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antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

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Faucet, if you follow the material:

(antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets)antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

Plastic faucet,This is generally a project leader or construction site temporary,Household or free,Too short life,Can't use the family

antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

Cast iron faucet,Full memories,Over the past, almost everyone is this faucet.,Now eliminated。Easy rust,Human body is harmful to people,Therefore, the cast iron faucet cannot use the family.,Project or construction site temporarily available

antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

Ceramic faucet,Look good,Look good,But too brittle,If you can withstand risk, you can purchase,Otherwise it will be cautious。Some ceramic faucets are surface made ceramic decoration,Internal substrate uses brass,it is also fine,This specific resolution

(antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets)antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

Jade faucet,Of course not really jade faucet。Jade as a decoration,Internal substrate or brass,Can also be used,But the shape is different,generally European-style native decoration

Water lead mainstream material:

antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

304Stainless steel faucet,This is a mainstream product,High hardness,Good corrosion resistance,This is due to304Stainless steel containing chrome and nickel,These two elements will form a base film on the surface of stainless steel,So hardly rust,Of course, this and the content have a relationship,A high-profile owners don't need to study,Probably have a understanding,You bought the faucet,Merchants at least one listening to you is an inner line,Will n't fool you.。one more304Stainless steel surface is no need for electroplating,Can be grounded directly,This is superior and all copper faucet,There are plating layers,Once the plating problem,It is also a shortcomings。

antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

Brass faucet。Why is it called a brass??Be called bronze?Copper。Generally, the past bronze is heard.,Copper is generally used in manufacturing wires。And only brass is copper and zinc alloy,Easy processing,Very plasticity,At the same time, the electroplating attachment is good.,So being used to make a faucet。

Faucet electric plating common sense:

(antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets)Generally, the faucet is almost electroplating.,304Stainless steel except。Like titanium,Rose gold,Very beautiful brass faucet is plating。The electroplating layer is not only for beauty,At the same time, it can prevent the faucet metal material from exposing rust up for a long time.。

antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

▲Therefore, the general brakes are purchased to pay attention to the good and bad plating.,Abrasonic plating,These products indicate those gap electroplating quality is very poor.,Rusty will occur when the plating layer is destroyed。

antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets

(antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets)▲There are also various scratches of faucet plating,These pay attention to carefully distinguish when buying faucets,A good plated faucet will not have these flaws.。

Faucet purchase common sense:

(antique brass bathroom sink and tub facuets)1.Brass's faucet one is to look at the plating,Second, see the internal thickness of the faucet,The simplest is 掂 掂,The more the weight is, the better the quality.,The corresponding brass faucet is also very high.,General frying ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Brass like a high-curved leader is generally around 1,000,There is no big standard,This is also related to the market.,In the market that is interesting in businessman,A lot of products with a second,It is hard to distinguish as a consumer,I can only believe that one point is worth it.。

304Stainless steel faucet is different,As ordinary consumers can only observe the naked eye,is not it304Stainless steel,Merchants are impossible to let you take it.,You can wipe the leading inside and outside of the faucet with sanitary paper.,If there is a black phenomenon,this304Try not to choose。But I have to see you.,A high-curved faucet,You will100Yuan,Your wiper faucet?

Generally, the faucet is good for three or four, will definitely,But the whole is intact;And the poor water faucet generally discovers the plating layer to fall off for more than two years or even less.,Even rust。Therefore, the general price is cheap is the loss.,Do not stop replacement。

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