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brass overflow tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 11:50:04

There are recent many fish friends to reflect the problem of siltocks of fish tank.,Especially the lower filtration fish tank,No matter which overflow mode,It may be encountered。

(brass overflow tube)It is difficult to make a difficult thing to make a reason.,Although the pipeline is more narrow,But want to reach the extent to which you are,There is also water flow in constant impact,How much thing is needed to block this??

brass overflow tube

Just like the plaque in our body's blood vessels,Want to form,That is absolutely not available for three or forty years.,Most50Years later,The truth is actually the same.,Various viscous impurities、Too much oily substance。

First possible,It is something in the overflow tube.,brush、Noise reduction spiral

(brass overflow tube)Many new hands fish,Sound of the discovery of the overflow tube,So,I like some brush or noise reduction spirals in the inside.,thisI have to see how much we are.。

(brass overflow tube)Actually,Now most of the bottom filter fish tank,Noise reduction spiral,This thing is not big,I am afraid that the fish friend feels not enough.,Take some hair brush hard to the inside,Excessive brush will definitely hinder the flow of water flow,Also contaminated various viscous impurities。

I feel it.,Nourishing fish did not breathe,Nothing to raise,but,Maybe our family may not be so thinking.,so,This thing can't let too much,I'm not good.。

brass overflow tube

Second possibility,The food is too much oil and stickiness.

Such as,Various frozen fish、Shrimp,I know this thing.,After all, I am fell every day.。

Even my fed to the tiger fish,Plastic basin used to wash fish,There will be some edges that do not move the pot.Oily substance,High viscosity。

Although I only fed once a day,It must be cleaned almost two or three days.,Otherwise, there is no way to continue using this pot.,Take the point。

(brass overflow tube)Therefore,Treatment of these foods,Be careful,If the processing is not clean,Yue Yue,The water quality damage to the fish tank is too big.。

Third possible,Residual bait or bottom、Ceramic、Since the shell enters the overflow tube

So-called bait,There is basically no problem with fish feed,These oilyFish、Shrimp,Or the watched fish does not have the bait of such substances after eating,After these things enter the overflow tube,It is possible that some are passed on the wall.,And very difficult to clean up。

brass overflow tube

I also found it again.,Previously, my small filtered fish tank,White sand,It is very subtle,If it is cautious in cautious fish,Can directly put the pump and don't turn it.,What's more, enter the overflow tube??

So I like to use the bottom filter fish tank, fish friends,At the bottom of the overflow area,Passage must be set,Guaranteed similar to the Sand、Ceramics and other things,Enter the overflow area,if not,That's really no trick,This thing goes in,I want to pick out.,It's more difficult。

(brass overflow tube)There is another thing,that isStencil,Pocol、Apple screwLittle life like,Worship in the fish tank,Or being a empty shell,First it will plug the fish below the bottom,Later,I found out,They are inexplicably disappeared,May over time、Conversion of water flow,Finally broken.。

Deal with these things,The best way is diligent,Found there are residues,Directly stop the water pump,Put them out for better。

Finally, all kinds of feces、Bait、Brown algae,Common acting on the wall of the overflow pipe,Timeday,Case can only occur,Generally don't,It is also possible to filter a cotton or magic carpet.,These questions。

brass overflow tube

Say,Which fish tank in the overflow tube,Is it clean??

(brass overflow tube)Most of the fundamental does not matter。

There is nothing to clean up the pipeline.,Don't think three things,Do it

Clean up fish tank pipeline,There is no so-called convenient way at all.,The most commonly used is to useLong brush cleaning,I mentioned before I mentioned.,A little similar to the small child brush bottle,Or big water flow,Basically, such a set of routines。

If it is quite serious,Then there's no way,Can only be dismantled,Or do you find a professional cleansing person to do what is good??I don't know.,Fish friends have a good trick,Can share it。

I am a fishing old road.,For more ornamental fish, please pay attention,thanks!