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8mm brass tube uk

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in the tenthFIRSTduring the film festival,will be held byFIRSTYouth Film Festival、Co-curated by Beijing Japanese Cultural Center and Pia Film Festival“crazy8mm”Thematic Screening。for fans11Ministry of Japan8mmfilm work。

8mm brass tube uk

what is8mm film?

8mm brass tube uk

8mm film,As the name suggests,is used8Films shot in millimeter film format。8mm film(8 mm film),later called standard8mm film(Standard 8 mm film),is a film size standard developed by Kodak。1932year,Kodak in the company's16launched on the basis of millimeter film8mm film format。This film uses16Shot on millimeter film,The screen occupies only one half of the position。After shooting a roll of tape, reload the film and use the other side to continue shooting,After the film was shot, the film was cut from the middle to get two8mm film,Because of this characteristic, this film is sometimes called double8film(Double-8)。because of low cost,Mainly used in home video and other fields。8The size of the photosensitive area of millimeter film is16quarter of a millimeter,that is long 4.88mm,width3.68mm。

(8mm brass tube uk)8mm brass tube uk

exist1960post-era,8Millimeter film is gradually being overtaken8mm film(Super 8 mm film)replace。This is a8Improved version of millimeter film,1965Introduced by Kodak,than traditional8mm film width,but can be printed in exactly the same old standard8mm on negative film,Also unilateral perforation。However the perforation size is smaller than those of the old-fashioned8mm film,So that the film shooting area is larger。overtake8The standard also specifically assigns the oxide strips to the holes,for magnetic recording of sound,Can record audio movies。

8mm brass tube uk

(8mm brass tube uk)At first there were several different standard systems for shooting,But in the end the film industry needs to have the same size machinery in every case. It is more convenient。So the most popular Kodak system gradually unifies the market。

overtake8The camera is mainly for personal and home users。Thanks to the special cassette design,Extremely easy to use,The entire loading process takes less than two seconds。it is super8Ease of use of the camera,Eliminate the troubles of amateur users in operation,make super8Cameras are rapidly gaining popularity among ordinary consumers,in the last century70s,Almost every family in Europe and the United States has a super8Cameras and Projectors,asDVRapid popularity in China like。

8mm brass tube uk

arrive80s,along withVHSThe advent of electronic video cameras,overtake8Cameras are gradually withdrawing from the consumer market。For ordinary consumers,VHSThe advantages of the camcorder are obvious:instant playback,No need to rinse,Plug in the TV and watch,A tape can also record1Hours。on the contrary,A plate of super8film only3minutes,Rinse after shooting,Wait a week or two to get the rinsed film and let it go,As a result, there may be only two or three shots that can be shot well.,It's really frustrating。So in the civilian market,VHSelectronic camcorder replacement8Cameras are inevitable。but,until today,overtake8camera in some ways,still irreplaceable,many commercials、MTV、Even independent films are using super8camera shot。

The Enlightenment of a Film Master

2011year,J·J·Abrams directed the film《super8》(Super 8)。The plot of the movie is as follows:

1979summer,A group of children play in a small town in Ohio,holding super8mm film camera,Witnessed a tragic train crash。subsequently,A series of unusual and unexplainable things happen in the town,Authorities try to cover up the truth……

8mm brass tube uk

The story of this film comes from the two soul characters of this film:directorJ·J·Abrams and Producer Stephen·Spielberg's Shared Memories。They use ultra-8and8mm camera film,Therefore, they established their status in the film industry today。based on this memory,Together they discussed making this film about a group of teens using ultra-8The adventure story of the camera filming the movie。

8mm film and super8Movie,Is the film enlightenment of many film masters。from a small family8from millimeter film cameras,On the road to film。

8mm brass tube uk

(8mm brass tube uk)1935year,Japanese animation master Osamu Tezuka7age。Because my father is a movie enthusiast,Love to collect8millimeter film,So Tezuka has the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of American movies,Of which animation《Popeye》is his favorite。After watching the movie, Tezuka,Immediately attracted by the interesting plot of the animation,Began to be keen on copying the plot in the animation,Create a comic strip for the classmates to enjoy。The praise from his classmates inspired his confidence in creation,third grade,Little Tezuka started writing long-form manga《naughty asheng》,After entering junior high school,He even joined the Art Institute,spend a lot of time painting。Since then, it has embarked on the road of comics。8mm brass tube uk

Derek·Jarman,British film masters。Original occupation was painting。he uses super8mm camera,Bringing avant-garde film art to the extreme。Such as《doomsday in england》,That is, a super movie that combines elements from both avant-garde films and art films.8mm film works。

8mm brass tube uk

Christopher born in London, UK·Noland,I like to take my father's super sincerite.8Millimeter camera research movie shooting。Once used to shoot“War Movies”。Using the University of London University, England During the UK Literature,He uses the film community in the college16Mm exercises,I hope to master the skills of guerrilla shooting.。For his first16Millimeter story film《follow》Lay the foundation。Then step on the peak of science fiction movies step by step。nowadays,He is still a firm support of film,Adhere to the use of film to shoot a movie。and“Bird gun replacement”,From once8Millimeter,16Millimeter film to use now70MillimeterIMAXFilm for shooting。Digital photography and3DToday, the technology,The dignity of Noland's still defender film!

