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Discuss the causes and solutions of the second floor kitchen bathroom anti-water。

Many friends bought two floors and found anti-water hazards or risks.。Anti-water accident,Kitchen sewage spills from the water pipe,Manure from the toilet inverted room,Some also comes to the living room bedroom。If the homeowner is not at home,Sewage Soak House,Drowning、furniture、Other things, etc.,A large loss。Some have happened many times。Many second floor owners accounting low mood,Even sitting upset。On the second floor, you must actively find out the anti-rickets or causes,With the developer、Consultative treatment of property and upstairs households,Prevent accidents or re-issue,Claim loss。In fact, in general,,The probability of anti-water is small,Don't be too anxious。This article briefly introduces some basic processing methods,Can deal with most return。Also suitable for the first floor、The situation on the second floor of the first floor of the first floor or the second floor shop。

one The main cause and situation of anti-water

In the case of separate water on the first floor,The second floor is the lowest point of the whole building pipeline,When the bottom of the pipe is blocked or the drainage capacity is insufficient,Sewage backlog in the drain riser,The water level rises,When you are over the second floor,Decan in the pipeline from the second floor of the kitchen、Toilet or floor drain reflux in the bathroom in the second floor。Half of the kitchen toilet accident。

Generally,The main situation of anti-water has,

(brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories)1Pipeline design construction problem,Tube diameter,Ventilation,Buried pipe damage,Accessible in tube,Bottom transistor too long,Turn too much,Cut angle,Slope is not enough or even a slope,The minimum horizontal branch and riser bottom or bottom horizontal tube are not reached,The tube is too small when the riser is turned on.(Normative is two45Degree elbow or4Double pipe diameter large elbow or variable diameter elbow),Insufficient drainage capacity, etc.。Suggestion《Construction water supply drain design standardGB50015》of《drain》One chapter lookup problem,Need to pay attention to even,There is also a small probability of anti-water。Some second floor pipelines are completely standardized,Short tube to sewage well,Full of scouring ability,Anti-water risk is small,Owner can rest assured。The drainage overflow function of the three-legged tube in the bottom of the sewage tube waste pipe and the ventilation tube is also relatively strong.。

2Construction garbage blocker,Construction and decoration stage,Some workers are adversely,Pour Cement Glue and other shelters into the sewer,Extremely easy to block pipeline,Antivers,Or bonded in the inner wall of the pipe,Make the actual pipe diameter small,Sewage ability,Resulting in hidden dangers。In fact, the flushing ability of the normal pipeline is relatively strong.,Some of the construction also washed away,Otherwise, the return of water will be more common。“Avoid decoration,Billet must be closed,Opening first dredge”Experience very reasonable。Some high-rise blank homes will experience longer decoration period。There is less hardcover room。

3Upstairs is improper or accidentally used,Owners or properties are negligent, etc.。sanitary napkin,plastic,towel,hair,Bottles and other large debris garbage is dropped into the sewer in the saber。The place where the toilet is generally used is better.,The toilet internal pipe diameter is only a few centimeters,Too big hybrid card in the toilet,After the decoration is over, there is less than the semaphore.。Upstairs, the bucket pour into the toilet,Instantaneous water flow in the riser is too large or a strong pressure,Causes reflux and anti-gas bubbling。Wash vegetable dishwashing pool food residue pour into the kitchen pipeline,Oil, it is easy to condense curing, forming a hanging or blocked,And the property is negligent or dredging is not thorough.。

Before selecting the processing plan,It is best to check the situation of anti-water or possible causes,It is best to figure out your own floor,Total number,Forehead,Downstairs,Bathroom kitchen location,Pipeline material,Indoor and outdoor pipeline conditions,No decoration,Wastewater, etc.。The grunge can be seen directly to the pipeline situation,Hardcover delivery houses can be found in the property or housing and construction framework to copy the entire tens of drainage drawings。

two Rectify maintenance dredging pipeline,Civilization uses drainage

First find a developer or property responsibility,Especially new houses during new and warranty,Try to let developers solve problems first。If the pipe design is problematic,To repair or re-construct,At least《Water standard》specification,Pass ball experiment。Once the rectification,Can request developers to significantly increase horizontal slope,Daxing to national standard,Revenue,National standards may not be enough。The pipe joints are likely to have a seal or a depoli projection in the inner wall of the seal or the accumulation.,Access to sewage, especially dirt,It is necessary to remove convex and drastically increased slope.。Bottom cross pipe cast iron tube,Can be disassembled in one section,You can ask the property or hire the company to remove the cast iron pipe removal and cleaning.。Car high pressure water flushing machine is powerful,The dredging effect is thoroughly thorough than the spring.,Not damaged pipeline。

