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brass coupler with crimp for steam tube

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Guide: Copper strip is a metal component,Product specifications0.1~3×50~250mmVarious state copper belt products。Thickness0.06~1.5mmBetween copper rolling processing products, called copper strip,At present, the maximum thickness of the strip is2mm,Maximum width600mm。The length of the strip is generally specified in accordance with standard regulations.,And roll up,Copper strip professional use,Copper strip is different from the material,Use is also different,The professional use of common grade copper strips is as follows。

Product Name China Grades International Standard America Japan Performance characteristics and instructionsCopperT2Cu-FRHCC11000C1100Good conductive,Thermal conductive,Corrosion resistance and processing properties, Commonly used as a conductive,Thermal conductive,Corrosion resistanceT1,T2compared to,Containing reduced conductive,Most of the impurities of thermal conductivity,Higher oxygen content,Use only to do general copper,Electrical switch,pad,nail,Tubes and other pipesT3Cu-FRTPC21700

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)TP1Cu-DLPC12000C1201welding,Cool bending performance,Can be processed in a reducing environment,Mainly supplied by pipe,Occasionally,plate,belt,Wire supply,Multi-use to make various conveyors,Condensed tube, Evaporator,Heat exchanger, etc.TP2Cu-DHPC12200

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)C1230

C1220TU2Cu-OFC10200C1020High purity,Conductivity,Too good in thermal conductivity,Multi-use as electric vacuum instrument,meter,equipmentTAg0.1CuAg0.1

Good wear resistance,Electrical contact and corrosion resistant ordinary brass beltH96CuZn5C21000C2100Low strength,Thermal conductive,Good conductivityH90CuZn10C22000C2200andH96Performance is similar,Slight strength,Plating metal,Various water pipes,Double metal sheet and medal,Art, etc.H85CuZn15C23000C2300High strength,Good plasticity,Suitable cold, Hot-processed welding and good corrosion resistance,Coagulation and heat dissipation tube,Serpentian,siphon,Cooling equipmentH80CuZn20C24000C2400and H85Performance,High strength,It is also better plasticity.,High corrosion resistance,Thin wall tube,Wrinkle tube paper network and house building suppliesH70CuZn30C26000C2600Excellent plasticity,High strength,Good machining,welding,Good corrosion resistance,Heat exchanger,Papermaking tube,mechanical,Electronic partH68


Performance andH70Very similar,But when cold work,“Seasonal crack”tendency,Complex refrigerator and deep shift,BellowsH68ACuZn30AsC26130

H65CuZn35C27000C2700Have good mechanical properties,Can withstand hot and cold processing,Used to make small hardware,Daily necessities,Screw and other partsH63CuZn37C27200C2720Have good mechanical properties,Hot premium is good,Good cutting,Weldability,Good corrosion resistance,Various degradation and bending power parts,Pinch,Nut,Pneumatic table spring,Heat dissipation,Circular partsH62CuZn40C28000C2800HPb59

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)Is a wide application of lead brass,Good mechanics,Is a good cutting process,Can withstand thermal pressure,Various structural parts for cutting and punching processing,Such as Gasket,Bushing and other environmentally friendly copper

Lead brassHPb63-3

C34500C3450Excellent cutting performance,High reduction performance,Watch structure and car tractor partsHPb63-0.1

Slightly cutting,Structural partsHPb63-0.8CuZn37Pb1C35000C3710


Good machining,high strength,High-intensity structural partsHPb59-1CuZn39Pb1C37710&&C3771Is a wide application of lead brass,Good mechanical properties,And the machinability is good,Can withstand thermal pressure,Various structural parts used for cutting and stamping processing,Gasket,BustedHPb59-3





High corrosion resistance,Have good mechanical properties,In cold,Good pressure under hot,Can be used in corrosion resistors and steam on the ship,Parts and catheters in contact with oils such as oilHSn62-1CuZn38Sn1C46400C4620



Good mechanical properties and good cuts,Conditioned ship parts or other parts of naval brass and sea waterHSn90-1


High corrosion resistance and reductionance,Is the only tin blue copper that can be used as a reduction alloy,Used as the corrosion resistant parts such as bushing and other aluminum brass stripsHAL77-2

high strength,High hardness,Good plasticity,Good corrosion resistance in seawater,But corrosion cracking tendency,Ships, etc. to do condensed tubes and other corrosion resistance partsHAL67-2.5

Wear resistance,Good corrosion resistance to sea water,Hair wheel corrosion partsHAL60-1-1CuZn39AL-FeMn

high strength,Between cold premium,Good corrosion resistance,Corrosion cracking sensitive,Use all kinds of corrosion resistance Structural parts,Gear,axis,Pixabay, etc.HAL66-6-3-2

High strength,Hardness and wear resistance,Good corrosion resistance,But plastic abroad,Nut manganese brass belt under large worm and heavy working conditionsHMn57-3-1

strength,High hardness,But the plasticity is poor,Corrosion resistance is good in ordinary brass,Corrosion resistant structural partsHMn58-2

Good mechanical properties,Conductivity,Low thermal conductivity,Good corrosion resistance,Corrosive cracking tendency,Corrosion resistant parts and parts for weak electrical industryHMn55-3-1

