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belmont record brass tube

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belmont record brass tube

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When it comes to copper pipes,we always think“bubble”(German namekicks,English in generalcrackormissing note)——This inter-player title“error”jargon,Now it has become a vocabulary that is talked about by the majority of music lovers,It can be seen that people have a deep obsession with copper pipe bubbling.、The weight of resentment。We often hear several audience members get together after the concert is over“number of bubbles”——Talking about a couple of wrong notes on the brass in the band today。And is this phenomenon really correct??Mistakes mean room for improvement,And I think a lot of times we should also look at the situation of live performances conditionally.。

why bubbling

The bubbling problem has been widely discussed,Any expert can analyze the reasons,And put forward a variety of methods to enhance the stability of the bipolar region of the sound,But no one can completely avoid bubbling。objectively,Probably including the use and control of breath、Grasp the strength and shape of lips。breath,Insufficient ventilation can make the voice dull,Not reaching the desired pitch,can't even make a sound;Excessive aspirating will make it easier to tune“blow bald”,So as to become the gorgeous fireworks on the stage。In terms of function, players naturally need to strengthen the control of error-prone parts through a large number of basic exercises。psychological stress factors,There are many music psychology monographs and inner healing masters who can propose many ways to relieve emotions.,Self-suggestion and even medication can ease the player's nervousness。

(belmont record brass tube)In a word,Only the right use of breath and lip muscles can achieve excellent intonation and good sound quality。This in turn requires a combination of continuous practice experience and psychological factors,more often,What is just right, I am afraid only God knows。use a sentence“music industry proverb”:copper tube bubbling,God can forgive(The original is“horn”)。Karajan is said to only allow two instruments to bubble up during rehearsal:clarinet and horn。Chicago Symphony Orchestra is world-renowned for its brass section,Their early records even deliberately cranked up the brass volume as a selling point。Chatting with Wang Haiyu, a tuba player of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, two days ago,He talks about listening to Chicago's legendary horn chief Clevinger in school(Dale Clevenger)Attend class,said a word:“If you’re not sure, play louder.”(If you are not sure,blow it louder。)The rest of the time is left to fate.。indeed,many inexplicable“Bubble”It's really luck,Some also come from the composer's writing and the conductor's inappropriate conducting style。

(belmont record brass tube)why copper pipes“risk”to stand out

(belmont record brass tube)in the end,It's a question of whether mistakes should be forgiven。Why is the wrong tone on the brass so eye-catching??Pianist Rubinstein did not like to practice piano in his later years,frequently“full of mistakes”,Horowitz's live recordings, known for his precise skills, also made mistakes.,It seems that not many people criticize this。Brass instruments are characterized by their musical instruments and the music they play.,Bubbling errors are particularly noticeable。

belmont record brass tube

“risk”to stand out,First because it's loud。Yang Liqing《Orchestral Orchestration Tutorial》wrote:“The harmonic structure of sound waves,Its formant range and temporal transition are the three most important elements in producing a certain timbre character。”And brass instruments are among them“Has a clear vibrating effect,but almost(or completely)Sounds that enter the decay process without going through the steady state duration phase”。The sound of brass instruments is most penetrating in an orchestra,Composers also focus on using the trumpet when creating、Brilliant Treble。therefore,Such characteristics determine that the bubbling of the copper tube is extremely noticeable。

(belmont record brass tube)Second,Wind Music in Symphony Orchestra“A radish and a pit”,Basically one person plays a part。hard as a string,By vibrato or following the players in the front row“virtual pull”,Therefore, once it bubbles, there is often no way to hide。apart from practice,Players also thought of various ways to avoid bubbling,Either find another“double”Performers share the physical burden,Or take stress-relieving but risky drugs。different ways,But there is no one hundred percent panacea。

(belmont record brass tube)Some works are too difficult

Creation and performance are always mutually reinforcing,Often it is the difficult technique of the composer's pen that drives the promotion of performance skills。But relatively,Some works are written in the copper pipe part“too difficult”It also makes many wind instruments very easy to bubble。also,There are also historical reasons。