Property should be diligent,Dredging maintenance pipe,Conditional should be purchased using high pressure watermobile dredges, etc.。Easy to antipest,To strengthen inspection and dredge,Prevention。Anti-water,Property should immediately arrive,Notify the floor to suspend the water or shut down unit water supply valve to curb anti-water,Dredge,Cleaning。Loss of land due to property reasons,Property should compensate according to law。The property also reminds the urban owners and tenant civilizations using drainage pipes.。

(brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories)Upstairs owners and tenants rationally use drainage,Not only the requirements of morality,Is also a kind ofClear legal obligation。Let the property post a wake-up prompt card in the prominent location,Remind residents to reasonably use the pipeline according to law,Drainage pipe is not a trash can。Tip can use a permanent plastic sign or metal card,Brand text “Dear resident friend,For the normal use of the drain,Do not throw things other than the toilet paper into the toilet,Do not pour the food residue, etc. into the kitchen pipeline,Otherwise, drainage can be blocked and anti-water。thank you for your support。”Can also add a sentence“Such as the loss of related homes,Need to compensate according to law。”Or owners posted on the elevator door or the car.。Property group send text messages、Owner group, etc. can be added to a reminder。Let all owners and tenants understand,The use of drainage tube is illegal。

About the counterpart from all parties use the draft of the drain pipe:

《Civil Law》Chapter 83,Real estate adjacent parties,It should be produced according to favorable production、Convenient life、help each other、Fair and reasonable spirit,Correct treatment、drain、Pass、ventilation、Adjacent relationship between lighting, etc.。Mind or losses to adjacent,It should stop infringement,Exclude obstruction,compensation。

《Property Law》Article 86,Indiscriminate property rights should use water for adjacent rights、Drainage provides necessary convenience。 Utilization of natural water,It should be reasonable to allocate between adjacent rightsters of real estate。Emissions from natural water,Should respect the natural flow。

《Property Law》Article 92,Do not move the property rights、drain、Pass、Layout line, etc. use adjacent real estate,Try to avoid damage to adjacent immortal property benefits;Harmful,Compensation should be given。

《Infringement》Article 6,Behaviors infringed on the civil rights of others because of fault,Responsibility should be assured。 Presentation according to the law, there is fault,Behavillers can't prove that they have not fault,Responsibility should be assured。

Severe accidents or losses,The relevant responsible party has compensation obligations。Pipeline design is unreasonable,Developers should take responsibility。Septic tank、Wastewater well or public pipelined,Or no dredgement,Property is responsible。Construction garbage clogging,Upper loading and practitioners to take responsibility together,Domestic garbage blocked,All households are responsible for all households,Unless the relevant party can provide evidence without responsibility or no fault。Decoration or furniture home appliances,Resulting in large losses,It is recommended to keep evidence,Sue to the court,Require responsible for compensation loss。Related matters can be entrusted by lawyers,Decoration and expenditure documents should be kept。As long as the evidence is fully,The court must support,There are some ready-made cases on the Internet,Nine-centers of loss of loss can be compensated。The compensation will be implemented by the court,No need to retrieve the upstairs。The second floor may not care about the indemnity,But compensation is a warning for property and households.、educate。Anti-water loss,Prosecution of claims。

Right protection12345Government Hotline or Housing and Construction Bureau, etc.。Can be targeted,Publicist pressure, developers or property or functional departments or communities will try their best to solve problems。

The second floor is in the bottom of the pipeline,On the second floor, you can pay more attention to the pipeline situation.,Supervise property。If you find a bathroom or kitchen, you can't get water.,Telephone notification property immediately handles。once in a while,On the second floor, you can use a 60-degree hot water or pipe dredge to enter the kitchen drain.,Rolling the oil in the pipe,Prevention of condensation plugging。Operation,Be careful not to let the pipe burn bad or corroded。The second floor residents have been left home for a long time,Caution to view home in network monitoring。

As long as the property is in place,All households are not chaos,The second floor will not have anti-water。

three Several transformation measures。

Daxie governing water for thousands of years ago,The measures for anti-hydration treatment are also dominated.,之。

