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brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

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1898The changes of MNA were sent by the US government to Harva, Cuba.,One night mooring three weeks,The entire warship has undergone a huge explosion,The fire of the explosion illuminates the night sky of Havana harbor,Sudden explosion, the upper building of the whole battleship is gone.,The battleship quickly sinked the sea。Why did the good end of the battleship bertiled in the port suddenly exploded?,At that time, people quickly contacted the more and more tense atmosphere between the west.。A mystery is shrouded in this incident。

brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

The Burden of the Maine has attracted the Mei Xi War.

1886year8moon3day,“Maine”The construction plan is approved by the US Congress,Itself1888year10moon17Day in the New York Navy Shipyard。“Maine”The number is divided into armored cruisers at the beginning of construction.,But later its ship species were changed to the second battleship,In1890year11Month completion,until1895year9moon17Day, start service。

(brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine)Although the United States is19century60The year is the pioneer in the field of iron Aflive construction in the world,They have made the first iron Monic Monitt with rotating turret,But these armored ships still can't make a voyage。But the Bank of British and European countries in the future“Monit”Number of designs。“Maine”The total cost is about468Ten thousand U.S. dollars。The concept of battleship is still a fresh thing for the US Navy at the time.,and“Maine”The number is also only second only to the United Kingdom.“Monarchy”The second boat before the battle ship。

brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

American Navy built service“Maine”Battleship,At the beginning of the design, it is still an advanced battleship.

19century80Era,Since the US public opinion strongly opposes the construction of the Ocean main ship,Therefore, the US Navy is designed in this period to focus on the offshore defense.,Mainly responsible for the operational task of self-defense counterattack。But some of the South American countries are actively expanding the navy forces,Brazil has just received two British battleships—“Josorro”No“Aquada”No。The US government is deeply anxious about this,And it is considered that the country should rise straight,To catch up with the development of the world's navy。Since the Panama Canal has not yet opened(1914Completion of the year),The United States has to consider deploying two fleets that are independent and powerful in the Atlantic and Pacific coast.。

brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

The Brazilian Navy entered two British battles to arouse anxiety of Americans.

Due to the desired armor, it cannot be in place.,“Maine”The construction progression is quite slow,At the time of completing service,Its ship design has been lagging behind the times,Its design concept and level are still19century80Early。Two main cannon tower is distributed to the angle,Each package has two doors254Millimeter(10inch)Main gun,The gun holder is slightly convex from the shiphead,The main gunhouse of the starboard is located on the right front of the upper building.。The shells of the main gun236Kilogram,Maximum shooting angle15°,Range of range18000Meter。

“Maine”The deck design is the same as the same species of the European,Surface layout is simple and empty,So the main gun can directly fire directly to the direction of the ship and the boat。However, due to the shooting of guns, the gun explosion generated during shooting is easy to damage the ship's facilities.,So this idea is not feasible in actual conditions。“Maine”The main artillery column on the number passes through hydraulic drive,Can be aimed at all directions。Six-door152Millimeter(6inch)The vice cannon is attached to the artillery toward each direction.。Used to deal with fish6The scallter is high,Arranged on top of the upper floor,Each combat is also equipped with one6Pound gun。Another four457Millimeter(18inch)The torpedo launch tube is all put on the main deck。The original plan is also equipped with two single tube fish lights,But there is no installment。

(brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine)brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

Standard drainage6682Ton;captain98.86Meter,Shroud17.4Meter,Eating water6.86Meter;2Screen-style three-swelling steaming machine,8Circular boiler。

“Maine”The number is also designed,But its steel frame structure is not suitable for impact tactics。The inside of the hull is divided into two hundred and fourteen water tanks.。The longitudinally extending waterproof bulkhead will separate the two boiler cabins.,Central armored bottom is a double-layer boat bottom。Due to the distance between the two main artillery tower,The length of the central armor is close to the length of the hull length.。

There are eight ships135Horsepower boilers provide steam for two upright three expansion reciprocating steam engines。Another two generators can provide sufficient power for the lighting facilities and searchlights of the ship.。“Maine”No. The original design uses a three-way structure,And sail,Provide auxiliary power for the ship,But the third mast is removed after the hull,The balanced masts and signal tower are applied to the other two masts.。

brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

Maine is one of the main ships of the US Navy at the time.

1897Year,Cuba is still a colony of Spain.,But the local area has already launched an independent movement。US policies have always opposed European countries to intervene in Latin America,“Maine”The number is also sent to Havana to showcase the US sea right power.,Itself1898year1moon25Havana,And stationed。2moon15Day evening9Time40Minute,A violent explosion suddenly occurred in front of the hull,Digital,Only half of the hull is left on the sea,252 crew missing or death。Since the situation is tense,The event cannot rule out the possibility of military attacks。The US military finally determined,“Maine”The number is blown up because it is mistaken,But the detailed details of the explosion and have not been given。This explosion has become the main cause of accelerating the errors of Weixi War.。The Weishi War is finally finally4moon21Japanese official start。

brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine(brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine)Driving into Havana,Show muscle Burma Battle

When the atmosphere between the United States and Spain has become more intensified,“Maine”The explosion accident has undoubtedly accelerated the pace of war.,In the end, the United States won the victory of all two major naval battles in the Meixi War.。1898year5moon1During the Japanese Bay Bay,The US fleet mainly consisting of armored cruisers won the victory。At1898year7moon3Shengda Castle War,Four battles in the United States、A armored cruiser and two auxiliary ship,Spain dispatched four cruisers and two destroyers。The United States who participated in the battle is“Texas”No、“Ziehua”No、“Oregon”号“Indiana”号。

in“Oregon”The number is temporarily exhausted from the Pacific Fleet.,It bypass Yen,Experienced the ends of the battlefield for sixty-seven days。During navigation,“Oregon”The upper coal is once,After being extinguished,Reconstruction of fire“Maine”Situation。Battle,Spanish ship attempts to escape from the United States of San Diego,Avoiding the prefects of the US military with strength,But Americans cleverly block their Spanish retreat。In the end, six Spanish ships were all sinking or stranded.。Although the US ship has been hit many times,But did not cause serious damage,Only one person died。

brass torpedo tube hatch recovered from maine

1898year-1914The wreckage of the year in Havana,After a few years, it was salvaged.

After years of income,Research scholars of all parties“Maine”Explosion causes countless surveys and research。1975American Navy·Riche's report concluded,Think the explosion occurs inside the hull,Very likely152Millimeter(6inch)Coal cavitation by the shell pills,Today,The Burma Explosion is still a fan.,The result of the National Geographic Magazine in the recent survey is that the Maine's coal has been stored for a few months of explosion.。Mystery around Maine may never unveiled。Later“Maine”The wreckage of the number is salvaged from the harbor,Same together with the naval officers who sacrificed the highest honor,In1914year3moon12Sea funeral in the sea。

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