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admiralty brass tubes manufacturer in india

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annual1moon26The Japanese is held in India.“Republican Day”Day of the military parade,this day,India's various arms will be connected in the King Avenue of New Delhi.,For the majority of melon people,The most expected to see in the Indian military parade is the motorcycle stunt performance.。But due to the epidemic,India2021The year of motorcycle performance is forced to cancel,But worth paying attention is,The Indian Navy moved a aircraft carrier model.,I don't know if it is budgetary.,This model only has half,Details are not rigorous,Also put three size sizes are differentLCACarrier model on top,It's really a crying.。Indian Navy treats the military parade so hormible,How is the real strength??

admiralty brass tubes manufacturer in india

Motorcycle performances at the Indian military parade

The predecessor of the Indian Navy is the Mumbai Fleet,1830Named India Navy,But in1857After the year, I was ruled by the UK Royal Navy,1892Named"Royal Indian Fleet",1950After the establishment of the Republic of India,Indian Royal Maritime Change to India Navy。India's Navy is currently a soldier.6More than 10,000 people,Including5000Family Navy Airperation,2000Yuki Marine War,Warriers who are serving200Remainder,Among them1Ship、Destroyer10Ship、Patrol ship13Ship、Frigate22Ship、landing ship6Ship、Make up the ship4Ship、submarine17Ship。The number of ships ranked in the world,But the process of building this fleet is not so easy.。

Let us first talk about India's aircraft carrier。Strictly speaking, the Indian Navy has a total of4Aircraft carrier,The current service is Russia.“Gorshkov Navy”No,Creamed name“Viklamatia”No,But Russia seems to be a modified fee for Pit India.,The provisions must be modified in Russia,Midway modified fees have also increased,During the test period, it has failed.,Lead to2004Old signed trading contract,2013The year is delivered to the Indian Navy,It seems a bit of not authenticity in Russia on this matter.。This aircraft carrier drains4More than 10,000 tons,A medium-sized aircraft carrier,There are many places that are lacking in design,For example, the position of the command tower and the lift is unreasonable.,The command tower is too late,Waste some loading space;Lift space bureau promotes,Can only accommodate small carrier machines;There is no baffle on the takeoff track,The plane takes off slow,Turning runway;Tractors are used by tractor,Tractor space,And the wheel is large,Dangerous factors。Maybe Russia is the reason for the people's situation.,After all, no one wants to stay in your own home.。Sail shell bought from Russia,China's"Liaoning number"Almost all equipment、arms、The carrier machine is a domestic,This takes a certain initiative,We can repair and equip new devices faster。

admiralty brass tubes manufacturer in india


Let's talk about the Indian domestic aircraft carrier.“Wickland”,Why do you say it?“Claim”Woolen cloth,The equipment used by the aircraft carrier is almost all from other countries.,Design blueprint is completed in France、Engines and helicopters are American、Radar and missile technology are Israeli、The carrier fighter is Russia,There are some special steels in other countries.,So this is a shipping of Indian,India“Mixed blood carrier”。This aircraft carrier is2011It's just a dry dock when the year is underwater.,2013The next time the second time is fine.30%,2015When the third time, the mud blocked the dock gate and caused the failure.。2020year12Monthly print,"Wickland"In2021At the end of the year or2022Earner service service,India's domestic aircraft carrier is really difficult to serve,It can be a three fold。

In the previous year, India took the lead in showing the model of this domestic aircraft carrier.,There are also Indian domestic production with one in one"Felt"Level strategic nuclear submarine and“Kolkata”Level destroyer。India's domestic flask-level strategic nuclear submarines are built in Russia's help,At2009A navy base in eastern India underwater,India has also become the sixth country with nuclear submarines in the world.。Singapore media《Channel Times》Published a comment,India's enemy is an important initiative for anti-China enters the Indian Ocean,The submarine is deployed in China South China Sea,It must threaten some important cities from China。But India's nuclear submarine is early2017The year has committed a major human mistake.,The outer cabin of the tail of the submarine is not closed.,And there is no one in the middle,A large number of sea water invested in the turbine and part of the combat electronic compartment,This mistake caused the electronic equipment in the ship to be destroyed once,And because most equipment is imported,India cannot replace domestic autonomous,So the submarine after the next year lost its combat capabilities.,Helpless parked on the dock。

admiralty brass tubes manufacturer in india

Indian nuclear submarine

India's Kolkata level destroy order2000Start in the year、2003Water、2006Annual service,Consumption10One hundred million U.S. dollars,But the sky is not,This ship2003Year-round,2014Official delivery of the Navy,Consumption is also high45One hundred million U.S. dollars。India1996The plan began to deploy this plan,But from the results, it can be called20Working with a sword。But more than a decade built in Kolkata,China destroyer has been from052BUpdated to052D,Kolkata responded2014Year,052DDotted tonnage with Kolkata7500Ton,And it has13Ship,in6Serve in service、3Boom,4Develop。

Later,India blindly chase China,Independently developed another model of destroyer——“Vishaka Patan”class,But this is not better than Kolka in performance.,The tonnage has only reached8000Ton。while in2017year,When India is complacent,China's055Destroyer launched,12300Ton,and equipped with128various types of missiles,Visakhapatnam"grade only55missiles。

also,Indian frigates are also often in trouble,2011summer,Indian Navy organizes military summer camp for families and children on frigates during summer vacation,and played around at sea,However, when the ship came back and was about to dock, it collided with a Norwegian merchant ship.,Unexpectedly, after hitting a merchant ship, the frigate exploded and caught fire.,caused a small number of casualties,In the end the ship was scrapped.。

Indian ships are not only vulnerable,still hard to fix,Indian shipyard in Mumbai is notorious,Almost all ships entering the Mumbai shipyard cannot escape its“curse”,The ship rolls over as soon as it enters,crash event,Shipwrecks are more common。2017year,Indian Navy“Brahmaputra”Class guided missile frigate“Bedwa”USS rolls over during refit at Mumbai shipyard,cause2sailor died,14injured,Relevant personnel revealed:It seems that the warship is about to leave the dock,The slide in the dock failed, causing the ship to roll over;2013year“base”class submarine“Sindulak Shak”Fire and explosion in shipyard,cause18sailor died,The accident destroyed India's most advanced diesel-powered submarine at the time。The speed of building ships can't keep up with the speed of damage,The development of navy ships must be slow.。

admiralty brass tubes manufacturer in india

warship rolls over

but,Take the current aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy、ship、missile weapon、Comprehensive view of strengths such as satellite systems,India is a maritime military power,Has a great influence in Asia and the world,But most of their armed forces rely on“import”,It's an exaggeration to say that except for the soldiers who are themselves, the others are from other countries.。The equipment of the Indian Navy gathers advanced technologies from many countries in the world,Really strong and deterrent,But India's industrialization is incomplete,There is no relatively complete manufacturing supporting facilities,The equipment is basically“Made in all countries”,Every ship needs10Many countries provide it with parts and components。And Indian decision makers are procrastinating,heavy bureaucracy,So poor execution,As a result, new ships cannot be built by themselves.,The embarrassment of not being able to fix it by yourself。But I think,India's biggest problem is impatience,Always thinking about how to surpass China,But ignore the development of manufacturing,to be in such a situation。