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Yangtze River for ten years

36Why is a fishing gear?

Dai Xiaoyu

(6 mm id brass tube)《Yangtze River Basin Key Waters Disabled Fishing Tools》The Yangtze River Basin Key Watership10Category36Small class disable fishing gear,Mainly for those fishing intensities、Poor selection of fishing objects、Restrictions on fisky gear in the historical life of aquatic living life and important aquatic biological species,Effectively strengthen the protection of aquatic living resources in Yangtze River。

(6 mm id brass tube)Key Fishing Tools for Key Waters in Yangtze River Basin

6 mm id brass tube(6 mm id brass tube)Second type Single boat around the net network

6 mm id brass tube(6 mm id brass tube)Fourth category The shipbar of the land is wing the wing single capsule

6 mm id brass tube

Seventh category Application of the river holder application network

6 mm id brass tube

Seventh category Trap conductor trap joint trap

6 mm id brass tube

Eighth class Fishing tackle

6 mm id brass tube

Ninth 之 钩

6 mm id brass tube

Chain 10 Cable pot placement marks pouring cage pot

Habitat repair is usually high、Slow,Need a large scale implementation to see the effect,So in the case,The repair opinion proposed by the professional institution generally is mainly based on the biological resource repair plan.,Repair fish resources by flowing into fish and young fish in the waters。

“Exhausted,Don't you get?No fish next year;Burn,Don't you get?And beasts next year。”《Lu's spring and autumn》This paragraph tells people,When you want to take it for nature、Have an degree。but,The Yangtze River is one of the most abundant rivers in the world.,Severe destruction in recent years,Rare specific species full decline,Economic fish resources close to the exhausted。In order to fundamentally alleviate the crisis of recession and biodiversity reduction in the Yangtze River,Party Central Committee from Comrade Xi Jinping as the core from the strategic global height and long-term development angle,Make a self2020year1moon1day0I started to implement the Yangtze River“Ten years of bidding”Major decision。

already2017year1moon,The original Ministry of Agriculture will release it.《Changjiang dry flow disabled fishing gear catalog》,Will14Fishing tools are incorporated into the roof of fishing gear in the Yangtze Riverflow。In order to further improve the efficiency of law enforcement,2021year10moon,Agricultural rural department released《Yangtze River Basin Key Waters Disabled Fishing Tools》(Next《Directory》),Put the original14Disable fishery refinement and expansion10Category36kind,Clarified the name of the fishing gear、Structure and operation、Harmful。

36What characteristics have to be disabled??How big is the damage caused by biodiversity??How to effectively repair damaged ecology?Facing damaged ecology,What do procuratorials have made and explore?

36Fishing tools are shocking

Destroy the resources、Destroy the sole ecology、Blocking fish……

“Net size small,Selective difference in fishing objects,Seriously destroying the resources of young fish……”Reporter noticed,《Directory》Instructions for disabled fishing gear,Apart from“Fishing intensity”outside,“Seriously destroying the resources of young fish”The frequency of the word appears.,A total of6Second-rate,related to5Category14Disable fishing gear,This5Category:Cage pot、purse seine、Tiranet、Net、Net。

China Fisheries Research Institute Changjiang Aquatic Research Institute(Next“Changjiang Aquatic Research Institute”)Dr. Zhu Fengyue told reporters,The nursery resources are the key to ensuring the sustainable development and biodiversity of the Yangtze River.,Destroy the resources,Will directly suppress the normal supplement process of fishery resources,Caused a sharp decline in fishery resources;If the nursery resources are destroyed,Then, the biodiversity and integrity of the Yangtze River Basin have nothing to talk.。

Hubei Province procuratorate filed the Yangtze River“Ten years of bidding”After the first case of administrative public welfare lawsuit,The court supports the procuratorate of the procuratorate,Confirm that the agricultural rural areas of the old Hhekou City failed to perform supervision and management responsibilities for illegal fishing in Hanjiang Laohekou section。

(6 mm id brass tube)2019year9moon12day,Laohekou City Procuratorate received a report,There is a large number of rings in the waters of Hanjiang Laohekou section.。The prosecutor quickly rushed to the field investigation of the Hanjiang River,Discover the shoal of the Hanjiang Wangfuzhou section,Human places a large scale。Subsequently,Old Hekou City Procuratorate issued a procuratorial proposal to the Municipal Agricultural Rural Area,Require it to strengthen supervision of law enforcement。2020year2Month4moon,The prosecutor conducted a field exploration on the Hanjiang Laohekou section,I found that there is still a lot of talents in the shoal waters.,Randomly salvage the land of the boat, there is a large number of deaths and rotted young fish,There is also live fish live shrimp。2020year7moon6day,Procuratorate filed an administrative public welfare lawsuit according to law。

