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one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

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Today I will introduce you to brass instruments。

The predecessors of brass instruments are mostly bugles and hunting horns。Not much use of brass in early symphonies。for a long time,Only two horns are used in a symphony orchestra,sometimes add a trumpet。By the first half of the nineteenth century,Brass instruments are widely used in symphony orchestras。

All brass instruments are fitted with a similarly shaped cylindrical mouthpiece,The tube body has a long conical shape。Brass instruments are pronounced differently than woodwind instruments,They don't change pitch by shortening the air column inside the tube,Instead, it relies on changes in air pressure on the player's lips to connect with the instrument itself.“Additional tube”way to change pitch。This requires the brass player to have good lung capacity and muscle strength in the waist, abdomen, back, and mouth(so like anime《blow it!Euphonium》There are so many cute girls blowing copper pipes,It's all a lie,The reality is all strong and stocky men……)

one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)cute girlsdeceiveof。。。。

one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

This is reality(german brass band)

The timbre of brass instruments is majestic、brilliant、warm,Although the sound quality varies,but grand、Broad volume is a common feature of brass instruments,This is beyond the reach of other types of instruments。

(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)Brass instruments live up to their name,mostly copper,Materials are brass phosphor bronze titanium steel etc.,different materials,Different qualities and thicknesses,Even the weight distribution can affect the tone of the brass,Even the plating on the surface,Whether it is gold plated or silver plated or bare copper will have a great impact on the silver color of the instrument,This also makes the production of excellent brass instruments extremely difficult,Requires extremely high raw material levels and extremely high production process levels,In this regard, our country is almost still in the blank。

one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

Beautiful color of copper pipes

(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)Modern brass instruments are generally divided into two families,One family is the sliding copper pipe family represented by the trombone,The length of the airflow vibration is controlled by the expansion and contraction of the two sleeved slide tubes to change the pitch,Another family is the other family of button copper pipes other than trombone,Change the pitch by controlling the flow direction of the air flow in the additional pipe by pressing the button。The band of a general symphony orchestra has a trumpet,trombone,horn,large,euphonium and other five,Each can have many subdivisions。


(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)Trumpet family has cornets(cornet)Fluger(Flugelhorn)etc,Strong trumpet sound,bright and sharp,very bright,is a high-pitched instrument in the brass family,Can play a loud horn sound,Can also play beautiful and singing melody,Trumpets use a mute for added mystery!Hence the trumpet in baroque music.There is a rich performance program in classical music and military music。also,The trumpet is also very rich in jazz!


one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

The trombone family has tenor trombone(teno trombone),Bass Trombone(bass trombone)etc,Trombone is really long,UThe tube can be pulled apart to reach2.75Meter。its high-pitched sound,brilliant,Majestic and full,Loud and powerful,Soft and tactful。Its tone is clear and unified,Rarely can be assimilated in a band,can even compete with the whole band。Ability to play chromatic scales and unique portamento。The mid-bass part that often plays majestic music。The main instrument used in military bands to play mighty mid-bass melodies。Rarely used for solos in an orchestra。

horn(French horn)

one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

French Horn,The modern horn is made of1650The hunter horn in France developed around the same time,Horns now mostly have two tones,calledDouble Horn,At the same time, it has reducedBreconcileFtune,But there are also simple ones with only one tonalitySingle Horn ,Two tonal French horns have different sound qualities,dropBThe French horn has the sound of a brass tube,brighter,powerful,suitable for march,andFThe French horn in the tune has the properties of a woodwind,Gentle,thick,Pretty lyrical phrase。The horn has always been known as the most beautiful copper tube.。


(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

tenor(thin tube euphonium)There are two types of keys: vertical keys and flat keys.。Similar in appearance to the Euphonium、alto,The sound range is slightly different。The euphonium is also called the Wagner tuba.(Wagner tuba),Its sound is softer than a trombone,brighter than horn,A combination of richness and speed,anime《blow it!Euphonium》middle,The heroine is using a tenor。


(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)large(or tuba)is a wind instrument、Lowest-range brass instrument in an orchestra,Invented by the German Wei Plessit in 1835。This instrument hasEharmonic dropBtuneCtuneFfour tones,The sound of the tuba is very deep,Bass voice in a band,For walking and carrying convenience,The tuba is usually played with the straps held against the chest。Large size and weight are“huge”of,There is also a larger Sunhorn in the large family,need player“get into the number”,The only people in the orchestra who can play this kind of instrument are strong men with big arms and round waists.(of course there are exceptions)。

one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas

I saw so many introductions,Are you attracted to brass instruments?!

(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)Why don't you comeon siteHear it play once。

5moon28day and night7point,Beiyang Military Music Preparatory Troupe“rose and sea”salon,we'll see you。

(one eighth of the brass instruments are tubas)Graphic source:Beiyang Military Band