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brass threaded tube uk

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A few times,We said the meaning of the pressure pipeline、Classification and application,Let's talk about the specific pressure pipeline today.——Threaded tube。About threaded tube,How much do you know??Is it just a lot of weapons??Of course, this is more than this.,So,What is threaded tube?What is the role of threaded tubes??Can it apply to what areas and occasions?Compared with the light pipe,What is the advantage of threaded tubes??under,I will take the thread tube produced by Qinhuangdao Dongyan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. as an example.,Come with you to talk about it.,I hope everyone carefully read,And have aware of understanding。

brass threaded tube uk

Thread tube is also known as low ribs。Mainly relying on the outer rib(The rib coefficient is2-3)Expand heat transfer area。Generally, the heat transfer coefficient of the pipe is more than double the heat transfer coefficient of the pipe.。For tubes, condensation and boiling,Due to the role of surface tension,Have better enhanced effect。The combination of the threaded tube and the baffle can not only reduce the vibration of the heating tube,Moreover, it can increase the heat exchange coefficient of the crossflow heat exchanger by about 30%.,Reduce the pressure drop of the pipe 50%。Commonly used in heat exchange equipment、Evaporative condensing equipment、Compressed air equipment and chemicals。

Compared with the light pipe,Where is the advantage of threaded tubes??Mainly reflected in its performance characteristics。Specifically, as shown below:

①Due to the formation of threaded tanks,Air flow in the tube forms eddy current,Enhanced the ability to change the heat in turbulence;

②Due to the presence of the threaded tank,The surface of the tube becomes rough,Destroy the boundary layer of air flow,Obviously improve the convection heat exchange of air in the laminar flow;

③Due to a uniform thread slot,It can make the heat transfer surface area of the heat transfer tube have a lot.;

④The solid frequency of the threaded tube is higher than the light pipe.,Reduce the vibration of the heat exchanger。

In addition to the above four-point performance advantages,There are still some advantages of stainless steel threaded tubes because stainless steel,we all know,Stainless steel product,Have a good acid and alkali、Corrosion resistance,Its service life will be longer,Appearance is beautiful,Instead of traditional carbon steel,aluminum、Copper products environmental protection products,Is chemical medical、Ideal for container equipment manufacturers。

(brass threaded tube uk)

High quality pressure pipeline service provider,Dongyan energy saving in stainless steel welded light pipe、Stainless steel wave section change heat pipe、Advantages in the field of internal wave change tubes and stainless steel threaded pipes。Stainless steel threaded tube produced by the company,Can also customize design according to customer needs,It can be designed as stainless steelUThreaded tube、Stainless steel serpentine ribbs, etc.,Convenient customers in living in life production。