During this case,exist《Directory》The corresponding is the first10Category35Sum36Small class cage pot。

Cage pot、Crab cage、Shrimp cage,Cage pot homework is based on fishing target habits,Set the cavity object or the cage to induce。《Directory》Cantotomers are divided into two categories,Cointed(In series)Pulling pot and fixed marriage,No matter which one,Disabled standards“Net-mented inner diameter size is less than30Millimeter”。

Le Liangwei, deputy director of the Fisheries Fisheries Department, Hubei Province, told reporters,Hubei section in the Yangtze River Basin,Cage pot is a very common disable fishing tool in illegal fishing.,Its harm is that the degree of damage to the juvenile fish is very large.。Because the mesh is extremely small,Size of fish during operation、Types have no selectivity,Will put the tarefather in the water、Young fish,Normal supplementation process hinder fish population,Serious threat to the sustainable development of ecological environment in Changjiang River Basin。

(6 mm id brass tube)Threats to sustainable development are far more than“Serious damage to juvenile fish resources”a form。Lei Liangwei says,36Small class prohibited fishing gear,trawl、thorns etc.2categories5A small class of prohibited fishing gear will be“Destruction of benthic ecology”,This seriously endangers the ecological environment of the Yangtze River Basin.。

It is understood,Benthos are an important ecological group in freshwater ecosystems,oligochaetes、Mollusks and insect larvae, etc.,Has the ability to promote the decomposition of organic matter、Accelerates the self-purification process, etc.,is a key member of maintaining a healthy ecosystem。on the fishery,Benthos are economic aquatic animals such as fish,Chinese sturgeon、eel、herring、Natural high-quality food such as river crab。in water environment monitoring,Benthos have become important indicator organisms for organic pollution,Act as an underwater sentinel。

(6 mm id brass tube)The Shanghai Railway Transportation Procuratorate has dealt with the use of trawling、Cases of destruction of benthic ecology。

2020year6month to7the beginning of the month,Zhang et al9conspiracy in advance,Many times in waters such as the Shanghai section of the Yangtze River,illegal fishing、transportation、sales, etc.,Cumulative catch600Yu Jin。7moon13day,Zhang and others agreed in advance,waiting for Qian5Fishermen buy their catch、He was caught by the police while preparing to transport the stolen goods to the land for sale,Police seized on the spot94box catch,gross weight1200Yu Jin。Assessed,Qian, etc.5The fishing gears used by famous fishermen are all prohibited fishing gears。finally,involved9were sentenced to prison terms ranging from six months to ten months。

(6 mm id brass tube)The prosecutor in charge of the case told reporters,Qian, etc.5The fishing gears used by the famous fishermen are all single-vessel, winged and single-bag trawling nets.,By Net Wing、net body、reticulum、Comprises of cords and attachments,The minimum mesh size of the mesh capsule is17mm to42mm。when working,Single boat towing gear,Using the stencil as a horizontal expansion device for the mesh,drags the target into the net in the waters it passes through,achieve the purpose of fishing。

“The trawling targets are mainly bottom and near bottom biological resources,Its characteristic is that it can flexibly and autonomously haul a large amount of aquatic biological resources.,higher fishing efficiency、high fishing intensity,But the danger is also obvious。”According to experts from the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute,It is formed by fishermen connecting the net plate to the net gear.“bottom trawl”fishing method,It will significantly change the original fish community structure and benthic ecological environment in the waters,Destabilize aquatic biomes,so it is also called“Quiet Net”。

The expert told reporters,published this time10Category36Small class prohibited fishing gear,Mainly for those with high fishing intensity、Poor selection of fishing targets、Limit the important life history stages of aquatic organisms and the types of fishing gear that threaten important aquatic organisms,Effectively strengthen the protection of aquatic biological resources in the Yangtze River。

Destruction is easier than repair

Ideally, ecological restoration should include habitat restoration and biological resource restoration.

