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in Spain,What we can think of“Wine”,General is the Basilia Winery(Bodegas Vega-Sicilia)Heping Gussen Winery(Dominio de Pingus),This 2 Is the best favorite winery favorite and consumer。and WS Selected Spain 10 Large popular wines,This 2 Winery has not let everyone disappoint:Beathess, Winery in Spain 10 Big most popular wine exclusive 4 payment,Pinggus winery also 2 Wine list。

1、Beathessi Siria Annykot Cherism

Vega Sicilia Unico Gran Reserva

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Becaussicia Wineland is located in Duiro River(Ribera del Duero),Vintage, a vintage, called Spanish vintage“Wine”,It is one of the most promising wine in the world.。Winery is founded in 1864 year,In the past, more centuries,It has become the most famous and expensive wine in Spain。Yunkot's treasure(Unico Gran Reserva)The best wine in the winery,At least in the oak barrel 4 year,And in the bottle 3 Year will be factory。Every year, Esso Atharmant Treasure is not the same.,1970 The year of the wine is flying in the winery. 16 year。This is a very complicated wine,Elegant taste,Dried fruit、Raspberry,Can be in the bottle 40 Long time。

2、Oak river 904 Premium treasure dry red

(tinto brass tube)La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904

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Oak Riverside Winery(La Rioja Alta S.A.)Rioja in Spain(Rioja)Wine region。Rioja is the earliest name in Spain,It is also the largest quality wine region,have“Bordeaux, Spain(Bordeaux)”Reputation,Has many Spanish boutiques to the best winery,The winery is one of the best representatives.。Wineries were established in 1890 year,Experienced a number of times,Has been developed into a wine industry group,A total of 4 Winery。Among them, the oak riverside wine is the largest scale.、The product line is the most complete。904 Premium treasure dry red(Gran Reserva 904)Be in order to commemorate 1904 Winery 2 An important manor merger,and 1904 The year is the best year in the history of Rioja.。This wine is rich and fresh,Sugar fruit、spices、leather、Coffee and chocolate,Structural balance,That feels round and elegant,Single mood,Is one of Rioha's most delicate and complicated wine。

3、Basia, Wabrenna 5 Dry red

(tinto brass tube)Vega Sicilia Tinto Valbuena 5

tinto brass tube

(tinto brass tube)Ababunner 5 Dry red(Tinto Valbuena 5)Is the second brand of Bediya Winery,Commonly known replica。Because the liquor is going to be in oak barrels and bottles 5 Year-old,Be called 5 No。This wine is made from Dan.(Tempranillo)、Cabernet Sauvignon(Cabernet Sauvignon)Melo(Merlot)Hybrid,After that, in French oak barrels and American oak barrels.,So the finally produced wine and the exquisite flavor of French oak,There are also vanillas from oak barrels in the United States、Coconut flavor,The two are very balanced。Its wine is rich and full,Single mousse,Acidity,Cream、vanilla、cedar、tobacco、Cocoa。

4、Ryger Marquis Treasure

Marques de Riscal Reserva

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Ryger Hou Jue Winery(Marques de Riscal)Always been a model of wine industry,exist 1858 In the year, it became the first wine manufacturer in the Rioja region.。The building of the winery is also very characteristic.,Many silver、Golden and purple wavy metal sheets layered stack,Seems messy,In fact,。in,Purple representing wine,Silver represents a bottle of cap color,Golden wire mesh line representing the outer side of the bottle,And wavy shape and three main top pillars,Then symbolize the grape vine leaves and tree vines。This wine is made of Dan.、Song Hailina(Garnacha)、Mauro(Mazuelo,Ji LiCarignan)Grasiano(Graciano)brewing,Wine is deep red,The pleasant spoon with complex wine incense is more prominent in subtle oak and licorice.。余 味 柔、Exquisite,Several toast fiva。

