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brass slipper tub

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(brass slipper tub)Recent time,Many cross-border sellers will focus on slippers,According to the data of the cross-border e-commerce platform,we discover2017-2023year,The average proportion of footwear on the line is10%,this means,These two years of slippers,Unlimited potential!

clothing,Shoe cap,Luggage product,There is a very powerful supply chain in China,For cross-border sellers,Don't worry about supply chain。Summer is coming soon,Overseas many national consumers for sandals,Slippers is very high in preferences。

#slippersexistTikTokGain5Billion play,There are a large number of netizens in the label to wear our slippers video.。Slippers,Be inTikTokLooking for a very good direction for e-commerce opportunities。

brass slipper tub

I will share with you today.,A recent recently found by 嘀嗒狗 dataTikTokRapid red,And popular products from foreign users concerned and hope to buy“Non-slip slippers”!This product has no age,time,Space limit,And the price is very high in slippers。

Want to experienceTikTokPartner of the choice of products can be found free of charge for free membership:xiievil 。

(brass slipper tub)brass slipper tub


(brass slipper tub)This slippers have very high degree of anti-slip level,Very suitable bathroom、swimming pool、Poolside、Hot tub、SPA、Public shower、Steam room、kitchen、Camp、Hotel room, etc.。

brass slipper tub

(Click on the picture<嘀嗒 小 小>Get more data)

@pongamoslo_a_pruebaexist2-27Published video,Currently1900Wan's play,got300Ambitious。Many users think this product is very interesting,Plus blogger personal experience,Can very clearly understand the degree of anti-slip of slippers。

By observing this video's comment area,The discussion of this product is very high,Some netizens are calling this product,And someone already places it.。

(brass slipper tub)brass slipper tub

This non-slip slippers are in the independent station.24.9Dollar bill(Buy one get one free)。

brass slipper tub

two.Successful changing account sharing

(brass slipper tub)@helloslippersIs a person who focuses on selling various slippers,Cute style slippers,sandals,The non-slip slippers in the near future are also@helloslippersThe product,Brake1-18The short video released is obtained.1600Wan's play,130Ambitious。

brass slipper tub

(Click on the picture<嘀嗒 小 小>Get more data)

In the video review area,Some netizens praise this pair of slippers“Low-key good products”。Netizens in the comment area also have a lot of discussion for video content。

brass slipper tub(brass slipper tub)

@helloslippersAccount name,Strongly associated with slippers,When I see the account, I know what the account is doing.,It can be found by observing the home page,This account is very vertical,Preciseness。

The cover of each person is the close-up of slippers.,By the way, the name of the slippers is taken on the homepage.,After opening the video,Close-up of slippers。

The background of shooting slippers is very clean,Sometimes it is a white carpet,Sometimes home room,High adapter with this product。All videos are combined with scene needs,Remove this product advantage through the on-foot test and other means。

(brass slipper tub)brass slipper tub

When purchasing,Set one20%Exclusive offer,Promote sales。

After the needs of the home office have become more,slippers,There are more demand for home service and other purposes.,This cute slippers will cause a lot of friends, and buy a single purchase。

@helloslippersfrom2021year10month,Start useTikTokTraffic,Promote our slippers。It can be seen by data,Stand-alone station2021year11The month's traffic is reached5More than 10,000。

(brass slipper tub)brass slipper tub

This account will also be usedTiKTokThe traffic flows into your ownins,pass throughTikTokTo drain out to separate stations or other social platforms,It is also a good way。Special tags in the sales page of the standalone station:By giving small gifts such as socks,To attract users to pay attention to your ownInstagramaccount。

brass slipper tub

Brand Independence Station URL:https://helloslippers.com。

three.Slippers chooses

Target population:18-55All customers,by18-35Years old customers,There are two characteristics of such people.,One is leisure,For example, eat shopping,Participation and other daily use,Just need comfort,personality,concise。

The other is fashion,For example, workplace commute,Emphasize the beautiful shoe type,Gentle,Color requirement is more advanced。

Select in slippers,You can choose flat sandals,slippers,flip flops,High-heeled sandals,Beach sandals,Casual sandals,Thick sandals,Material is best to choose synthetic skin,Polyester,artificial leather,pvcOr rubber,Sheepskin, etc.。

Propaganda selling point:Comfortable,Waterproof and non-slip,Wild design。

The sale of cotton slippers is generally10-12moon,Using the scene is usually in indoor,In the sale, you can focus on promotional products.。Can use black five,Network first-class activities to promote。

(brass slipper tub)Propaganda characteristics:Waterproof,Can be cleaned,Indoor home,A variety of scenes can be used。


The major luxury goods will also reach the tentacles to slippers.,Although slippers are the monotheitated in summer,But with the increase of the category of slippers,And home impact,People have increased in indoor activities,Slippers will become a necessity for a whole year。

Slippers are small,Convenient delivery,Slippers belong to small objects,The price is cheap,For buyers,Cost-effective,The expenditure of small objects is unrelated.,Retail of gold,The profit of low-cost goods is much higher than that of high price products.。

therefore,Cross-border seller when choosing a category,Slippers are a good choice。

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