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1.6 mm brass tube

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1.6 mm brass tube

Threading tube is used to power wire、An important building material for protecting electrical facilities,As long as it is useful to electric, there is less than the existence of the threading tube.。The construction is called“Construction insulation electrical casing”,It is a white and hardPVCHose。Threading tube has anti-corrosion、Leak-proof, etc.,Is a good material for electricity,When using it, it is generally put on the wire into the threading tube.,Then embedding underground or in other places,This does not affect the beauty of buildings on the ground.,Can save space,At the same time, the special characteristics of the threading tube can also make it use for a long time underground without being damaged.。

Since there are many types of wires,And used for various power supply needs,The threading tube needs to make a lot of types in order to better provide wires.。General case,Threading tube is distinguished by specifications and materials,Adapt to different places、Different wires and different power supply。Below we focus on three common specifications of three different material threaders.,Everyone wants to see it carefully.~

1.6 mm brass tube

1.Plastic threading tube

Such threading tubes are threaded tubes manufactured by plastic material.,Such threading tubes have excellent leak-proof performance。Common specifications are as follows:PVC(PVC-U)Plastic wire tube(Hard tube):Such threading tubes are generally used in buildings, it is hard plastic.,Hardness is strong;PEThreading tube(Volume hose):Anttrosphere,Generally used inside the wall;Plastic bellows(Flame retardant bellows、Wire harness casing、High density bellows、High temperature protection sleeve, etc.):This type of threaded tube is large,Generally used for multiple wires;

1.6 mm brass tube

2.Metal tube

Generally used as wires、cable、Automated instrument signal wire cable protection tube,Good softness、Corrosion resistance、High temperature、durable、Toner。There is also a carbon steel threading tube that can greatly reduce the injury caused by the welding.,Try to protect the complete and beautiful and practicality of the threading tube。Ordinary carbon steel wire casing(Conduit):Usually industrial and civil buildings、Use electrical installation engineering such as machine equipment,Its main use purpose is to protect wires。Therefore, such threading tubes have good compressiveness;Metal snake tube(Galvanized snake tube、Plastic metal snake tube、Stainless steel snake tube):Metal snake tube is the name implies to use metal materials,A type of threading tube like a snake skin,It has certain flexibility and compressiveness and tensile resistance。

1.6 mm brass tube

3.Ceramic tube

This type of threading tube is a threading tube manufactured using ceramic-made material,This type of threading tube has excellent insulation and corrosion resistance.。It is not easy to aging in the environment.。Threading porcelain sleeve:Generally used in indoors,And generally small parts,Ceramic tube compact compressibility,Not suitable for use too long or most parts;Applicable to electrical insulation,Applicted to the protection of the mumal row and outdoor pilot。To eliminate mice、Short-circuit failure caused by small animals such as snake。The above is a common specification of the threading tube.,Everyone wants to remember 哟~

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