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KDThe injury led to its next season, all seasons were unrestrained.,Can not see his performance on the court is a tragedy for basketball world,So why did Durant choose?35As your own jersey number??Let me talk about it today.35Number of Durant's story,Let us look at it next.KDWhat kind of story is there in this number?。

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba

NBAMany jersey numbers are meaningful,Most of them belong to one inheritance。Such as James23Because of worship Jordan,Thick eyebrow23Because of worship James,Curry30The number is because his father is wearing it.30No,Many excellent guidelines like3Jersey,These include Ephson、Paul、Wade、Francis, etc.,And the internal technology flows big one like21No,For example, Duncan、Garnett、En Bud。

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KDmaybeNBAThe only one in history35All star players in jersey,I have never tried this weird number before he.。Inversely, many inner monsters pass through34No,For example, Olagu、O'Neill、Buckley、Letter brother, etc.。

KDObviously and they are not the same type of player,choose35The jersey is definitely not to pay tribute to them.34No。about35The origin of the fans,There is also a moving story.。

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba


2005year4moon30day,“boom、boom、boom、boom”,A few loud guns scored a calm day.。Scream,Escape,Falling in the ground appears after the gun,Over ten minutes,The siren and the voice of the ambulance arrived at the scene,only,There is a yellowTMan of a shirt,But it has been put into the bloody,Returning,Forever left the world。

This man is called Charles-Greg,He is not a gorgeous person,Not a big celebrity,More people don't know him,But he is for a person,Very important。

who's that person?Yes, Durant。

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba


Charles is the first coach in Durant basketball career,Only except for the coach,This is called by Durant relativesBigChuckyMan,To some extent, it can be said to play the role of Durant father.。

Charles-Kraig Coach Durant,And when you are willing to train him,Mother completed-Durant did not think her child has already selected his life.,Charles-Creger is just a young amateur coach in the leisure center.,His main job is to teach children to play basketball.。When he gave his eyes, Durant was discovered.,The heart of life is sloping this high-thin and thin male child.,He played in the childhood child,Take time to open the small stove to Durant,Teach him some basic skills and basic rules of basketball。

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)Durant on the Warrior

Krag's biggest meaning against Durant is not in basketball skills.,And this kind of good coach always encourages him,Tell him that there is a small Kaipin meetingNBAA superstar。

Kreger is still a person with love,He is a colleague of all children,Widely growing dreams。

“I always spend a whole day.,”Durant said,They play a movie together with basketball games together。When Durant needs pocket money or eat,Are in Kreg。Durant is now a million worth,But he often drives the car to find a good memory of childhood.。

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba


Remember once,Durant followed the Youth League team to the North Carolina,Because the mother is busy with work, there is no time to take care of,Durant sleeps in the Cratche home。Kraig coaches often take out their own money to buy jerseters for those children.,As a parent said:“He makes every child feel that he is a star.,He is a distinctive coach,Even if you lose,He also makes you feel nothing?。”Kraig coach and Durant,I have already surpassed the feelings between general coaches and students.。

Due to Durant's father left privately from him.,His mother must take a single mother's identity,Work hard to support two sons,Tony-Durant and Kevin-Durant。for work,Durant's mother can't take care of Durant。At this moment,Charles turned from coach into a good friend,Treat Durant's way and even bring a little love。Charles will take Durant to watch movies,Take him to play,Take him to eat,Even giving him zero money,Let him buy milk to drink。Mom in Durant is busy working,Charles has become the object that Durant can rely on。Durant,Charles's status beyond the coach,It is a good friend.,A man who can find a father on him。

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba

Durant violent dunk

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)2005year4moon30day,Dulan, Durant, led the Oak Shan High School.,Shudder,Charles-Kraig was shot in Maryland.,At that time, he just came out of outdoors to try to mediate a dispute between friends and others.,But that damn bastard,Reconducting a gun on his back……

This is a sunny day,After hearing this news,Durant is almost shoved。“I don't know how to think about it.,”Durant said。“I thought it was just a joke.,a living person,just this,He had no reason to die。”

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)5Years later,After coming to the University of Texas to play,he chose35No. jersey to honor Coach Craig。“I just wanted to let everyone know why I wear it35reason,and the meaning behind this back number。”Durant says。“as long as I wear35No,he's still alive。”

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba

Durant playing at the University of Texas

Durant relies heavily on Charles,Therefore,When the news of Charles' death from several bullets reached his ears,Durant was shocked。at that time,Charles is still quite young,When shot to death,he was only35only age。

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)2007Durant was asked why he wore35No,he answered firmly:“Because in memory of my first coach。”

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)2008The day that Durant won the Rookie of the Year,He said a little sadly:“Today marks the third anniversary of Coach Craig's death。I want to dedicate this honor to him,I want him to know that I've been working on it。”

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)only,Dead can't be resurrected,The one who signed his acceptance letter to the University of Texas,That Durant is2007When he became the second overall pick in the draft,The man who should share the honor by the side,so life was taken,leave this world。

when he put on the second hat,Lifting the Rookie of the Year trophy,Pick up the scoring trophy,until holdingMVPThe Brass Villain When Tears Are Raining,Coach Craig is nowhere to be seen,All that's left is the dancing on the field35jersey。

(bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba)bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba

Durant wonMVP

It is precisely because I miss Charles so deeply,Make Durant reluctant to Charles really disappearing from his life,After Durant went to college,start wearing35jersey,whether it arrivesNBA,Or to the Warriors,never changed,Just in memory of Charles,The first coach in his life,his friend,his reliance。

now,Durant wears bearer Craig coach's dream35jersey,alreadyNBAOne of the best selling jerseys in history,More and more fans choose to wear Durant's35jersey。Durant's later at the University of Texas35The jersey was retired,This is the third retired jersey in the history of the University of Texas。

bakersfieldcraiglist brass tuba

Pray for KD

back in time2014NianxinkeMVPin the twinkling tears,It's the red brick gymnasium,old wooden floor,bang bang basketball,fat coach asks:“child,Would you like to join the youth league team??”

fire in child's eyes:“Yes,i want to play basketball。”

Finally let usKDpray,willingKDget better soon。

Pray for KD.

If you are a basketball lover,Then please leave a comment in the comment section belowKDblessing。

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