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)Corrosive structure iron brass stripHFe59-1-1

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)C67820

high strength,Toughness,Good demodation,High corrosion resistance,Structure parts used to create friction in corrosionHFe58-1-1

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)high strength,High hardness,Poor plasticity,Good cutting,Good corrosion resistance,High-strength corrosion resistant parts silicon brass stripHSi80-3

Good mechanical properties,Good cutting,Welding and brazing,Conductivity,low thermal conductivity,High corrosion resistance,No tendency to corrosion cracking,marine parts,Steam & Water Pipe & Fittings Nickel Brass StripHNi65-5

good mechanical properties,Good machinability,Easy soldering and brazing,Conductive,low thermal conductivity,High corrosion resistance,and no tendency to corrosion cracking,marine parts,Steam & Water Pipe & Fittings Tin Bronze TapeQSn4-3CuSn4Zn2

high abrasion resistance,elasticity,Good anti-magnetic,Corrosion resistant parts of chemical equipment,Wear parts,Springs and various elastic elements,diamagnetic elementQSn4-4-2.5

high abrasion resistance,good machinability,Weldability,Mainly used to manufacture bearing bushings that work under frictional conditions,Bushings and discs, etc.QSn4-4-4CuSnPb4Zn3C54400

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)QSn6.5-0.1CuSn6C51900C5191

QSn6.5-0.4CuSn7C51900C5191Due to the phosphorus contentQSn6.5-0.1 higher,anti-fatigue strength,elasticity,Abrasion resistance is taught,Except for springs and wear parts,Mainly used in the manufacture of wear-resistant copper mesh for the paper industryQSn7-0.2CuSn8C52100C5210high strength,elasticity,good wear resistance,Good weldability and good corrosion resistance,make a medium load,Parts subject to friction at moderate sliding speeds,such as bearings,Bushing,worm gear, etc.QSn4-0.3

Has high mechanical properties,Corrosion resistance and high elasticity,Multi-purpose tube material for making various pressure gaugesQSn8-0.3


Aluminium Bronze StripQAL9-2CuAl9Mn2

both high strength,,hot state,Not easy to braze,Making springs and other corrosion-resistant components,such as worm gearQAL9-4CuAl10Fe3C62300







Has high strength and abrasion resistance,Not easy to braze,High oxidation and corrosion resistance,Production of wear parts and standard parts under high temperature conditions,like gears,bearing,flywheelQAL10-4-4CuAl10Ni5Fe5C63300CA104with high strength,Excellent mechanical properties at high temperature,good friction reduction,Not easy to braze,Good corrosion resistance,Make high-strength wear-resistant parts and workpieces under high temperature conditions,such as bushings,Bushing,flange,Gears and other important corrosion-resistant parts,Wear Parts Beryllium Bronze StripQBe2CuBe2C17200C1720It is an alloy with excellent theoretical comprehensive properties,High strength after heat treatment,hardness,elasticity,Abrasion resistance,Heat and cold resistance,non-magnetic,easy to solder,and good corrosion resistanceQBe1.7CuBe1.7C17000C1700andQBe2 Similar performance,but the flexibility,Hysteresis,fatigue strength,elastic stabilityQBe1.9

Silicon bronze tapeQSi1-3

high strength,Excellent abrasion resistance,machinability,Good weldability,Good corrosion resistance,Manufacturing of parts in poor working conditions or in corrosive mediaQSi3-1CuSi3Mn1C65800 C65500

high strength,elasticity,Abrasion resistance,good plasticity,For the manufacture of elastic elements working in corrosive media。and worm gear,worm,Manganese bronze strips for bushings and welded componentsQMn5

with high strength,Hardness and good plasticity,Good corrosion resistance,For the manufacture of various high temperature corrosion resistant parts,,Such as pipe joints, valves, etc.QMn1.5

andQMN5Comparative strength,Slightly lower hardness, slightly higher plasticity,Can also manufacture electrical instrument partsQMn2

Magnesium Bronze BeltQMg0.8

copper-Magnesium alloys in practical useMg content less than1%,Improves high temperature oxidation resistance of copper,Mostly used for conductive wire core chrome bronze tapeQZr0.2

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)C15000

excellent conductivity,Used as resistance welding material and requires high strength,High conductivity electrode cupronickel tapeB10


C71000C7100Structural cupronickel,good mechanical properties, Very good corrosion resistance,Used to manufacture precision instrumentation parts that work in corrosive environments,metal net,Chemical machinery parts and medical equipmentB30

(brass coupler with crimp for steam tube)BZn15-20CuNi15Zn21C75400C7541Structural cupronickel,high strength,Good corrosion resistance and plasticity,Poor machinability Poor weldability,Commonly known as“Deutsche Bank”,for damp,Parts and instrument parts working in corrosive environments,medical device,Telecommunications Parts,artwork,spring tube, etc.BFe30-1-1CuNi30Mn1FeC71630

good mechanical properties,Good corrosion resistance,Poor machinability,high temperature in shipbuilding,high pressure,high speed,Condensers and thermostats that work underBFe10-1-1CuNi10Fe1MnC70600

Structural cupronickel,strength,hardness,Compare BFe30-1-1 Low,higher plasticity,replaceableBFe30-1-1

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