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brass lamp tube fracture

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-11 02:30:59

(brass lamp tube fracture)Rootbech two light lights,Even the electric wire hang in the top of the four five meters high,Shake the desire in the wind,Becomes the top of the pedestrian head“Sword”。1moon11day,This hidden dangers in Binjiang West Road, Liuzhou City,Quickly cleaned up by the urban management team。

On the morning,There is a citizen to pass through the Riverside Road,Discovery of Jiangxi Road34Shediary near the building,A trees on the top of a tree,Hanging a two-piece lamp,The lamp is 45 meters high,Only the wire in the middle of the two lamps is vertically lifted upside down,Big wind blows,The lamp shakes sway,Possible possible at any time。So reflected the situation to the smart city management platform。

brass lamp tube fracture

After receiving,Urban management law enforcement personnel quickly arrived at the scene,I saw two tubes in the top of the tree of four or five meters.,Shake the desire in the wind。Law enforcement officers are ready to hook the lamp tube on the tree.,A car parked under the parking space is just below the lamp.。Due to the blocking of the vehicle,Law enforcement personnel cannot be disposed of,Another concern that the tube will be damaged by the wind blowing to the vehicle.,So in the car box standing in the law enforcement vehicle,Incarnation“Human bracket”,Hold shake light pipe,For the vehicle act as a“Umbrella”。

brass lamp tube fracture

Subsequently,Law enforcement personnel dialed the after-sales service phone on a insurance policy posted on the car,Please help the owner to come to the car。A few minutes later,Owner appears,Law enforcement officers explain to her,She reacted,Hurry and move the car。at the same time,Also pay for law enforcement people“Umbrella”Warm heart action expressed gratitude。

After the car took away,Law enforcement personnel quickly cleaned up the lamp。“If this lamp tube, it's falling to poke people.,That's terrible.,Thank you for cleaning up hidden dangers in time.。”Urban management players clear safety hazards in time,Got a public connection point。

(brass lamp tube fracture)【source:South China today report client】