Many red movie director、The actor is also from8MM film starts touch movie shooting。If·Steil,J·J·Abrams, etc.。It can be said,super8Is a movie knocked on the door,Lead countless movie people enter the vast world of movie industry。

Japan's8Milli movie wave

(8mm brass tube uk)8mm brass tube ukaccording toFIRSTMovie Festival introduction,In the 1970s,The spiritual trend of mental trend has risen the punk culture that symbolizes the spirit of the free rebellious spirit.,As a simple and powerful art form, it is quickly actively imitated by young people worldwide.。then,Japanese production plant system has collapsed,8mmMovie as a simple recording tool,Carrying the enthusiasm and the suppression of the era of artistic creation,A batch of style free Zhang mad film is born。Movie is no longer a fantasy product of Tall Temple,Personal image is rolling,A batch of important directions of contemporary Japanese movies is to start movie creation from this period.,Sunda Fanguang、Flat wild,Shi Le Yu also、Pendant、Hezhu Qing et al。currentFIRSTFilm Festival“crazy8mm”The unit will exhibit several movies in digital forms.:

1/880000Lonely(Shijing 1977)

(8mm brass tube uk)Electric column Xiaogui's adventure(本 晋 1988)

I am a garden temperature.!!(Garden temperature 1984)

Tokyo cabbageKBy(Pendant 1980)

Holy terrorism(Yamamoto 1980)

(8mm brass tube uk)Different people(Dunyan 1984)

Mahna(Garden temperature 1986)

(8mm brass tube uk)Love street corner2Ding3Fan(Flat wild 1986)

UNK(Handcuffs 1979)

Ghost university(Handcuffs 1979)

Raining(Scene 1990)

8Today, millimeter movie

8mm brass tube uk

In the last century70-80Era,There have been a batch of early silent slices8Millimeter/overtake8Millimeter format release,Private occasion of private occasions such as home。As shown in the figure8Millimeter film can carry20Minutes movie content。Each movie price100Dollar。Although the price is not fidile,But still collect for fans、Watch the movie provides new channels。Chaplin、Bast·Katton、Harold·Lloyd、David·Many of the silent masters, including Griffith, released super8Millimeter version。

8mm brass tube ukToday, the digital movie is a big way,8MM movie is not yet eliminated,And still placing light color。Multiple8Millimeter/overtake8The millimeter film festival is held in full swing.。Such as:Super Gr8Film Festival、AustraliaFLICKERShort film、Germany Oberhase International Short Film Festival,U.KStraight8International short film competition,British Cambridge International Super8Millimeter film festival, etc.。currentFIRSTThe film exhibition is to cooperate with the Japanese Miyia Film Festival.。Japanese Miya Film Festival is born8mmFanatic era,Almost the most important creator map of Japanese contemporary movie history,Garden temperature、Scene、Zhongcheng Yiyang, etc.。At the same time, it has become a sub-cultural position with parallel with pop culture.。to date,The Yichian Film Festival is still the home of Japanese youth movie people.,This pointFIRSTThe purpose of the film festival does not match。FIRSTMovie festival“crazy8mm”The unit has also been supported by the Japanese Miya Film Festival.。
8mm brass tube uk

also,exist2016yearCESInternational consumer electronics exhibition,Kodak launched a surprise:Newly designed super8Mm film/Digital camera。This camera is known from the world's famous industrial designerYves Béhardesign。Not only contains traditional super8Once element of film camera,Also added a one-piece microphone,Completely solved the shooting8Milli movie radio problem。also,Machine also equipped with digital viewfinder、USBinterface、SDCard slot andHDMIHD output interface。Users can choose to exceed8Film or digital format。You can also replace the lens yourself。This camera is expected to be launched in the second half of the year.,retail price400-700Dollar。

(8mm brass tube uk)This super8The posting of the camera was obtained by Christopher·Noland、Quantin·Tarrentino、Spielberg andJ·J·Abrams support。Abrams said:“Although we welcome new technologies, we all welcome,But there is nothing more better than film。”

Through the efforts of the filmmaker,today,8Milli movie is still glow with vitality,Still is the tools of movie movie creators。Defend the dignity of film movies。