Talking about the challenge of the composer's creation to the performer's skills,The horn fragment in Wagner's opera is an example。Among them not only the horn solo symbolizing Siegfried,More to keep the legato slide continuously in weak velocity《Rhine Gold》。The creation of these composers also promoted the development of brass instrument technology to some extent。Composer Chen Qigang composing Trumpet Concerto《Wannianhuan》When I asked trumpet player Chen Guang for advice on how easy it is to play the trumpet、difficult to play、unplayable technique,Most of the techniques used in the final piece are difficult to play.。Observe the works created by the performers,there are passages that are full of virtuosity but are actually less error-prone,like a tuba player、composer leonard·sampali(Ronald Szentpali)The creation of the tuba solo works has a very gorgeous technique,But it is less prone to mistakes than some works of the same difficulty。

The historical reason is mainly from the innovation of musical instrument manufacturing,Used in performances of many classic works“period musical instruments”Played by a new instrument today,And the change in the characteristics of the instrument makes it more difficult to play the original technique。e.g. Ravel《Bolero》trombone solo,“Bringing countless heroes to their knees”,The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra can be found online、Video of top trombone chiefs like the Berlin Philharmonic bubbling。This is because Ravel was in a bar when he was writing and was inspired by the jazz trombone.,The narrow-pipe trombone used in the jazz trombone at that time was much easier to play the treble than the tenor trombone marked in today's sheet music.。Berlioz《Fantasy Symphony》The tuba segment in the treble to the small print group droppedB,It's extremely difficult to play an accurate register on a tuba。Actually Berlioz was writing to the Officlyde(ophicleide)played,The range of this instrument is one octave higher than the tuba.,Blow naturally。Alexander the current principal tuba of the Berlin Philharmonic(Alexander von Puttkamer)Even in the contract with the orchestra not to play this part of the treble in concerts。Bartok《Concerto for Orchestra》Four Movements Scherzo Alto TromboneB-FThe portamento cannot be played on a modern bass trombone,That's because the double-drawn bass trombone was played at the time.,Now the orchestra can hardly see the figure of this instrument。

(belmont record brass tube)The musicality behind bubbling

There are many reasons behind the bubbling of copper pipes,However, this is not the reason why copper pipes should be forgiven for bubbling。The most important factor,I thought it was the possibility of musical expression behind the bubbling。

(belmont record brass tube)Two days ago, the lifelong trumpet player Guo Xiang of the Finnish Opera returned to China,Chatting with him, I found some different views on bubbling in the western music industry,many conductors、Players and listeners don't seem to care that much about how many bubbles a player takes,But more concerned about their musicality behind it。

belmont record brass tube


this reminds me of“French Chopin”the classic interpreter of,pianist coto(Alfred Denis Cortot)playing,He's playing a lot of wrong notes,And that doesn't stop us from appreciating his poetic musical handling。When a player is engrossed in music,In order to fully express a phrase,Often need to touch dangerous limits。For the sake of the fullness of the music, a little bit of accuracy is lost,Many think the price is worth it,That's the beauty of live performance。

belmont record brass tube

Simon can be found online·Larter conducts Wagner with the Age of Enlightenment Orchestra《Rhine Gold》video,Inside the horn player bubbling at the beginning,At this time, Rat just smiled.,And use the left hand to signal the horn to strengthen stability。“smile,Move on to the next piece of music”also many European musicians、Audience's attitude towards bubbling。

(belmont record brass tube)Of course,spectators who bought tickets、The performers who paid the money can naturally criticize and question the flaws of the performance。Some bubbling is indeed due to omissions caused by the player's inattentive practice,In the long run, you will even suffer from“Bubbling Sequelae”。But after careful practice and preparation,Copper pipes should never be just“Accept fate”,it deserves more reasonable consideration。This is no excuse for bubbling copper pipes,Rather, it is hoped that by doing so, some listeners will“pick the wrong”status,Look at this phenomenon from a different perspective。

While writing this article, I happened to see Gabor, the former trumpet chief of the Berlin Philharmonic·Tacowi(Gábor Tarkövi)'s interviews were published on a public account,One of them touched me deeply:“Unfortunately,The sound of the trumpet is delivered directly to the listener。if you blow badly,There is a flaw,No one wants to hear these notes。Even the washerwomen would be in shock outside the concert hall。But you have to live with it,Forget these unpleasant things as soon as possible。you have to think:we are all human。No one will be scared to death by you,because we are not surgeons,not a cardiologist。Then,You go home,Insomnia。the next day,restart。”


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