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polished brass tub spout with diverter

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The two places of the kitchen and toilet are the most living in the home.,So the faucet is an indispensable home object。Although the faucet is just a small utensil,It can play an important role in our daily lives.,The faucet is not only convenient for our lives,At the same time, we will also affect our home life.,SoHow should the faucet buy??Let's tell you next to Xiaobian。

polished brass tub spout with diverter

one:Water faucet function

1.Basin faucet:

It is installed on the washing basin,For refrigeration、Hot water or hot and cold mixed water。Brass with brass,The appearance has chrome plated、Gold plating and metal dressing,Multiple models,Handle has single handle and double handle, etc.。The basin faucet is equipped with a rod,Can be directly tied to open the water drown in the wash basin,Sewage。This faucet and bathroom basin match,Is used to laundry、Ash。So select the short and low faucets of the water junction.,But pay attention to stay in sufficient washing space。After locking this type of faucet,First of all, the faucet mounting hole to be seen is a single hole or a three-hole,Then choose the faucet according to the actual situation。

2.Kitchen faucet:

If you have a hot water pipeline in your kitchen,This faucet should also be double。exception,The sweater of the kitchen faucet is higher、Longer,Some hose design,For you to wash food。Water mouth is also very long,It is best to stretch to the drain.,And you can't splash。

3.Bathtub faucet:

It is installed above the bathtub,Used to open cold and cold mixed water。Currently, there are more ceramic cord-type single handle bath taps.。It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature,Easy to use;Ceramic spool makes the faucet more durable、Not leak。Bathtub faucet valve body multi-use brass,The appearance has chrome plated、Gold plating and various metal bakes, etc.。This faucet must have two outlets,The following is water injection,Another connection to the shower。After the recognition, you should pay attention to the length of the faucet outlet, which is slightly longer than the marginal width of the bathtub.,In this way, the water will not flow outside when water is injected.。

polished brass tub spout with diverter(polished brass tub spout with diverter)two:How to choose a faucet??

1.Watching plating gloss

Surface gloss is very uniform,No burrs and pores,Abandyment、Cracks and oxidation spots,Touch the hand,Basically will not leave traces,Bright gloss。

2.Touch the corner seam

The upper and other faucet coatings are5-7Floor,Non-corner、Sharp corner, etc.。In addition, the joints between the main components are also very close.,No loose sense。

3.Listening to the sound

A good faucet should be the overall casting brass,Brass touches up the sound and low。If the sound is more crisp, it is generally stainless steel or alloy material.。

4.Water faucet weight

Good faucet main component housing is generally copper,Copper plasticity,Easy to form and electroplating,Quality will be fine。The proportion of copper is large,Take it in your hand, you have a texture,The zinc alloy is low in density,Feel more light,So the same size faucet,Can compare it weight。

5.Dramatic tap

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)It is best to choose copper material,Secondary stainless steel,Don't choose zinc alloy,Because of the non-corrosion of zinc alloy,Patients with heavy metals,Harmful human health。We can observe the color of the inner surface of the faucet to determine its material,Zinc alloy faucet lumen color dark yellow with white,Copper material's faucet lumen is yellow。

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)6.Speeding extent

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)Finger touch sensory water flow,Water flow soft and foam,Explain that the quality of the faucet bubble unit is better。

7.Check the flexibility of the spool

The quality of the spool is the key to the bathroom faucet,The upper water faucet spool process is accurate,The handle can feel unreasonable when the handle swings the spool.,light、No block。

8.See brand and product certification

Consumers should find a well-known brand when purchasing a faucet,This will get better after-sales protection.。In addition, you should also ask the sales staff to obtain the product's test report.,Determine if the product is qualified。

polished brass tub spout with diverter(polished brass tub spout with diverter)three:How to clean the faucet??

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)1.Lightly

Switch faucet does not force,As long as the situation is gently rotating。The lotus head of the shower should keep the state of natural stretch,Don't fold into the dead end,Unparalleled。

2.Regular cleanup

Even high quality faucet products,Also rely on appropriate cleanup and maintenance to play its greatest function。The correct way is to wipe the soft cloth with neutral cleaning liquid.,Avoid using alcoholic ingredients and acidic cleaners during cleaning,Because they are damaged the surface of the faucet。

3.Develop good cleaning and maintenance habits

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)1.Due to water containing trace carbonates,It is easy to form a corrosion on the surface of the metal surface.,So, use a soft cotton or cotton with a neutral soap to wipe the surface of the faucet.,Wipe the surface again。And cleaning the water outlet configuration screen,Impurities in the screen、Scales clean。

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)2.After shower,It is best to drop the water in the flower.,Hang it up again,Don't take the shower directly on the switch,Forming scale。If the scale,Use pencil head or chopsticks to gently scraping,Wipe again with the rag。

(polished brass tub spout with diverter)3.Dark on the faucet、Rust,Simply wipe the surface with a wet cloth or a sponge,Wipe dry with clean rag or rinse it with water.。Use soft hair tooth brush or gently wipe with scouring toothpaste,Can clear scale、Oil,Let the faucet surface clean。

4.Many people only notice the surface of the faucet when cleaning the faucet,But in fact, the internal faucet is more important.。If the water faucet is reduced or the water is branched,It may be due to the bloating blockage。Remove the bubble,Soak with vinegar,Clean debris with small brush or other tools,Then reinstall。

polished brass tub spout with diverter(polished brass tub spout with diverter)Four:What should the kitchen decoration??

1.Unseasonless kitchen space is too small

Spatial planning is the first step of decoration,If there is no reasonable layout,Not only affect the beauty of the kitchen,Let the people cooking in the kitchen.,Working lacks。The most common regret of the kitchen is to store、Prepare and cooking layout chaos in three major regions,Let the pipeline of cooking。

2.Kitchen tile

Choice of kitchen tile wall tiles should consider the irradiation of indoor light,Too bright and too dark space should use matte and colorful tiles,Avoid pollution,Forming visual fatigue。The choice of ground tiles is considered to consider colors and gloss,Stakeholders should also be attached,Choose non-slip tile,Sell to slip down the fall,Cause body damage。

3.Kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen must be installed with waterproof aluminum fasteners to avoid the moisture of the ceiling.。Try not to have a strip in the kitchen。Put the cabinet directly to the ceiling,Because the ceiling is easy to condense water vapor or fume。The ceiling is best not too high.,也不要太低,Don't be too low,太高不容易打扫。

4.Too low is easy to dirty

厨房的灯光由两个部分组成,Too much is not easy to clean,另一个是对洗涤、Kitchen light、操作说明。The kitchen light is composed of two parts,不然影响颜色判断,One is the overall lighting of the kitchen,不能使用射灯。

The other is to wash,线路的接头应严格用防水的绝缘胶布认真处理,Meal preparation,造成短路,Instructions。

polished brass tub spout with diverter(polished brass tub spout with diverter)Otherwise, the color judgment is affected,它的质量好坏影响着我们日常生活的每一天,淼 light shadow,以上就是关于Cannot use spotlights的相关内容了,The kitchen lamp should be used with waterproof lamps such as anti-fog lamps, etc.,可以多做参考,The joints of the line should be strictly treated with the waterproof insulation tape。