5、Pinggus dry red

Dominio de Pingus

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Pinggus Winery(Dominio de Pingus)Located in Duarat,Not enough wine from the famous Baijia Sicilian 2 kilometer。Pinggus Winery 4.5 Hectare vineyard,Planting canes reached 80-90 Old Otha Dan,Per hectare plant 3,000-4,000 Strain,Strict control per hectare 800-1,200 Rise,The quality of grape fruit is very good。Pinggus dry red is the foundation of the winery,The first year is 1995 year,There is only regional area 4,000 bottle。This wine is deep in color,Hymnous and complex atmosphere,fruit flavour,black pepper、spices、tobacco、blackberries,Height,Chen year's potential 25-30 Year-old。


Vega Sicilia Pintia

(tinto brass tube)tinto brass tube

Beathess, Winery in Toro(Toro)There is also a vineyard。Toro produced western Duarat,South and Lalue Process(Rueda)border。Torr production area is one of the classic production districts of Dan.,Because of hot,Brewing wine taste,Black fruit characteristics。Under the efforts of the Winery, Beaga Sicilian,This is a Danbai brewed(Pintia)stand out,Breaking a favorite,Also have good age potential。The wine is complex,Breeze,Raspberry、blueberry、Cherry、pine、Licorice、Cinnamon、leather、Chocolate and smoked,Oak flavor is integrated with fruit incense,Balanced temptation。

7、Basilia Arian Dry Red

Vega Sicilia Alion

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The owner of the Bediya Winery Alvarez family(Alvarez Family)I bought bankruptcy Liceo After the winery,It was founded in the Duya River Shore Production Area.(Bodegas y Vinedos Alion)。1992 The year of the year of Alisian is only about 35,000 bottle,arrive 1995 The year soared to 20 Ten thousand 5 Thousand bottles。We can see the market demand of winery from the mass production of the wine in just a few years.。Under the persistence of the Alvarez family,The winery is only producing excellent quality.,So can you become《Vintage observers》(Wine Spectator)One of the hundred wines。The wine is made by Danbian grapes.,Single silk,Full-minded,Structural,Smoky and play occupancy。

8、Mo Rui Tag Hou Jue Chi Collection Creation Dry Red

Marques de Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial

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Morrta Hou Jue Winery(Marques De Murrieta)Built in 1852 year,Located in the Spain,Is one of the well-known wineries in the production area。The winery is also the first to introduce oak barrels.,The first wine from Rioha Wine to other countries。Morrta Hou Jue Winery has been strict management for the vineyard,Get the highest quality grapes,Excellent wine producing quality。Wine brand now has a wine brand with Khaenira(Capellania)、Ig(Castillo Ygay)、Dalma(Dalmau)Marquis, Morrina, etc.,Among them, Morrata Marquis is a wine brand.,The Darma series wines are newly selected wine brands.。This wine is brewed by Danbin,Its alcohol is medium,Full of mouthphry,Ripe fruit、mushroom、Nuts and other flavors。

9、Fostino one precedence

Bodegas Faustino I Gran Reserva

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Fostino Winery(Bodegas Faustino)Is one of the famous wineries in Rioha Production Area, Spain。1861 year,The winery is established;1930 year,Winery began to fill your own wine。This shift from the sale of bottled wine to the sale bottle wine makes the winery in Spain's wine market.。Fortino currently produces a variety of brands of wine,Brand names at home and abroad include Dunn•Fortino(Don Faustino)、Fortino seven people(Faustino VII)、Fostino(Faustino V)Fallnno(Faustino I)。This wine is elegant,Tannin,Sweet Smei、Vanilla and aroma of figs。

(tinto brass tube)10、Pinggusian flower dry red

(tinto brass tube)Dominio de Pingus Flor de Pingus

(tinto brass tube)tinto brass tube

Pinggusian flower(Flor de Pingus)Is the deputy wine of Pinggus Winery。The winery is completely artificial in the winery in the grapes.,Rapid transportation to the brewing room after picking,Avoid causing natural fermentation of grapes。The deputy name of the wine is used by the grapes whose origin is filtered.,After the fermentation is completed 100% French oak barrels 20-24 Month。Giginal wine Chemicals use new buckets,Deputy name of the old barrel used by the original wine。The wine is tonal,Structure balance,Complicated aroma,And variety,Taste,Chen year's potential 30-40 year。Although it is a deputy name,But the strength of the winery is there,The deputy name is also too much better than the original wine of the winery.。

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