Multiple kitchen problems,Not renovated,Generally installation overflow tube。Make the overflow tube as much as possible,Thoroughly solve problems,Good to all types of counterverts。Stop the reversal to block the water to the third floor,Violate《Civil law》Spirit,The sewage upstairs will leak down,Pollution ceiling and wall。If the kitchen is out of office is vertical,Terrace three-way,The boss overflow flow tube extends to the outer wall or the equipment platform(Concealment)。If the kitchen is handed over,Direct three-way,Supporting the overflow tube out of the broth,The overflow tube is higher than the hostess tube,Normal use,The sewage of the dishwashing pool flows into the water pipe does not overflow。A ball valve can be installed between the three-way and overflow tubes,Can not be installed。The overflow tube extends only a small section of the exterior wall.,Property is generally not opposed,Can be painted into an exterior wall color,Reduce the impact on appearance。When the head is blocked by the bottom,The sewage of the second floor pipe in the supervisor is overflow from the overflow tube,Will not reverse to the dishwashing pool。At the same time, overflow is also a prompt alarm signal that is blocked.,After the property heards the news,Pipes can be restored。Kitchen sewage smell,Returning a few months or in a few years,There are few times of overflow,Extremely small in the public environment。Pipeline and tee etc.50mm,Hydropower。

(brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories)

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories

Kitchen overflow tube diagram

The main solution of the bathroom anti-water is independently underwater pipeline、Overflow pipe、Water wall plus overflow pipe、Anti-anti-water alert device, etc.。

Independent pipeline has a large influence,If the property or other owners don't agree, you can't change it.。Downstairs is a shop or household lobby,Pipeline may not change。If you change the independent pipeline,Can be used to make a overflow tube on the third floor,Otherwise, the three-floor anti-water will be leaked downstairs.,Bubble hanging top, etc.,Sewage will produce harmful pathogens in the roof and walls, etc.,It's hard to clean,Pollution indoor environment。Change the pipe to find the water and electric work。

(brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories)The overflow tube has little effect on the external facade,Property and other owners are generally not opposed,Many places。The riser of the overhead layer can be made of water(Deodorant)Overflow tube。The second floor overflow tube can be extended from the main pipe to the outer wall or device platform.(Appearance hidden),You can also bring water, etc.,Pipe diameter75mm,Usually no overflow。When the bottom is blocked,Sewage spilled from overflow tubes,Incomplete。Property is found in time,Timely dredging,It has overflow and plug alarm double function。Because the anti-water probability is small,Sewage spillage outdoor frequency is very low,Treatment,Small impact on public environment。Such as under the second floor floor,Need to get the consent of the first floor。Hydropower。

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories(brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories)

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories(brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories)

Water-watering wall programs are mainly responding to the small probability of refined room。Some renovations have found the hidden dangers,Some regions require hardcover delivery,More and more people buy hardcover rooms。Make a wall water wall in the door of the bathroom to block sewage,Opportose sewage from overflow holes(Tube)Row to outdoor。The mouth only extends out of the outer wall,Usually there is no sewage or odor,Others generally will not be opposed。Inversion,Sewage is only flooded to flooded bathroom,Living room bedroom safety。Sewage flows to outdoor,Property can find timely,Now dredge。Outdoor sewage is cleared in time,Public environmental impact is also small。Water wall with semi-circular or mill,Small,High slope slope is reduced。

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories

brass overflow tube for dipper well accessories

If you think that the returning probability is small,Do not want to damage the decoration and installing the overflow device, etc.,But not completely rest assured,Anti-anti-alarm device can be installed。Set an electronic overflow alarm plus high-definition monitoring at the door of the bathroom,pass throughWiFiConnect mobile phone,Mobile phone alarm time open camera confirmation(Place a wood or plastic buoy on the floor)。The overflow alarm combined with the HD camera can basically eliminate false positives。discovered in time,Immediately dispose,Can greatly reduce the loss of drowning furniture, etc.。同时入户门可以装一个智能门锁,At the same time, the house can be installed with a smart door lock.,主人如果在外很远,Once the situation is found。如果污水流出慢,If the owner is very far away。这可以大大降低被动性,Allows the property to pay the account with a password as soon as possible。卫生间附近使用摄像头要注意对隐私的保护。

If the sewage flows slow,或效果不如人意,Property or yourself is,谨慎尝试安装。

This can greatly reduce passiveness,大部分二楼类二楼反水问题足以解决,Improve mental security。问题复杂的,Use the camera near the bathroom to pay attention to the protection of privacy、物业及邻居协商处理。