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asheville 2 brass tube

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asheville 2 brass tube

immediately618span,1number to3I don't know what good things you bought.?

I believe that many sisters plan to buy new things for themselves when spending money is to save money。in,Cosmetics are definitely a must buy。

asheville 2 brass tube

Of course,After having a great cosmetic,We definitely want it to look flawless,This involves the issue of makeup techniques and tools。“If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools”this is the truth,Can big-name makeup tools,A brush costs five or six hundred,There is even a price of more than 2,000 for a single brush,It's really hard to get started……

asheville 2 brass tube

don't say,I've used at least two or three hundred makeup brushes,Now I'm going to tell you all about my experience in choosing makeup brushes。

asheville 2 brass tube

Brand really doesn't matter

When many people buy cosmetics or tools,Will habitually choose big names。but,I tell you:Makeup brushes don't have to be big names。Many big-name makeup brushes are made by foundries,Such as some expensive European and American big names,In fact, I went to a Japanese factory to make brushes.。

This plus brand value,You will find that the brushes of the first-line European and American brands are very expensive。same price,You can buy better quality professional brush brand brushes or domestic brushes。

asheville 2 brass tube(asheville 2 brass tube)Besides,Brushes from some cosmetic brands,most likely for“have”while there are,Understand?just to make money,The sense of use is the same,Not to mention especially useful。

asheville 2 brass tube

Another situation,It is the makeup brush of European and American professional brands,It's really bad to use,prick the eyes。You must choose this,There is absolutely no need to look at the brand to buy makeup brushes。

asheville 2 brass tube

It is necessary to understand the material

(asheville 2 brass tube)we all know,Cosmetic brushes are divided into fiber hair and animal hair,horse hair in animal hair、wool(Coarse peaks/Thin light front)、squirrel fur、fox fur、squirrel hair etc.。Prices are also rising。

asheville 2 brass tube(asheville 2 brass tube)Price according to material,You can tell if this brush is worth it。like a wool brush,Just because it is a big name to buy five or six hundred,what did you buy it for??Of course,unless you are a brandncpink,will be forlogogo buy,Happy to be back,Then you'll be happy。

asheville 2 brass tube(asheville 2 brass tube)Don't buy a set for non-professionals

We will see that many brands on the market will release sets of brushes,Even more than a dozen sets of brushes。I think unless you are very professional,Otherwise, you might as well just buy five or six brushes that you need.。

asheville 2 brass tube

you will surely find,Bought a set,At least a third of them you've never used。Wouldn't it be a waste of money if you bought it back??Might as well buy a small amount for the same price,This will also increase your budget for a single brush。

asheville 2 brass tube

Look at the makeup effect and choose a makeup brush

just mentioned,The makeup brushes of some European and American makeup brands do not feel good to use,But choose according to your needs。Why is it bad to use and choose?This is because,The hair is slightly rough,bigger gap,This brush will be better at picking up powder;Conversely,The smoother the brush,cross“spring breeze”,Its ability to catch powder will be worse。

asheville 2 brass tube

take a chestnut,NARSpressed powder,usesuqquThat spring breeze blows the powder brush,Can you take out the powder??you feel。therefore,Do you know how to choose brushes and brands for European and American makeup and Korean makeup??

asheville 2 brass tube

Must try

brushes,Not only do you use it yourself,Gotta fit your face。Some people like to use a fan sweep for highlights,Some people like to use bevel brushes。especially the eyes,Many brushes,Best to try to know the size and brush combination you need。

asheville 2 brass tube

These are things that you need to experience by yourself.,Don't just read online reviews。Unless there is no counter,Otherwise, it is recommended to go to the physical store to experience。

having said so much,Which makeup brush should you choose??I tell you step by step area。

asheville 2 brass tube(asheville 2 brass tube)how should you match the brush

base makeup

(asheville 2 brass tube)Makeup part,The most popular recently is the flat head foundation brush,that isponythe one that is often used。But I recommend if not professional,Let's use sponge eggs instead,Inexpensive and untested technology,Just pat!Because most of the powder marks produced by the brush are caused by the technique,let's not compete。

asheville 2 brass tube

eye makeup

(asheville 2 brass tube)The eyes are actually the most important part,Whether a makeup look is delicate and delicate largely depends on the eye makeup。therefore,Part of the eye makeup,You need at least three brushs。One is the lantern dizziness,Used to gain nose shadow and the entire eye socket,The second is a flat head shadow brush to blizzard,The third is a small round head halo-stained brush for vacuum。As long as you have these three brushes,Basically, you can get a foundation or even colorful eye makeup.。

asheville 2 brass tube

If you are a novice or a daily party,It is recommended to choose a material of squirrel hair.;If you are a type of hard makeup,Can consider the wool brush of Europe and the United States。


Blush is more recommended to use the powder weakness,This will not give a monkey ass。And I have a feeling of spring breeze.,Very good use。Of course, if you like more exaggerated blush makeup,Or wool is more suitable for you。ps:Blush brush should be small,This can be more accurately controlled。

asheville 2 brass tube

If your budget is enough,Can purchase a material dispersion powder brush。If your budget is more tense,In fact, you can use the same。First make a makeup and then blush,Finally, I can sweep away the remaining powder on the paper towel.。


This part of the brush is relatively simple,High-light brush you can choose fan-shaped or flame according to your habits,Which one is choosing?!Be careful not to choose too much, otherwise it is not easy to control。

asheville 2 brass tube

And the repair brush is best to choose a bevel brush,Will be easier to find the bright and dark junction line。


To draw full and perfect lip makeup,It is best to choose two brushes。The first is the normal lip brush,Flattening,Used in adjusting the form。The second is my exclusive secret:Choose a whittle of the eyes and sesualization brush,Use it to mix lip edges,ponyThe same paragraph lip makeup immediately!

asheville 2 brass tube

finally,I have to recommend it a little.:

asheville 2 brass tube

M.A.CCharm “Eye three sword passengers”

about180Yuan one

Legendary217 219 239The person who is loved is called the eye three sword.。Halo、contour、emphasize,Three brushes can create a professional level of comparable makeup artists!It belongs to wool fine peak,Very soft,Coloring the color is also good。

asheville 2 brass tube

TOM FORDProfessional makeup brush 05

(asheville 2 brass tube)price:about600Yuan

usedtfThe brush is the Japanese foundry,Wool fine light peaks let it not only catch powder, can not easily pull the skin。ps:Can also be repaired!Of course,This price is still a little expensive.。

asheville 2 brass tube

Bai Fengtang Zhu shaftS111Blush brush


Zhu shaft is the flagship sign series of Bai Fengtang,Compared to the same series of black shafts, it is only a difference in brush rods.,Zhu shaft is more expensive because the brush is costly,The price is also high,Brass tube surface is24KGold-plated coating。Gray yaw is a squirrel,Long like the blush brush of the foundation,Moulin is very secret,Will not make blush have uneven color block feelings。

asheville 2 brass tube

Wayne Goss 02


Classic flaming brush,Squirrel,Brush head is very suitable for brushTHighlight,Brush thick,Not easy to lose。

in addition,Recommend several domestic brands;One is Aino,My squirrel hair series bought in the physical store,set980(This set seems to be off),YessuqquA price,I have used it very easy now.。one is“There are indeed two brushes”,Its eye8Brush,It is easy to use and cheap,More than a hundred dollars but I think it exceeds this price!You can take a look at you.。

asheville 2 brass tube

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asheville 2 brass tubeasheville 2 brass tubeasheville 2 brass tubeasheville 2 brass tube