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brass terminal tube

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(brass terminal tube)brass terminal tube

Many engineers are planning a pipeline project,Various pipe types that need to be evaluated。Some can use metal tubes instead,But most projects use galvanized pipelines、Plastic tube, etc.。

since1986Year,The lead tube and lead solder used on the copper tube have been banned,Any new pipeline project should avoid lead poisoning problems,Although some types of plastics may absorb chemical pollutants from water systems,Many types of pipeline materials can protect the taste and smell for drinking water,This can usually be reduced by flushing systems。

Plastic tube benefits

Plastic pipeline can bePVC(Polyvinyl chloride),CPVC(Chloride polyvinyl chloride)orHDPE(High-density polyethylene)production。Generally,Plastic tube does not rust or corrode,They have a lightweight、Easy to cut、Easy to connect、Welding simple。

For many pipeline projects,PVCPipeline is a quality,Low cost selection。It is easy to install,A series of different connection methods,Fixture,Mechanical coupling or solvent welding。PVCOutdoorline can be buried,But you need additional attention to the capacity of pressure。usePVCThe main disadvantage of the pipe is that it cannot withstand high temperatures.。This means you can't use it for hot water pipelines,Since plastics will cool down,So not suitable for drinking water。

CPVCTubePVCAll the advantages of the tube,Added chloride with higher heat resistance。It also applies to drinking water,Flexibility,Refractory and good insulation,Can prevent energy loss of hot water or cold water。

Metal tube benefits

(brass terminal tube)in history,Most pipes are made of brass,copper,Cast iron or other metal。Brass and copper have congenital corrosion resistance,This makes them an excellent choice。

Steel is one of the most widely used materials on earth,Excellent strength,Toughness and durability。It is a kind of water/Personality of sewage pipeline、Efficient solution。

Galvanized steel pipe and black steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe has a protective zinc coating,Helps prevent corrosion,Rust and mineral deposition,Thereby extending the service life of the pipeline。Galvanized steel pipes are most commonly used in pipelines and other water supply applications。also,Galvanized tube is a low cost alternative for steel,Can achieve long30Stainless protection,At the same time, maintain considerable strength with the durable surface coating。

Black steel pipe contains dark iron oxide coating on its entire surface,Applications for electroplating protection。Black steel tubes are mainly used to deliver water and natural gas in rural and urban areas.,And transport high pressure steam and air。Due to its high heat resistance,It is usually used in fire sprinklers。Black steel pipe is also very popular in other water applications,Including drinking water from the well and natural gas pipeline。

304stainless steel pipe

304Stainless steel tubes can also be used to deliver liquid。Stainless steel has high corrosion resistance,Excellent durability,High strength weight ratio,Heat resistance and conductivity,Easy manufacturing,Easy to clean,And without magnetic and can be hardened by cold processing。


Although the brass pipeline is an older material,But it is still used in water supply and drainage pipes and natural gas pipelines。Brass is a alloy made from copper and zinc,Has strong corrosion resistance,As long as the lead-free brass alloy is selected,It should be presed for drinking water safety.。Because it is a quite soft metal,Brass/Can be installed closely,Prevent leakage。

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