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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 07:48:09

(badeloft chromed brass tub filler)When we buy bathroom cleans,The understanding of sanitary ware is required。If we are buying a bathtub,So our size understanding of the bathtub is a feature that must be thinking.,We understand the size of the bathtub,Different bathtubes have different sizes.,Want to do the tub one-time completion,Reduce our second labor costs during the bathtub due to size does not match,Then, our understanding of the size of each breed bathtub is required.。

First let's take a look at what categories in the bathtub.:

1、Press pattern:Divided into a skirt cylinder and skirt,Style has a heart shaped、Circular、Oval、Rectangle、Triangle, etc.;

2、Press:Divided into a regular bath、Jacuzzi, etc.,Jacuzzi includes a spatting jacuzzi、Spa jacuzzi、Spa air jacuzzi、Pulse jacuzzi, etc.;

3 、According to manufacturing information:Cast iron bath、Acrylic bathtub、Steel bathtub、Wood bath, etc.。

The bathtub can be divided into:Skirt cylinder and skirt,Skirt is very good,The top of the exit is not one side。Style has a heart shaped、Circular、Oval、Rectangle、Triangle, etc.;Different styles,Different weights of their function,Size difference,Is the same shape,Size is not necessarily the same。Some bathtub top with faucet,Some bathtub do not take a faucet,Established a bathtub faucet。

Square bathtub size I summarized the seller material,There are several of the following:

1、The length of the square bathtub has these several:1Meter5、1Meter6、1Meter7、1Meter8、1Meter9,But mostly1Meter7length,It is most of the Chinese people.。

2、The width of the square bathtub is fundamentally:0.7Meter、0.75Meter、0.8Meter、0.85Meter、0.9Mi is proposed,Used the most0.8Meter

(badeloft chromed brass tub filler)3、The height of the square bathtub is fundamentally:0.58Rice to0.9Meter,by0.7Mi common。

The large size and square size of the elliptical bathtub is almost,Just have a length less than1Meter4Bathtub,Height is higher than expected,Wood-based,The name is also changed.,Bath bucket。

Most of the heart shaped bathtub in the corner,Although its duty cycle is induced,But some bathroom design when designing,It is just possible to apply,Moreover, heart shaped shape is very loved,Deep girl likes。Heart shaped bathtub is in place1Meter5Regular shape,Some of them are not necessarily the same.,Everyone must choose the size of the bathroom and then buy it.。

Round bathtub is generally large,Diameter1.5Rice to1.8Rice,The amount of water consumption in the circular bathtub is proposed.,The occupied area is also very large,Large part in the villa。Triangular bathtub is used in common than plus,There are also some irregular profiles of bathtubs,Used in a large bathroom,Family is very useful。

in addition,Most bathtubs can be a space,Can also massage、Surf and other functions,Be sure to choose demand during purchase,Different duct price is not the same。

Ordinary bathtub,It is relatively regarded from the functionality of the massage bath.。Ordinary bathtub can meet people's fundamental bath request,From the material,Acrylic、Enamel steel plate、Cast iron bathtub, etc.,Ordinary, the price is relatively low,Suitable ordinary family purchase。Ordinary parked bathtub is small in normal size,Save bathroom at a certain level。The size of the ordinary home bathtub is not only the space size,Also directly related to the functional design of the bathtub。Less length is not less than1500mm 。Ordinary bathtub dimensions are dimensions,Ordinary bathtub length1.2Rice to1.7Meter,Regular size is1600*750 or1700*750,Depth50~70Between centimeters,But the size of the practice can be reduced when practical use10-20centimeter。The length of the smallest size bath is120Cm,Mainly used by children,But now I don't know if there is still this size.,You can go to the store to see。Length1.5Bathtub below the rice,The depth is often deep than the ordinary bathtub,about70centimeter,This is the bathtub that often says.,Due to small under the bottom of the cylinder,This bathtub is easy to stand than the regular bathtub.,Saving space does not affect the warmth of the application。If you like the device in a fan bathtub,Should know more space than ordinary rectangular bathtubs,Then you must cut love。

Installation of the bathtub

(badeloft chromed brass tub filler)1、In the device skirt bathtub,The bottom of its skirt should be close to the air,The floor should be reserved in the drainage250~300mmCave hole,Drainage,Insulation holes in the bathtub drainage end wall。

2、Other various bathtubs can affirm the plane height on the bathtub in accordance with relevant specifications or user needs.。Then brunetize two bricks and rear equipment bathtub。Such as bathtub side skirt wall,Maintenance holes should be set in the bathtub drain or open inspection holes on the wall of the drainage end.。

3、Various bathtub cold、Hot tap or mixed faucet height should be high in the bathtub150mm。When the device should not damage the chrome-plated layer。Chrome hood should be close to the wall。

4、Fixed shower、Hose shower is highly dependent on specification or by user requirements。

5、The plane must be flattened on the bathtub device,No side。Application of sealing paste fill in the side of the bathtub and wall separation。

(badeloft chromed brass tub filler)6、Bathtub drainage and drainage pipe connection should be complexed,And easy to disassemble,The connection is not open。

Pay attention:

1、Do not destroy the waterproof layer。Once destroyed or no waterproof layers,Want to make waterproof first,Via12Hourge water leakage experiment。

2、Fixed solid,Pipeline interface。

3、Pay attention to waste maintenance,Avoid bumps。

The bathtub has the following quality requests:

(1)Brick wall frame(Skirt or Jacquard bathtub can save this item)。

(2)Al need to open the necessary maintenance holes(Skirt or Jacquard bathtub can save this item)。

(3)The bottom of the bathtub must be used with yellow sagging,Do both maintenance layer and heat(Skirt or Jacquard bathtub can save this item)。

(4)Between the water supply and drainage system must be connected with a hard tube,Sealed adhesive,Avoid leaking、Seepage、Returning water。

(5)Skirt is strictly prohibited to increase the device,Other ways of bathtub is not too high。

(6)The bathtub and the wall are attached to the mildew seal.。

(badeloft chromed brass tub filler)(7)If the device stairs,Sneaked data,The width of the step should not be less than30厘米,centimeter。

(8)装置终了后,Stairs should not be more than two orders,隔4After the device,共两次,Flush