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brass tub and shower faucet

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(brass tub and shower faucet)Hello everyone,I am a homesse of home and decoration knowledge.。Click on it.!

If we plan to decorate at home,We will install a lot of bathroom products。Toilet in our home, there is generally needed to install a toilet,Shower,tub,Basin,Bathroom cabinet,shower room,Faucet, etc.。And the short-water faucet is a small piece,But each household is also indispensable.。So how do we choose a faucet??Which brands of faucets are more durable??In this article, it is decorated to give you a solution of the faucet.。

brass tub and shower faucet(brass tub and shower faucet)

What are the top ten brands of the faucet??

The common top ten brands of the faucet,There are different rankings on different websites。Now the home of the homes is based on the top ten brands of China's faucet to introduce the top ten brands of the faucet.,The following ranking is not divided。

(brass tub and shower faucet)①:Jiu Mu Sanitary Ware。Jiupuan bathroom has been known for five consecutive years of leaders known as high-end bathrooms。Mainly independent research and development,Production of sanitary ceramics,Smart kitchen bath,Whole kitchen。Among them, the faucet is also its main product.。

②:ZhongyuJOYOU。Zhongyu Kitchen and Dish is a national enterprise in Fujian Province,Is China's strength, overall kitchen brand。It is an intention of research and development,Sale,A large enterprise integrating service。The products also cover all products of kitchen and bathrooms.。

③:Shen Tak。Shen Tak Daki is also the flagship brand of the national bathroom industry.,Its main product has CNC constant temperature mouth,There is a good sales feedback on the market.。

brass tub and shower faucet

④:Hansgaya bathroom。Hans Gya bathroom should be imported brand,Classic bathroom from Germany。Hans Gya's bathroom products are really very good.,But the price is relatively high.。So when choosing a faucet,You can also learn about Hans Gya.。

⑤:Huayi bathroom。Huayi bathroom is also a domestic brand。Huayi bathroom is established1990year,A lot of products。Product covers ceramics cleansing tools,Bathroom furniture,Hardware,Shower room, etc.。

⑥:Dangran bath。Dangran bathing is also an imported brand.,Is a high-end hardware bathroom brand。So Dangran Sanitary Ware,Pendant,Shower and other products are very quality。Dangran bathroom is1992Ended in Hong Kong,Then gradually develop to our mainland。

⑦:De Gaoshi bathroom。De Gaoshi bathroom,I believe that many friends are already very familiar.。Gaussian bathroom was established1911year,Is a brand of primary bathroom products。In fact, Gao Siqi is also a Chinese Top Ten David Bath Lead Brand.。So the faucet for Gaussian bathroom,We can also go see it.,It is also very good。

(brass tub and shower faucet)brass tub and shower faucet(brass tub and shower faucet)

⑧:Chaoyang bathroom。Chaoyang bathroom products are very good,It is also very good to use,So get more consumers' affirmation,Market word of mouth is very good。Chaoyang bathroom is1992Years found in Chaoyang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. in Guangdong,Products also include advanced ceramic cleansing tools,Smart ware,Faucet,Shower, etc.。

⑨:Brilliant bathroom。Brilliant bathroom is a product of brilliant heating group,company was founded on1988year,Floor in Fujian Province。Also is a collection of research and development,Production,Sale,One company in service。Products are also covered all products in our bathroom.。Faucet,It is also one of its classic products,Also known as the brilliant flush, etc.。

⑩Moen。Moen is a brand of the United States,Is the product of American Moen,Is today's world-renowned kitchen and bathroom manufacturer。Moen's products covers all major categories around,Among them, Moen's first single handle cold water mixed faucet is very famous.。After entering the Chinese market,There are also a lot of good products。

brass tub and shower faucet

How to choose a home faucet?

(brass tub and shower faucet)The above briefly introduces the top ten brands of the faucet.。In fact, these brands of faucets can be selected.,Just the price is slightly higher。in addition,For the selection of the faucet,Everyone needs attention to some problems。In fact, we must choose the price-priced faucet.。Provide you with the following selection suggestions for this individual。

①:Material as much as possible to choose stainless steel or a brass。Means of,When we choose the faucet,First look at the material。Material is generallyss304Or copper。It is not recommended to choose a stainless steel or copper plated.,Although this type of faucet is very good,In fact, it is easy to use for a period of time.。So try to choose pure copper or pure stainless steel,But the price is relatively high。

(brass tub and shower faucet)brass tub and shower faucet

②:When we buy a faucet,To learn to simply resolve the quality of the faucet。For example, the easiest point,We can judge the quality of the quality through the weight of the faucet.。We get two different size to the faucet,For example, their materials are stainless steel,Take it in your hand,The more the weight of the faucet, the stronger the quality of the weight is, the better。If you put it in your hand, you feel light.,Then the quality of this faucet is very poor.,Do not recommend that you choose this faucet。

③:Brand choice。For the choice of the brand,We can choose from the top ten brands.。But everyone should pay attention to the price of the faucet。For example, household faucet,Generally, hundreds of dollars are very good.,Of course,There are also a few thousand yuan,There is still several thousand yuan。And we are choosing,Multi-compare several brands,Then choose some of the more commonly used faucets in the price.,This price is relatively high。

(brass tub and shower faucet)brass tub and shower faucet


About home faucet selection,We really need to choose some brands of faucets。Because the quality of the brand's faucet is still more guaranteed,Just the relatively high price。So everyone in choosing the faucet,Try to go to the market.,We compare the price of the faucet of the same style,Finally, choose the price.。in addition,Everyone needs to pay attention to some techniques for simply judge the quality of the faucet.,This is also convenient for us to buy quality faucets.。

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