“From the perspective of restoring the ecological impact caused by illegal fishing,Ideally, ecological restoration should include habitat restoration and biological resource restoration.。”Zhu Fengyue told reporters,Habitat restoration is often costly、slow,Requires larger scale implementation to see results,So the case is underway,The restoration opinions put forward by professional institutions will generally focus on biological resource restoration plans.,Restoration of fish stocks by releasing adult and juvenile fish in the waters involved。

a few days ago,Wang Mouyuan and others filed by the Xinzhou District Procuratorate of Wuhan City4Man Suspected of Illegal Fishing of Aquatic Products Criminal and Civil Public Interest Litigation Sentenced,Wang Mouyuan et al4were sentenced to six months in prison to one year and nine months in prison,Recovery of illegal gains,and ordered to release adult fish in the waters where the crime occurred8557kilogram、Juveniles approx.500Mano。

Prosecutors find out,Wang Mouyuan from Xinzhou District, Wuhan City2016produced a banned“block the river”nets,Since then, the net has been used in Shahe every year.(It is one of the three main rivers in Xinzhou,tributaries of the Yangtze River)Illegal fishing in the Xinchong Street section of Xinzhou District。2020year8moon,Wang Mouyuan invites Wang Mouxiang、Wang Mousheng、Xiong and others,Use at night or early morning“block the river”Nets illegally catch wild fish in the Xingchong section of the Shahe Xinzhou District。8moon19day,Wang Mouyuan was caught on-site by relevant departments when he used the net to fish in the Shahe River。After investigation,Calculated by the number of times,Wang Mouyuan and others illegally fished that month13Second-rate,in10second catch,illegal fishing catch1.6more than 10,000 jin。

According to Lu Yonghui, the prosecutor who handled the case,“block the river”corresponds to《directory》in the6Category No.20small class“netting”,Commonly known as“maze”,Its applicability to the catch is very wide,Seriously inhibit the normal replenishment process of aquatic organisms in the netted waters,Excessive fishing intensity risks deteriorating fishery resources。in the case,The barrage is laid out in the form of completely blocking off the sand river,Completely blocked the fish migration route up and down through the Shahe River,Because most fish are in the critical stage of reproduction or early development when they go up or down,Therefore, the barrier nets laid out in the form of partitions have serious negative ecological impacts on fish populations.。

Appraised by the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute,The potential total loss of adult fish caused by illegal fishing in this case is8557kilogram,Indirect losses converted to juvenile losses totaled approx.500Mano,aquatic plants、The amount of biological loss of food is difficult to estimate。

According to Lu Yonghui,“release adult fish8557kilogram、Juveniles approx.500Mano”It is the restoration opinion put forward by the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute.,and adopted by the procuratorate。

(6 mm id brass tube)The reporter noticed,Plus adults and juveniles,The weight required to proliferate and release is actually greater than the weight illegally captured by Wang Mouyuan and others。why is this?

“Destruction is easier than repair。”Zhu Fengyue says,The assessment of damaged ecology needs to accurately grasp the relationship between ecological loss and economic loss,The process of professional evaluation does not actually focus on the economic value of the release organisms,Rather, it is concerned with whether the species and scale of released organisms are equivalent to the ecological losses caused by illegal fishing,However, if the released species suggested by the assessment results are converted into economic values,Often much higher than the economic value of the actual catch involved。“It also reminds us,The amount of ecological loss caused by illegal fishing is far more than what we see on the surface。”

He further explained,during repair,The matching ratio of the type and scale of the release will be specially considered,Sometimes the species released is not the type of the catch in question,This is mainly based on the status quo of the fish community structure in the incident waters.、The general direction of the conservation and development of regional aquatic biological resources, and the ecological security and availability of released fish species are comprehensively considered.,At the same time, the released fish species will also be specially required to be purchased from the original breeding farms with corresponding qualifications.,To avoid the behavior of restoring natural populations with degenerate cultured populations。

“Ecological inspection”Tamp the protective barrier

(6 mm id brass tube)The Supreme People's Procuratorate adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Lead procuratorial organs at all levels to fully perform their duties in accordance with the law,Practicing the concept of restorative justice,for the Yangtze River“Ten years of bidding”Powerful“Prosecution”

Proto blessing a river,Procuratorate is responsible for。

2021year3moon31day,Shanghai、Jiangsu Province、Zhejiang Province、Anhui Province four-way procuratorate convened a press conference through video connection,Notification2020Since the year, the procuratorial organs have promoted and guaranteed and guaranteed and guaranteed in the Yangtze River Basin by the prosecution function.。2020Year,The four-way procuratorial organ jointly launched three-year special actions for ecological environmental protection of the Huan Taihu Basin.、National 10-year banned fishing special action,Focus on the lake、Tao Puhe and other key cross-border rivers and lakes to carry out joint cruise、Well-warranty,Promote the basin“Head of the river+Examiner”System full coverage。

Upper and lower one,Increase the supervision and guidance of handling case;Strengthen cross-river basin ecological environment collaborative governance,Forming Yangtze River protection“A plate of chess”;Strengthen cross-departmental collaboration,Promote the construction of multiculturalism;Pay attention to exploration innovation,Improve the ecological environmental public welfare protection mechanism……The highest inspection adheres to Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thinking guidance,Leading all levels of procuratorates can fully perform their duties according to law,Practicing recovery judicial concept,For the Yangtze River“Ten years of bidding”Powerful“Prosecution”。

