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brass telescoping tube practical machinist

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(brass telescoping tube practical machinist)
How to look at the mechanic.mp34:52
(brass telescoping tube practical machinist)From China Traffic Broadcasting

“Zhu Jiawei,Check3road2List2263EMU2CompartmentMONScreen report traction motor failure,Request confirmation after cleaning the traction motor cooling airway。”1moon11day9Time05Minute,Zhu Jiawei's voice came from the voice of the fault report,Zhu Jiawei and partner walk into the target car group,Carrying the cartoon traction motor cooling airway check and cleaning homework。

Zhu Jiawei is an EMU mechanic in Nanning, Nanning, Nanning Vehicle Section.,He according to the maintenance work plan a day,Comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the Cooling Forms of the Traction Motor EMU,Thoroughly eliminate troubleshooting,Make sure that the traction motor remains in a relatively constant temperature while running on the train group.,Ensure safe operation。

(brass telescoping tube practical machinist)“White protective clothing is a colloidal,External touch like numb,soft、Thin,Summer is not breathable,Winter is not leaking,Each time it puts it to pull the zipper to the top,My flesh has a full sense of security,There is a kind of poisonous feeling。”Zhu Jiawei wearing a protective clothing。

when working,They need to wear white protective clothing,Also wear thick gloves,A“Big white”。Because the traction motor cooling the airway at the bottom of the vehicle body,Socoon,Inside the bottom groove hidden in the complex distribution of the spare parts,Narrow space,They turn around,Each raised hand is likely to be scratched by machinery and equipment,Protective clothing has played a good protection。

(brass telescoping tube practical machinist)brush、Ladders、One-word screwdriver、Video flashlight、Vacuum cleaner、Occupation mirror is a must-have for him to check and clean,Indispensable。Work in work,He has been explored“Opened、Two、Three、Four buckles”Operating method,which is“Loosen the traction motor into the exhaust tube buckle、Use the observation mirror to assist in the ventilation filter、Use a vacuum cleaner with a special suction tip to clean、Tighten the clamps in place”。Standing in the inspection channel,The flashlight is almost the only source。How to use observation mirror to observe foreign objects is a technology。“Simple four words,Every step contains mystery,As long as one step is not implemented in place,Will live a loss。”Zhu Jiawei said,“If the traction motor cooling the airway is not completely cleaned up,Will affect the cooling of the traction motor,Temperature is too high, will report the traction failure,Caused the car without traction,Can't move。”

EMU traction motor cooling flap is mainly distributed02、03、06、07vehicle,Complete a group of cars40minute。“EMUs run every cumulative610,000 kilometers or60sky,We must check and clean the traction motor cooling,In accordance with season and operating environment。”Zhu Jiawei said。

The cooling air is inhaled while inhaling air,Often inevitably inhaled dust and small garbage,Easy to cause channel clogging,Directly affect the amount of electric vehicle air inhalation,Resulting in high temperatures in the traction motor,Daring train。

“Traction motor is the power source of the train,The cooling air is the nose of the train.。”Zhu Jiawei said。EMU operation,The cooling air is dissipated by the fresh air outside the absorption.,Keep it in a relatively constant temperature,Ensure safe operation。

40Minute,Zhu Jiawei and his partner completed the inspection and cleaning of a set of moving traction motor,Despite the cold weather,at this time,They already“inside and outside”Wet。“Still nothing now,A while,From the inside out!”He smiled and said。

“When we clean the traction motor cooling,Need to climb the next to the ladder,Hold your hands in your hands,Like it, we were young, and the birds were.。”Zhu Jiawei's partner Mo Yuan returned。

16Time10Minute,The cleaning task of the same day is all completed。Subsequently,EMU lifted,They entered the driver room,Through trainMONScreen View fault alarm function,Confirm that the traction motor returns to normal。17Time20Minute,After their day of operation,4The changing car group passed the acceptance。

(Correspondent:Liao Bingda、Lin Peng)

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