPP-RHandling price and water quality、Pressure and other properties are good,Can live hot and cold water system in indoor,But the price of the large diameter is higher.,Can be replaced by the substrate,Construction of high quality can also beAGRTube instead

17 32x20 brass tube

(17 32x20 brass tube)B-6:Motionized dry tube adopts steel-plastic composite pipe,The water galvanized steel pipe is used in the water supply pipe.,DN<100mmThread connection;DN≥100mmTrench connection。Water in the bathroom,Cold water feed water support after the deposit water meterS5seriesPP-RTube,Hot waterS2.5seriesPP-RTube;Hot melt connection。Steel pipePP-RTube connection adopts a dedicated connection joint。

two、Drain pipe

(one)Outdoor drainage

Currently, outdoor embedded drainage pipes commonly used in construction projects mainly have pottery tubes.、Reinforced concrete tube、HDPEDouble wall bellows, etc.。

1.Clay tube

Tile tube has a small water resistance,impermeable、durable、Corrosion resistant surface,Industrial wastewater for delivering acid alkaline。Its main disadvantage is that the pipe is shorter,Construction is not convenient,Crisp,Compressive pressure、Bend、Low tensile strength。

2Reinforced concrete tube

The raw materials for concrete pipes and reinforced concrete tubes are more likely to get,Low price,Simple and convenient manufacturing。The main disadvantage is that the corrosion resistance is poor,Should not deliver acidity、Strong alkaline wastewater;Square,Connector,Construction complex,Infiltrate、Leak-leaking。Concrete tube and reinforced concrete pipe easy to apply materials,Manufacturing convenience,And according to the different requirements of the pressure,Unpressing tube、Low pressure tube、Predicting pipe, etc.,Therefore, universal applications are obtained in the drain pipeline system。

3.HDPEDouble wall bellows

It is characterized by sufficient mechanical properties and rigidity.,Excellent flexibility,Also have large compressive strength and good impact resistance,Strong adaptability to underground and terrestrial environment;light in mass;Chemical resistance,Effect of acid base in soil,Adapt to special occasions;Inner wall smooth,Ability to reduce flow resistance in the tube,Further improve delivery capacity;Outer wall corrugated shape to enhance the load capacity of pipelines on soil,Easy to lay on the uneven surface;Wear resistance,wear resistant;Use the temperature range wide,Tube-60℃Will not be frozen and expanded in the environment;Aging;It is convenient and sealed,Easy to carry,Low labor intensity,Fast construction progress。

(two)Indoor drain pipe

The variety of indoor drain pipes is relatively simple,At present, domestic projects are basically used.U-PVCDrainage pipe and cast iron drain。Pressure drainage pipes can be used with a pressure-resistant plastic tube、Metal tube or plastic composite steel pipe。

1. U-PVCTube

(17 32x20 brass tube)U-PVCDrainage tube is a substitute for traditional drain pipes,Good physical chemical properties。Inner wall smooth,Small frictional resistance than conventional drain pipes,Therefore, the horizontal tube mounting slope is small,Ability to improve building indoors。at the same time,Its weight is lighter,One-fifth of the cast iron pipe,Easy to transport and operate,Adhesive connection,Convenient installation and maintenance;The price is less low in conventional drainage pipe,Greatly reduce engineering cost;Heavy corrosion resistance,It is very common in building pollution wastewater and rainwater pipeline system.。Its disadvantage is that the impact resistance is poor,Easy to be saved with debris;Although it is a refractory material,But for indoor printing pipes,There is a possibility that the fire is spread along the tube;Big coefficient,Install telescopic festival in construction to resolve its scaling problems。

2.Cast iron drain

The most commonly used cast iron drain is a flexible cast iron drainage,With the following advantages:Good seismic performance,Due to the interlayer displacement caused by earthquake or wind pressure in high-rise buildings20mm,Clamp cast iron drainage tube is a flexible interface,The axial eccentric angle between the two tips is up to5°,Fully meet the seismic requirements;Low noise。Due to flexible rubber connection,Can effectively prevent the noise generated by the hygiene appliances through the pipeline。

Compared with the plastic drainage, there is the following advantages:Low noise。Cast iron drainage tube is large,It is more difficult to vibrate more than quality plastic tubes.,Therefore, there is a good soundproofing effect on the noise passing through the pipeline.。in addition,Because of the use of rubber ring flexible interface,The transfer of vibration has also been weakened;Good fire prevention performance;Small expansion shrinkage coefficient;high strength。

17 32x20 brass tube

It can be seen from the above table.,These two types of pipes have thousands of autumn,Almost no branch,The routine practice of the general project in China is the use of the cross pipe and the riser system.U-PVC(Muff)Drainage pipe,Cast iron drainage pipe,Can determine pipe according to this standard。

(17 32x20 brass tube)B-6:Bathroom drainage branchUPVCplastic pipe,Bond;Other waste、Sewage drainage pipe adopts mechanism drainage cast iron pipe,WFlexible interface(Clamp),Buried drainageAType flange connection(Flange)。The ventilation pipe is consistent with the drainage tube。Underground pressure drainage adopts welded steel pipe,Welding connection。Need to remove the flange connection。

three、Fire water supply pipe and picking

Pipe automatic water injection fire extinguishing system and water spray fire extinguishing system alarm valve、Fire hydrant system water pipe,Inner and external wall hot dip galvanized steel pipes should be used in overhead;Ductile iron tube should be used when buried,Automatic water spray fire extinguishing system and water spray fire extinguishing system alarm valve after hot dip galvanizing steel pipe、Copper tube、Stainless steel pipe and steel、Stainless steel substrate。

Hot dip galvanized steel pipe is divided into ordinary steel pipes、Thick steel pipe、And seamless steel pipe,When the system is less than or equal1.0MPATime,Hot dip galvanized steel pipe;When the system is stressed1.0-1.6Time,Hot dip galvanized thick steel pipe should be used;When the system pressure is greater than1.6Hot dip galvanized seamless steel pipe should be used。

Pipeline interface:Clamp connection、Thread connection、Flange。The connection galvanized steel pipe of the system pipe should use a groove connector(Clamp)、Thread or flange connection。Tube diameter in the systemDNBe with100Time,Thread connection,Pipe diameterDNgreater or equal to100Time,Card hoop connection、Flange connection。Small construction space due to clamp connection requirements,Easy to repair,Is current optimal connection。

B-6:Fire hydrant pipes use hot-dip galvanized steel pipes,Tube diameter is less than100mmScreen。greater or equal to100mmTrench connection。Pipe pressure requirementsP≥1.6Mpa;Automatic water spray tube,Internal and external wall hot galvanized steel pipe,Tube diameter is less than100mmScreen。greater or equal to100mm。Trench connection。Pipe pressure requirementsP≥1.6Mpa.


Multi-storey building rainwater system、Water collection pipeline,Low pressure pipe、Pipe fittings and interfaces,Tube available drainage plastic tube、Metal tube, etc.。

B-6:Rainwater pipe uses hot-dip galvanized steel pipe,Trench connection。