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are tubas made of brass

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Friends who like incense will generally love copper incense burners,So what is the difference between a copper censer and a brass censer??

The biggest difference is actually the copper content of the two cities.。

Copper censer is a censer made of copper,Also called pure copper incense burner,Because the copper color is thicker,And much loved by incense burner lovers。However, due to the high melting point of copper,Therefore, the equipment requirements are higher,Time consuming and laborious to make,In order to make a good pure copper incense burner, you must have enough patience,And this is what some small workshops do not have。

(are tubas made of brass)are tubas made of brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc。if only made of copper、Brass composed of zinc is called ordinary brass。If it is a variety of alloys composed of two or more elements, it is called special brass。

are tubas made of brass

(are tubas made of brass)The difference between the two is as follows:

(are tubas made of brass)1.Exterior color

Copper is rose red,Shiny。

Brass is pale golden yellow,Shiny。


copper,The copper content reached99.9%。

(are tubas made of brass)brass,copper60%about,Zinc40%about。


Copper is lower。

(are tubas made of brass)Brass is higher。


higher copper。

brass lower。

5.Corrosion resistance

Copper is better。

Brass is poor。


higher copper。

(are tubas made of brass)brass lower。

are tubas made of brass

copper incense burner·Three-legged incense burner

are tubas made of brass

copper incense burner·Three-legged large furnace

are tubas made of brass

(are tubas made of brass)brass censer·Fortune Flower Flat-bottomed Incense Burner

are tubas made of brass

brass censer·Overjoyed incense burner


Incense burner is a kind of handicraft with very cultural background,The incense burner can be used as an aromatherapy vessel indoors,It can also be used as a Buddhist sacrificial device outdoors.。The copper incense burner has an elegant appearance and a kind of elegant atmosphere,Brass censer is affordable and durable,Both are distinctive。