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1 1 4 brass drain tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 03:41:35

BasedecorationThere will be a link to the drain pipe,In this link,The quality of the quality of the drain pipe will directly affect the quality of future daily lives.,So when choosing the base decoration material,Don't hold a greedy mentality,Be adhered to the principle of quality first,But this doesn't mean the most expensive, it is the best.,So how is the price of drainage pipe??Look at the price list of public card drainage pipelines。

Public card is the leader in the drain pipe brand,Start with plastic pipe products,Then constantly develop,In the aspect of doing drain pipes,It is even more innovative and progressive,Won many national awards,More patents are also obtained on the research and development of pipes.,Is a very professional drain pipe brand,Absolutely weighing representatives in the industry,so,It is very convincing with the price of public card drain pipelines.。

one、BC drain pipe type

(1 1 4 brass drain tube)Three types of public card drain pipes,which is:PVCPipe fittings andPPRPipe fittings。

Size four standards:4Minute、50mm、75mm、110mm

Simply talk about the difference between three types of pipes,first of allPVCPipe,PVCTube is also a polyvinyl chloride tube,This tube surface will pass brush paint,Floral snow,Have a certain heat resistance、Toughness and ductility,Generally used as water pipes and drains。PVCPipe is used as an undertakingPVCPipe components,Elbow、Cross head and size head。PPRThe pipe is also a three-type polypropylene pipe fitting.,Its advantage is that it is good.,Only carbon、Hydrogen element,No toxic element,Can be used as hot and cold pipes and drinking water pipes,Long service life,The basic life of each pipe member is100Year-old。

(1 1 4 brass drain tube)two、Public bill drain pipe price classification

PVCPipe:Public cardPVCPipe is international standard,ModelDN50、DN75、DN110、DN160、DN2OO、DN250Five kinds,Price is16Yuan、26.8Yuan、50.5Yuan、100Yuan、150Yuan、240Yuan。

PVCFitting fitting(Shunshui is three pass):ModelD75*50、D110*50、D110*75、D160*110、D200*116、D250*200。The corresponding price is:4.85Yuan、7.9Yuan、8.4Yuan、27.39Yuan、67.69Yuan、91.59Yuan。

PVCFitting fitting(Drainage tube underwater pipe fittings,Leak-proof):ModelD50、D75、D110、D160。Price is:1.1Yuan、1.17Yuan、1.72Yuan、5.93Yuan。

PVCFitting fitting(Drainage tube underwater pipe fittings,Breathable cap):ModelD50、D75、D110、D160。The corresponding price is:1.29Yuan、2.38Yuan、3.79Yuan、7.66Yuan。

PVCFitting fitting(Drainage tube underwater pipe fittings,Tube):ModelD50、D75、D110、D160、D200、D250。Corresponding price:1.36Yuan、2.38Yuan、5.06Yuan、10.96Yuan、32.64Yuan、44.1Yuan。

PVCFitting fitting(Drainage tube underwater pipe fittings,Simple ground):ModelD50、D75、D110、D160。Corresponding price:1.36Yuan、3.88Yuan、6.54Yuan、15.51Yuan。

PPRPipe:Model(4Branch)D20*2.8Wall thickness、(4Branch)D20*3.4Wall thickness、(6Branch)D25*3.5Wall thickness、(6Branch)D25*4.2Wall thickness。Corresponding price:23.7Yuan、28.52Yuan、39.18Yuan、43.76Yuan。

(1 1 4 brass drain tube)PPRFitting fitting(Hydropower fixation):ModelD20(4Minute)、D25(6Minute)、D32(One inch)。Corresponding price:1.5Yuan、1.8Yuan、2.28Yuan。

The above is the price list of public card drainage pipes,I hope such a detailed classification can help your purchase.。