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brass toilet overflow tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 05:58:22

(brass toilet overflow tube) The use of toilet in life is very common。So the case of leaking in the toilet is very normal.,It is also what we often encounter.。Some manufacturers have reduced production costs,Choosing inferior material causes the water supply valve outlet and the water pipe itself,Leading the seal failure,Toilet repair water tankWater through the drain valve overflow tube flows into the toilet,cause“Long water”。

brass toilet overflow tube

(brass toilet overflow tube) Making the aqua accessories to the agencies in action,Lead toToilet repair leakage。For example, the floating ball and floating ball are dropped after the drum and the floating ball is required.,Leak。There is also a floating ball,Float,Causes friction between the water tank wall,Free rise and fall affecting float,Leading the seal failure and leak。

Drainage valve is sealed。Non-disposable forming drain valve is not hunted from the joint,Under the action of water pressure,Water flows from the interface gap through the overflow tube into the toilet,Leak。Free changes to the height lifting water valve,If the seal is not close to the wall,Water leaks will also occur。

brass toilet overflow tube

(brass toilet overflow tube) Excessive pursuit of water tank parts,Include floating ball or floating buoy is not enough,When the water is floating(After the floating bucket,Still can't close the water valve,Water continuously flowing into the water tank,Ending from the overflow pipe flows into the toilet。Especially when the water pressure is high,This phenomenon is especially obvious。Toilet leakage can separate the toilet with the water tank,Check if the parts are intact.。

When there is a foreign body blocked toilet,Can be used to use wire to help dredger,Made wire into fish hook,Toilet,Hook all foreign objects,Then, the wire can be used to insert the water-watering plastic tube into the toilet.,Block the toilet with a rag or other items,Way with water pressure dredging。