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brass 6 inch tube

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Home improvement,Water pipe is an indispensable decoration material。Choosing the right water pipe can make our lives more smoothly,There are many types and specifications of the water pipes on the market.,Which water pipe should we choose?,What is the type and specifications of home water pipes??Today we will come and seeTypes and specifications of home water pipes

brass 6 inch tube(brass 6 inch tube)one、Types of household water pipes

Household water pipe,In fact, it is a pipeline for water supply in our family life.,It is an important water pipe that we must install when we decorate the house.。At present, the type of household water pipe on the market is relatively rich.,There are three major categories: mainly used water pipes.:The first is a plastic composite metal tube,For example, the plastic steel pipe and aluminum-plastic composite tube we often say are such water pipes.;The second is a plastic tube,This water pipe is the largest type of sales in the home improvement market.,For example pprTube andpbTube;The third water pipe is metal,Such as internal plastic steel pipe and aluminum-plastic composite pipe、Copper tubes and stainless steel pipes, etc. are more commonly used.。

brass 6 inch tube

two、Household water pipe specifications

More specifications for home water pipes,Nowadays, the specifications of the home water pipes in the market are usuallyDN15(4Branch)、DN20(6Branch)、DN25(1Inch tube)、DN32(1Inch2Tube)、DN40(1Inch half tube)、DN50(2Inch tube)、DN65(2Inch half tube)、DN80(3Inch tube)、DN100(4Inch tube)、DN125(5Inch tube)、DN150(6Inch tube)、DN200(8Inch tube)andDN250(10Inch tube)Wait。The specification of the water pipe is expressed in inches.,For example4In fact, it is actually1/2inch,Also the inner diameter of the water pipe12.7Millimeter。

brass 6 inch tube

three、Household water pipeline type and specifications

In fact, the style and material of the household water pipe are constantly changing.,But the size specification of this water pipe is within a fixed range.。so,In fact, there is no specification of water pipes more appropriate.,After all, everyone will measure the survey on the spot when installing the water pipe.,Suitable water pipes correspond to the size of the size is better。In fact, the water tube suitable for the actual situation of the home is the best.,Be sure to consider the actual construction situation to select the specifications of the water pipe。

Premium water pipes can extend service life,So choose a good quality water pipe more important。pprTube is the next a more popular home water pipe,The greatest advantage of its water pipe is that after the water tube is hot melt,Pipelines and fittings are still connected together,The water pipe can be installed directly into the underground or wall inside.,Easy to use and smaller。

Types and specifications of home water pipesWhich kind of,In fact, more need to be seen with the actual situation.,Consumers should be judged according to their own actual situation when purchasing,This last installed effect will be more in line with the actual situation.。