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brass 5 16 tube

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brass 5 16 tube(brass 5 16 tube)

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Designers!Hello everyone!

We talked about last time

According to the different oxidation stages of copper

It is generally called according to its color

red copper,brown copper,green copper

This is actually a simple visual call

brass 5 16 tube

But as we go deeper into

Today we will lead you from the perspective of professional terms

different components of copper——copper alloy

(brass 5 16 tube)Recognize different types of copper

Except for pure copper

Most of the copper exists in the form of alloys

Copper alloy according to different alloy composition

(brass 5 16 tube)divided into:brass、bronze、gold bronze and cupronickel



brass 5 16 tube

(Brass sample↑)

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc,made of copper、Brass composed of zinc is called ordinary brass,If it is a variety of alloys composed of two or more elements, it is called special brass。Brass has strong wear resistance,Brass is often used to make valves、water pipe、Air conditioner connecting pipes and radiators, etc.。

in copper alloy

The most versatile brass is an alloy of copper and zinc

Named for the color yellow

Has good mechanical properties and wear resistance

brass 5 16 tube(brass 5 16 tube)(brass door leaf↑)

Brass is a beautiful natural material

Its surface color gradually changes over time

Using brass as the surface cladding material of the building

can form naturally、Facades with varying shades

leave a warm impression

(brass 5 16 tube)Properties of Brass

beautiful color、durable、Environmental friendly

Make your designs look their best

Give people a bright surprise

Ado,previous case!

(brass 5 16 tube) Lahti city transport hub

country city:Finland.Lahti

(brass 5 16 tube)brass 5 16 tube

The project is located in the downtown area of Lahti

A transportation hub for railway transit and long-distance passenger transport

The famous red brick building railway station

sets a strong tone for the hub

Designer's choice of brass

the building has a visual impact on the city

Building wrapped in alloy copper

Also shining under the light of the city lights

brass 5 16 tube(brass 5 16 tube)

brass 5 16 tube

brass 5 16 tube

brass 5 16 tube


(brass 5 16 tube) bronze

brass 5 16 tube

(Bronze sample↑)

Bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting,in pure copper(copper)alloys with added tin or lead,of special importance and historical significance,with pure copper(copper)compared to,Bronze has high strength and low melting point(25%tin smelted bronze,melting point will drop to800℃。pure copper(copper)The melting point of1083℃)。good bronze casting,Wear-resistant and chemically stable。

brass 5 16 tube

(bronze surface texture↑)

(brass 5 16 tube)The alloy of copper and tin is called bronze

Named for the color blue。

Bronze is one of the earliest alloys in history

(brass 5 16 tube)For copper-tin alloy or other than zinc-nickel

Other elements such as aluminum、beryllium、manganese、silicon alloy copper

Bronze generally has good corrosion resistance

Abrasion resistance、Castability and excellent mechanical properties

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater

architect:Guangzhou Pearl River Foreign Capital Architectural Design Institute

(brass 5 16 tube)country city:China.Wuhan

brass 5 16 tube

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater uses bronze curtain wall

Shows the regional cultural heritage and development of the place

It shows the bronze culture of Chu and Han

The copper plate adopts multiple etching imitation cast copper curtain wall panels

Bronze culture is reproduced in modern society

brass 5 16 tube

brass 5 16 tube

brass 5 16 tube


gold bronze

brass 5 16 tube(brass 5 16 tube)(Copper sample↑)

Gold and copper composition alloy and gold alloy composed of other components of gold-copper alloy。There are:Gold copper alloy、Gold copper nickel alloy and gold copper palladium alloy。Gold copper alloy has a wide purpose。Fujin gold copper alloy in English、Beauty and Canada and other countries have been used to make gold coins。Gold copper alloy has good corrosion resistance and low vapor pressure,Melting point,Is excellent solder alloy,It does not cause cracking of tapered alloy,Suitable for brazing electric vacuum devices。

Gold copper is gold and copper alloy

A new copper gold alloy material applied to curtain wall

(brass 5 16 tube)After installation

(brass 5 16 tube)Gloss quickly faded

Gradually form a significant warm gold surface

Although it is no longer flashing

(brass 5 16 tube)But it will still make people think of precious metals

(brass 5 16 tube)brass 5 16 tube

(Gold copper curtain wall↑)

Curtain wall

(brass 5 16 tube)And a pleasant and unique quality

After installation, the surface will only have a small change.

Impression of a long time

People are hard to detect gold copper surface

Subsequent color changes due to oxidation

Stable、durable、Aesthetic feature

brass 5 16 tube(brass 5 16 tube)(Gold copper decoration↑)

dimension gram many . rain fruit pivot Button

National city:France.Saint Rafael

brass 5 16 tube

Victor.Hugo Hub is a city complex building

The surface of the entire building is completely covered with gold copper alloy

(brass 5 16 tube)Designers in order to show the innovation of architecture

Make it a window of the city

(brass 5 16 tube)Choose a gold copper alloy to show design concept

brass 5 16 tube

Durability and sustainability of copper

Follow the concept of respecting the environment

brass 5 16 tube

brass 5 16 tube

brass 5 16 tube

Gold copper alloy is a local resident

A dazzling public space

(brass 5 16 tube)The vitality brought by gold copper、Flashing is also loved by people


White copper

(brass 5 16 tube)brass 5 16 tube

(Copper sample↑)

Brass is a copper-based alloy that is mainly added to nickel,Silver white,Metal gloss,Solebra。Copper nickel can be infinitely dissolved with each other,To form a continuous solid solution,On, regardless of the ratio of each other,Heng isα-Single-phase alloy。When melting nickel into red copper,Content exceeding16%Above,The resulting alloy color has become white,The higher the nickel content,Color。The content of nickel in white copper is generally25%。

(brass 5 16 tube)White copper(cupronickel)Yes

Copper-based alloys with nickel-added elements

Silver white,Metal gloss,Solebra

When the nickel content of the melted brass exceeds16%Above

The resulting alloy color has become white

The higher the nickel content,Color

The content of nickel in white copper is generally25%

brass 5 16 tube

(Barberry Japanese Crafts in Tibet Museum↑)

Also because of the main addition of elemental nickel

Strategic supplies belonging to scarce

Expected price is more expensive

And white copper too white creation space limited

So not seeing indoor and outdoor materials for important buildings

Mainly used in construction interior decorations and household utensils

(brass 5 16 tube)finally

A short answer another problem left

Copper is ultimately green??

the answer is

Except for white copper

(brass 5 16 tube)Whether it is pure copper or copper alloy

Copper finally become green

The whole process lasts for more than ten or twentys

And it is stable

And the level of corrosion

(brass 5 16 tube)There is a big relationship with local air pollution

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brass 5 16 tube

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