(6 mm id brass tube)2020year12moon,Supreme People's Court、Supreme People's Procuratorate、Ministry of Public Security、Joint Printing from Agricultural Rural Ministry《Punish the opinions of illegal crimes such as illegal fishing in the Yangtze River Basin according to law》。To accurately understand and apply criminal law、Yangtze River Protection Law、Fisheries and related legal explanations,The highest test2020year12moon、2021year2Month issuance《Justice of the Criminal Procuratorate Symposium on the Implementation Procuratorate of illegal Fishing Water Product Cases in Yangtze River Basin》《The procuratorial organ handles the answer to the legal policy issues related to laws and policies in the Yangtze River Basin》。2021year11moon,Supreme checkpoint“Procuratorate for private practical”The procuratorial organs punish typical cases of illegal fishing water products in the Yangtze River basin according to law。

The Yangtze River Basin involves multiple fields、Multiple departments、Multiple places,Practice,All local procuratorials should be,Actively promote the construction of pollution control、Ecological restoration、Ecological procuratorial work pattern of resource protection,Committed to building a procuratorial barrier that guards the ecological environment of the Yangtze River。

Hubei provinces with the longest Yangtze River stream,The provincial procuratorial organ is established.“Combating illegal fishing special rectification actions in the Yangtze River Basin”Work leadership group,Formulated a special rectification action implementation plan,At the same time, fully perform public interest litigation procuratorate,Implement“Illegal fishing site trial+Proliferation+Synthesis”Working Mechanism。Yangtze“Ten years of bidding”since,The province's procuratorial organ supervised relevant administrative organs through the procuratorate133set、Illegal fishing tool340set,Proliferation and letters1600Tail、Adult fish1Tens of thousands,Through the on-site trial and release, etc.,Do the case、Awake。

Date,Hubei Provincial Procuratorate and Hubei Provincial Department of Hubei Province were jointly issued《About establishment“Head of the river+Examiner”Guidance of collaborative mechanism》(Next《instructions》),Decide to establish in the province“Head of the river+Examiner”Collaborative mechanism,Give full play to the important role of public welfare litigation procuratorial work in the construction of water ecological civilization,Further strengthen the head system of the river lake,Jointly promote the Yangtze River Protection。

《instructions》Afterward,Hubei Province、city、The county three levels will be established separately“Head of the river+Examiner”Collaborative organizational system,Attachment of the procuratorate of all levels, jointly promoted the management of river lake governance。The province's procuratorate and the relevant responsible units of the province and the relevant responsible units,Enable legal supervision and effective connection of administrative supervision,Severely crack down on all kinds of crushed rivers and lake environmental resources,Supervise the administrative organ to perform,Supervise the relevant responsible people to repair or compensate the environmental resources of the river lake according to law,Will be practical to promote the Yangtze River“Ten years of bidding”Provide effective institutional protection。

Chongqing procuratorial organs fully implemented“Yangtze River Ecological Prosecutor System”,The city's three-level procuratorate full coverage44Yangtze River Ecological Prosecutor Office,Clear job responsibilities,Construct clarity、Correspondence、Changjiang Ecological Prosecutor Office Organization System,Implement portrait、Landscape、Linkage;Formulate《Yangtze River Ecological Prosecutor》,Develop“Yangtze River Ecological Prosecutor's case”Tool software,Ensure the high standard of work of the Yangtze River Ecological Prosecutor、High starting point promotion。The procuratorate of Chongqing City clarified the special staff to work in the Yangtze River Ecological Prosecutor Office,Enrich special case personnel288people,Screen9High political quality、High professional backbone talent,Form a team of Changjiang Ecological Prosecutor,Significant difficult cases,Cross-commissioning advantage。

Chongqing procuratorate also explores“Labor payment”Waiting for ecological repair new ways,Public welfare litigation cases in part without economic compensation, balance the principle and flexibility,Will register reasonable adjustment of ecological compensation“Labor payment”“Ecological alternative repair”Equivable ecological repair method,Strive to maximize case。

“Eagle,Fish shallow,Wanclassy frost。”exist“Grab a major protection,Do not develop”Under the guidance,Powerfulness in the procurator“Assisted”Down,Ten years,Today's long river is suffering from no fish,The future will be reproduced“Fish and shrimp,But a rush,Summit,Gull egret”Beautiful scene!

(Our reporter Lin Zhongming、Hou Yixue also contributed)

(6 mm id brass tube)source: Procuratorial Daily