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4 mm id brass tube

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(4 mm id brass tube)

(4 mm id brass tube)4 mm id brass tube

Pipeline every day,Floral recurrence,ButDn、De、D、d、Φ These are placed together......for example:


4 mm id brass tube(4 mm id brass tube)

Generally,The diameter of the tube can be divided into an outer diameter(De),the inside diameter of(D),Nominal diameter(DN)。 Below, everyone is distinguished from these“dddddd”Difference~

(4 mm id brass tube)DNRefers to the nominal diameter of the pipeline

Notice:This is neither an outer diameter is not an inner diameter,Is the average of outer diameters and inner diameter,Average inner diameter。

When design is used in diameterDNTime,Negotiable diameterDNCompared with the corresponding product specifications。

(4 mm id brass tube)4 mm id brass tube

water。Gas conveying steel pipe(Galvanized steel pipe or non-galvanized steel pipe)、Cast iron pipe、Steel-plastic composite pipe and polyvinyl chloride(PVC)Pipe and other pipe,Named diameter“DN”(Such asDN15.DN20)

(4 mm id brass tube)DeMainly refers to the outer diameter of the pipeline

Generally adoptedDeLabeled,Need to mark the outer diameterXWall thick form;

Mainly used to describe:Seamless steel pipe、PVCPlastic pipeline、And other pipes that need to be clear。

Take the galvanized welded steel pipe as an example,useDN、DeThe two labels are as follows:

(4 mm id brass tube)DN20 De25×2.5mm

DN25 De32×3mm

DN32 De40×4mm

DN40 De50×4mm

We are accustomed to useDNTo mark the welded steel pipe,Using rarely without wall thicknessDeTo mark the pipe;But the labeling plastic tube is another thing.;Still related to industry habits,We are briefly called during the actual construction process.20、25、32Waiting for pipesDe,NotDN,Here is a specification。It's easy to buy it.、Loss during construction。

The connection method of the two pipeline materials is nothing more:Silk buckle connection and flange connection。Other connection methods are very small.。

Galvanized steel、PPRThe tube can use two types of connections,Just less than50Pipeline is more convenient,more than the50Flange is more reliable。

Notice:If it is two different material metal pipes,To consider whether it will generate a primary battery reaction,Otherwise accelerate the corrosion speed of the active metal material pipeline,It is best to connect with flanges.,The two metal is separated by the insulation material of the rubber gasket.,Separation of spacers including bolts,Avoid contact。

DGenerally refers to the inner diameter of the pipeline

dRepresents the diameter of the concrete tube

ΦRepresents the diameter of ordinary circle

(4 mm id brass tube)

Of course,ΦCan also represent the outer diameter of the pipe,But at this time, it should be multiplied by the wall.。

(4 mm id brass tube)Such as:Φ25×3,An outer diameter is25mm,Wall thickness3mmPipe。

(4 mm id brass tube)Seamless steel pipe or colored metal pipeline,Be labeled“Outer diameter×Wall thickness”。

Such as:Φ107×4,inΦMay omit。

China、ISOAnd some steel pipes in Japan use wall thickness to represent steel tube wall thickness series。For this type of steel pipe,Recommendation method is the outer diameter×Wall thickness。

Such as:Φ60.5×3.8

4 mm id brass tube

De、DN、d、фEach representation!

De-- PPR、PETube、Polypropylene tube Outer diameter

DN-- Polyethylene(PVC)Tube、Cast iron pipe、Steel-plastic composite tube、Galvanized steel pipe nominal diameter

d -- Concrete tube nominal diameter

ф-- Seamless steel pipe or colored metal pipe“Outer diameter×Wall thickness”

4 mm id brass tube

4 mm id brass tube

4 mm id brass tube

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