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is the tuba a brass instrument

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is the tuba a brass instrument

large(Taiwan is called a bass),Is a bass copper instrument。Orchestra、Regular use in the tube band,Is the lowest area,Big large copper instrument。Large tone is low,Majesty,The basics of the orchestra and the basis of the orchestra。

(is the tuba a brass instrument)is the tuba a brass instrument

The predecessor of this instrument is the snake。The snake appeared approximately16Western Europe at the end of the century,First, a wooden bass instrument,It is bent, such as a snake。Some early Western composers,Reo Ning(Leoninus)裴 劳 定(Perotinus)They have used the snake in their works.。

is the tuba a brass instrument

PlayerPatrick WibartUse the album recorded by hole large recording

Another bass instrument between the history between the snake number and the modern large size is called the finger size(ophicleide),Depend on19Century Irish Musical Instrument ManufacturerJoseph Hallidayinvention。The shape and structure of this musical instrument is similar to today's bass saxophone.,But large size。

▲Daily knowledge introduction

Modern large name is directed by GermanWilhelm WieprechtAnd musical instrument manufacturersJohann GottfriedAt1835Annual invention and registration。The large number will not be used by the British bronze tube band shortly after the invention.。From that time,Large texture does not change much。

Susa(Sousaphone)A kind of,Commonly used in travel bands and outdoor performances,Generally speaking by AmericansJ. W. PepperFirst1893year。Although the name of this instrument is called Susak,But its earliest design has not been derived from American Composer John·Philip·Susa(John Philip Sousa)。

▲Player Fujita Demonstration Demonstration:Wagner Opera《Nuremberg's famous singer》,《Nibolon root—Wushu》,Stravansky Classic Ballet《Peter Rushka》Large solo sentence。

The large number can be divided intoCAdjust,BbAdjust,FAdjust,EbAdjustment。Different number of large numbers in different countries in the world have different degrees。BbThe zoom is mainland China、Germany、Austria、Russia and other countries or regions of the most popular models。in England,EbMatched larger is more common。

is the tuba a brass instrument

The US symphony band is more inclined to useCZoom。FMoning the characteristics of its musical instrument,More in solo is used,Raweil is Musoski《Drawing exhibition》middle“Ox”The first time is specially writtenFQuilted。In the tube band and in the band,BbMonitoring is more favored,Because its tone is more consistent with other copper tube instruments。

1. American composer James·Barnes《Third symphony》;2. Musoski《Drawing exhibition》Fourth painting《Ox》;3. Susa Jazz Performance;4. Danish National Symphony Orchestra Large Play Summate Video Video,Reach3Minute passionsolo。

Large although there are multiple adjustments,AlwaysCDecomposition method,Not using the transfer instrument。ParticularlyBMatch the sizeCDecomposition method,Something is mistakenCMusical instrument。China's useBMonating the size and most countries,useCAdjustment method according to the actual pitch record。Large general use of low tone spectrum。

(is the tuba a brass instrument)is the tuba a brass instrument

▲Professor Weberg University、Dresden Philharmonic Large PlayerJoerg Wachsmuth,In2013Annual use1The weight is about50Kim's large performance《Flight of the Bumblebee》,Breaking the fastest playing world record at the time,His performance is53Second82。

▲Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra Chujia Carrot·Simmer(Carol Jantsch),One of the world's best women's large privileges,Her appreciation of the contract with the talent cooperation:Large and orchestra「Reflection of the Mississippi River」

Category according to the button,Large can be divided into turn valve(Flat keys)Large and piston(Stand)Two types of large numbers。These two large numbers have basically the same popularity today.,Traditionally German band tends to use rotary type,America、British band tends to use piston。The piston-type button can be divided into upper and lower motion and before and after(Inside and outside)Two kinds of sports。

▲Be named by peers“Copper tube godfather”Pre-chic Ganago Symphony Orchestra,American large player、Educator—Arnold·Jacobos(Arnold Jacobs),Copper tube godfather「Arnold·Jacobos」-The large number is a copper tube without brain.

Whether there are three basic uses of flat key numbers or key numbers,Most of the professional use have the fourth key。Different combinations of three basic use keys,Can get a breech with a split sound,The application of the fourth key can make the large blowing lower tone or alternative、Three keys solve some undesirable bass。

(is the tuba a brass instrument)

Large performance skills similar to other copper tube instruments。Spit,Sound,Long sound is basic skill。Large can also vomit,Three spit or elastic,But use less in performance。Circular breathing is also one of the skills of some large players.。Large pronunciation can be quite smart,Playing some snack pieces,The most representative work is the wild bee flying in Canadian copper tube five play.。

Double sound is a large player pronounced in the play instrument,Vocal vocal tape issues another sound of playing skills,It's just like“Sing while blowing the number”。This trick is mainly used in modern works.。Norwegian big playerBaadsvikCreatedFnuggThis technology has been adequately used。

Basic maintenance of the large number

1. Find a mineral water bottle,Flush,Make funnel with large mouth,Irrush the water from the mouth,Let the Piston and the water supply tube,Active key,Let the piston get rinsing。

(is the tuba a brass instrument)
is the tuba a brass instrument(is the tuba a brass instrument)

2. Let go of water away,Play or unplug the tuning from the water door。Then unplug the other tuning tube,Wipe the inner tube and outer tube,Then apply some Vaseline lubricants in the tube,First single tube plug in,Let the oil contact,Then insert a two-tube in plugging a few times.。

(is the tuba a brass instrument)is the tuba a brass instrument

Melton large quadruple(Melton Tuba Quartett),The three big orchestra joint commitment to the quench of the orchestra!

3. Pool can be plain oil at the bottom of the piston,Open the back cover when the lower axis is given.。The rear cover is due to the erosion of water and even saliva,Easily rust,Also need maintenance,One or two drops of pure oil can be dripped at the screw。Then, at the key connecting rod movable part and the connecting rod screw、键子的弹簧上、Keyboard spring,活动一下键子,Pure oil on these places on the water door keys。

is the tuba a brass instrument

4. Active key,把上下盖打开,Let the oil contact,先用干净布把活塞筒内侧擦干净,Swords in the symphony orchestra,活塞不经常到的地方,If it is a vertical key,时间长了,Open up and down cover,必须细心清理之,Take out the piston,然后上点活塞油装上即可。First use clean cloth to wipe the piston tube,口水更容易流向底盖,Especially the tubular mouth,所以在底盖螺丝处可涂少量的凡士林润滑油或纯白油加以保护。

5. Places where the piston is not often、手印及油渍擦干净,It is easy to produce scale。

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