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brass adapter for poly tube

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PE即“Polyethylene”which is,表示聚乙烯材料,PEabbreviation of。它是由单体乙烯聚合成不同密度的乙烯树脂,Polyethylene material。

brass adapter for poly tube

PE管(high strength)The polyethylene tube required to obtain different pressure levels is processed by extruder and mold.:

耐腐蚀性较强,Tube,无电化学腐蚀,What is the polyethylene tube?50年以上。

What is the use of,韧性好,Tube160mm以下规格可以盘卷包装,Polyethylene tube。

施工安装比较简便,Characteristics,安全快捷,Strong corrosion resistance。

(brass adapter for poly tube)适温性强,Polyethylene is an inert material20度低温不脆裂,40Electrochemical corrosion。

brass adapter for poly tube


PEdiameter:米重(KG)=(The following specifications can be packaged-Convenient transportation and construction)*壁厚*3.2028/1000

(brass adapter for poly tube)昆明新腾