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tuba largest brass instrument

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Gustan《Harry Potter》Music,Feel this fantastic magical music

The biggest musical instrument in the world is not a chime,But the organ

tuba largest brass instrument

Mozart has rated the organs according to the size“Musical instrument”。It is one of the oldest instruments in the world,Already2200Many years of history

It is not only a tool,Also part of the building。

The world's largest organ is located in the conference hall of Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA。It is built1930year,At that time exceeded cost50Ten thousand U.S. dollars

Yuan。Punish sharing33,112Apron,1,477Plug-tone plug,19Sound regulation and7Keyboard。

(tuba largest brass instrument)This huge organ,Of course, you can't play by human explosion.。So I have installed it for it.365Horsepower blower。

(tuba largest brass instrument)Due to excessive wind pressure,It is impossible to lift the keyboard with a simple mechanical device.,And it is operated with hydraulic transmission。If you play at night, play,Fang Yuan will play dozens of miles can be clearly heard。The sound of the organ is full,Run harmony,Vulnerable,Suitable for elegant music。

tuba largest brass instrument

Poisher keyboard in the flornet hall in the New Jersey Town Convention Hall。This tube has7Row keyboard。

To drive it,need300Multi-Ma Li's wind box can catch the truck engine。Keyboard depends on hydraulic systemSystem can be driven。

Apart from“The world's largest musical instrument”,This organ is also the most sound instrument in the world.,Can be used to use trembling and trembling。

I can hear a few kilometers away.。

The organ is a free reed instrument in the reed instrument,It has many types of types,But its common feature is that the wind box is injected into the valerism and playing methods.Like other keyboard instruments,Players use finger or foot to operate keyboard to apply pressure,Make air into different lengths and diameter metal or wooden tubesIn order to play a very wide range。Can make a wonderful voice when playing。

These in the church wall sculpture,huge amount of。This huge metal tube is the sound structure of Roman Rolome,He described Christopher when he first heard the sound of the organ."From the beginning to the feet, it seems that it has been baptized.。"

Many famous musicians are also organic players,Such as Baroque, Old Bach and Hendel,Mozart during classical period,Beethoven,Romantic period Delus,Dviak,Brookna, etc.。

In the organ playing in Bach in St. St. Toma Church,Old Bach is a special one。He can not only write the work of the organ,Can also play the organ,Even you to make a storm。

Mozart,He is very loved on the organ,It is he wearing a duct style.“Musical instrument”Laurel,Huge empty space will make people feel empty and inequitable。under these circumstances,The sound of the body is everywhere.。

tuba largest brass instrument

When you are forced by Fang Wei,You will be shocked from your heart.。You can't be modest and sincere。

This kind of music occupies all the low sounds of high school,Each sound is used with double sounds.。Super saturation occupies all auditory sensation channels,Let the audience completely integrated music is not the piracy patent。

Wagner has achieved this effect by mobilizing a huge orchestra.。In rock music,This approach is called“Sound wall”

Tube,Convinced,Only one musical instrument is enough.。Every organ in the world is unique。

(tuba largest brass instrument)The purpose of building it is not to play some music,Why do you use a sound to fill the space?。

(tuba largest brass instrument)Polygonal in Atlantic City,Not because the builder wants to build the world's largest instrument,But because it is in the hall, it is really spacious.,So there is a need to have such a grand volume to fill each corner of the space.。therefore,The gustrall is not only a musical instrument,Also part of the building。