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(brass overflow tube for dipwells)The Paper Journalist Jure

7moon21day,“Weihui rainstorm”“Xinxiang rainstorm”and other related topics attract public attention。Netizens reported,Four reservoirs and dams in Weihui have overflowed,Government workers and local villagers are fighting the flood spontaneously。

brass overflow tube for dipwells(brass overflow tube for dipwells)7moon21day,Flooded near Weihui Municipal Government。source:Weibo netizens

22day,A staff member of the Weihui Flood Control Command Center told The Paper(www.thepaper.cn),city4The reservoir has overflowed,But there was no dam break,flooded before,At present, all relevant government officials are on the front line to fight the flood.,“flooded too much”。

The aforementioned staff said,They are now on duty on the first floor of the local emergency management agency,Although the first floor has been flooded,But the call line is not easy to move,Only work in water。Many people called for help,They are mainly responsible for helping the masses to coordinate。“Some people don't know how to rescue,Some do not know how to contact,We mainly give them some pointers,soothe their emotions。”

Weihui city government official website information display,Weihui City is under the jurisdiction of Xinxiang City, Henan Province,in the north of the Yellow River、East of Taihang、Weishui Shore,The terrain is high in the west and low in the east。The city has four large and medium-sized rivers and four small and medium-sized reservoirs。Average annual precipitation576.5mm。

According to Xinxiang Meteorological Bureau,7moon21day8until22day10Time,The city has a total of48sites with heavy rain,Among them, Weihui Tower Gang arrives582.6mm。Xinxiang Meteorological Bureau22day10Time40Minutes continue to issue red rainstorm warning signals:Anticipate the future3within hours,The precipitation in the northern part of Weihui will reach100mm or more。

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