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brass triangle tubes

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Triangular valve is used in the pipeline,Inlet、Control ports and exports of water can be installed,The main role is to control water volume and flow rate。So everyone knows what is the size of the triangular valve??

brass triangle tubes

one、What is a triangular valve?

Corner valve is also called a triangular valve、Angle valve、Folding angle,The valve body of the corner valve has an inlet、Water consolidation、Water mouth three ports,So called a triangular valve。Now the corner valve is constantly improving,Although it is still three ports,But there is also a corner valve that is not a angle.。

two、What are the size of the triangular valve

3/8Refers to3Minute,Can3Pipette。

1/2Refers to4Minute,Can4Pipette。

3/4Refers to6Minute,Can6Pipette。

brass triangle tubes(brass triangle tubes)

three、What are the classification of triangular valves?

1、Press cold heat

Blue、Red logo,Only some of the low-grade slow open triangular valve is the oak bottom,Rocking material cannot withstand90Thermal water,Take cold and cold。

2、Press ON mode

Divided into two kinds in fast opening and slow open,Fast open90Quickly open and close the valve,Slow open refers to360The unopened rotary angle valve handle can open and close the valve。

3、Press the valve core

Spherical spool can be divided into、Ceramic spool、ABSSpool、Alloy spool、Rubber rotary valve core。

(brass triangle tubes)(1)Spherical spool's diameter ratio ceramic valve core,Will not reduce water pressure and flow,Convenient operation,STHThe spool is chrome-plated,The advantage of chrome is hardness high wear resistance,long lasting。

(2)ABSPlastic valve core cost,Quality is not guaranteed。

(3)The advantage of the ceramic spool is that the switch of the switch is smoothly,Suitable for families,long lasting,Cost is also higher。

brass triangle tubes

4、Press the material of the shell

(brass triangle tubes)Brass、alloy、iron、plastic。

(1)Brass is easy to process,Strong plasticity,Hardness,Folding resistance。

(2)The price of alloy is low,But the anti-compensation resistance is low,Surface is easy to oxidize。

(3)Railway is rusty,Pollution water source,Low environmental protection。

(4)Plastic cost is low,Not easy to use in a cold environment。

Four、What is the role of a triangular valve?

1、Transfer inner and external water,Water pressure。

(brass triangle tubes)2、Switch role,If the faucet is leaking, etc.,Can turn off the triangle valve,Do not have to go to the total valve。

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