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brass tube flaring tool

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Equipment is a tool for companies to use money,Correct operation maintenance not only effectively reduces equipment failure to increase production,Also able to extend equipment life,Not only can you bring direct profits to save costs,Therefore, the knowledge of regular training employees will also be an indispensable part of enterprises.。

The following is the operating standard manual of the tube-end flap machine

brass tube flaring tool(brass tube flaring tool)Tube

Preparation before the expansion machine work

1,Open air pump,Make each cylinder of the expansion to compress air and check the pressure meter pressure to ensure that each cylinder is working properly.;Check hydraulic oil tank storage oil,Make sure that each hydraulic cylinder is working properly

2、According to production requirements,Replace the expansion mold and fixture adjustment platform height、Tubing wheel wheel、Circular motor height and photoelectric switch position,Make the transfer and expansion normal

(brass tube flaring tool)

4、Checklight photoelectric control switch、Is the motor and the heating system are normal,If there is an abnormality, timely replacement and repair

5、Pipe according to various specifications,Set heating temperature time、Heating time transduction time and cooling time and other parameters,When the heating temperature reaches the set value and stabilizes the expansion。

brass tube flaring tool

(brass tube flaring tool)Pipe expansion

(brass tube flaring tool)1,Automatic expansion will be selected as automatic operation.,Open oil pump control and heating box control switch

(1) Quickly charged:Place the pipe on the tray discharge frame(Or directly transferred to the tube discharge frame detect and positioned directly from the tube conveyor)

(2) Pipe shift:After detecting and positioning the tube through the photoelectric switch, the pipe is transferred to the heating positioning

(brass tube flaring tool)

(3)Tube heating:Pipes flushing to the heating positioning are heated in the heating box and rotate in both direction,Heating uniform(4)Pipe line:Pipes from heating positions are after heating time,Hocked again via the photoelectric switch detection,Plamation to the envelope position

(5)Pipe expansion:The pipe on the expansion position is clamped by the clamp.,The expansion mold is inserted into the preheated pipe and is limited by the photoelectric switch.

(6)Pipe expansion site cooling:Cooling under cooling under the air-cooled system via the photoelectric switch limit

(7)Unloading:When the cooling time is re-use, the pipette of the flapped position is taken into the rack.2,Manual expansion

2、Select how to manually,Turn the oil pump control heating box control according to the work needs、Transduction work、Clamp、Host、Expansion、Expansion translation、Heating and cooling control and other switches,Complete the work of each part of the expansion

3、It is found that abnormal conditions or personal injury accidents in the expansion work should immediately adjust the operation mode.,Rapid processing

Shut down

(brass tube flaring tool)Turn off the oil pump,Cut off the power、Air valve、Water valve,Clean maintenance equipment and mold。

Equipment operator“Five discipline”:

(brass tube flaring tool)1、Declaration,Use equipment with operation license,Comply with safety operation procedures。

2、Keep equipment neat,Rational lubrication,Do your daily maintenance。

3、Compliance with the transfer。

4、Follow the three good principles:Tube equipment,Use well equipment,Repair equipment,Tool accessories must not be lost。