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delta tub spout with brass adapter

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Bathing is a big thing,After a day,Wash a comfortable hot bath is the most cured thing。

The key factor in determining the quality of the bath is the shower,Search or go to the building materials market for a circle,You will find out from dozens of thousands of blocks.。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)▲The price is very far

Experience tells us,The larger the price span, the more complex the market。What kind of shower is used to use a five-star hotel's feeling of bathing with champagne bubble?What kind of shower is more durable?What kind of shower is best for your home??

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)todayMoon Happiness Research InstituteCome and talk to you.。

Go through5Building materials market,Ask a few satelli industries,Summary this articleSuper dry goods,First column first:

1、Sweckping composition2、Materials and processes3、Black Technology4、Shower appearance5、Purchase recommendations and brand recommendation

delta tub spout with brass adapter

Sweckping composition

Want to choose a small shower,First of all, what is the core technology to clear?。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)The shower we said today is actually not just referring to that nozzle.,But a complete shower system,It includes three parts:

| shower head |

Top spray、Handheld and side spray(Homotitude)。Generally, hand-held shower can meet most people's needs,If you pursue a special shower experience, you can choose a shower with a top spray or side.。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

| Faucet |

Lead control water and hot water,There are ordinary single-handed faucets and constant temperature faucets。Faucet accounts for the entire shower system cost50%,So one of the important factors of faucets decide the quality of shower。

| Other Accessories |

Other accessories include spools,Shower hose and bracket。

The spool is a fitting that controls water content and hot and cold water in the faucet.,Good spool is the guarantee of the leading life,Big nameImported spool,There is a great difference in feeling and life.,Such as Spain(Sedal)、Kelle, Hungary(Kerox),Can do 500,000 open life。

Shower hose is mixed with hand shower,If you don't choose to hold a shower,Don't need to buy hoses,Wrapped around the hose is better。

The stent is the support of the shower system,OptionalAdjusting heightWill be more convenient。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

Judging the advantages and disadvantages,Main attention materials and crafts。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Materials and processes

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

The most common shower on the market is manufactured by three materials,BeABSEngineering plastics、Copper and304Stainless steel。

| shower head |

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)The shower head is mainlyABSPlastic and stainless steel,A small number of vintage flutes will make a shower with copper。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)There is a market80%The shower head isABSPlastic,Because plastics can make a variety of styles,Have more style,And the price is relatively cheap,Deeply loved by the people。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

Stainless steel shower header is relatively small,Not easy to make,And most stainless steel shots are only one way of water.,Single function,But the advantage is that the shower size can be done very much.,So those who look very high-end, doing stainless steel。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

Copper shower head is very small,It is not easy to make stainless steel as stainless steel,And the cost is high,Also there is only one way of water,Choosing copper sprinkles is usually pursuing retro texture。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

| Faucet |

The material of the faucet is mainly used304Stainless steelandcopper

Copper ions in brass have sterilization effect,ExpertCopper is one of the best water contact materials,Europe and America is basically a brass faucet。

When you purchase a shower, you may hear the shopping guide.:“The shower of our house is all copper,Weight can be achievedxxxx,The spool is imported in Germany,Warranty two-year replacement,lifetime warranty……”

When the shopping guide says these words,Need to be vigilant。Because“all bronze”Not you think of all copper。

The copper here is generally referred to.National standard copper(conform toGB18145-2014Copper specified in national standards,copper59%、lead1%,The rest is zinc and a small amount of impurities),Not100%Pure copper。

Be sure to join the lead in brass,Can be processed into a leader,But at the same time, it will lead to precipitation of lead.,Some bad merchants have recycled brass or high impurity copper,It will cause water in the waterLead super standard,Therefore, it must be considered national standard copper.,Also known as“59copper”“hpb59-1Lead brass”。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)delta tub spout with brass adapter


Even if the shopping guide“Our shower is national standard copper”,Also pay attention,Because this does not mean that the whole shower system is copper。

Generally,Only in the faucet、Some high-end products will use copper on the handle,The rest of the part, such as the top sprayed, stainless steel orABSplastic。


Faucet main body copper=Only the main part of the faucet uses copper

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Faucet overall copper=Faucet+Copper

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Whole copper=Faucet、Bracket、Top spray、Side spray all copper!!(In fact, there is no need,The part of the contact with the water is fine with copper.,The stent top spraying stainless steel)

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲Faucet main body copper

Although the material is different,butIt looks all silverblingblingof,This is why?

Because it is done on the surfaceProcess processing,In order to enhance corrosion resistance,Not easy to accumulate。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Bronze shower surfaceElectroplating process,It is copper sterilized in the bottom layer, respectively.、Nickel plating in intermediate layer、Topic chrome plating,At least three layers,Up to 5 floors。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Plating is too muchThe base material is too bad,There are still a lot of pores after plating、Sand eye, etc.,So more layers can be plated.。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲At least three layers

Evaluation of electroplating,Mainly watching the platingthickness、Adhesion and corrosion resistance。

Comparable faucet,Underlying copper layer15Micron,Middle-plated layer10Micron,Surface-plated layer0.25Micron,butDo not equal, thicker, better,The coating is too thick and affects the adhesion between the plating.,Causes the coating easy to fall off,So control within a range。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲Thickness control is within a certain range

Good corruption is good, it is directlySalt fog test level。If24Hour salt spray test,The surface of the surface is less than0.1%It is considered qualified,Equal9Level standard。

National standard requirements are to pass24Hour salt fog test。The higher the high-end product, the longer the salt fog test,for example36Hour、48Hour,The higher the corresponding level.。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)At present, many manufacturers will be on the electroplating process.StealingAlso in these areas,If you ask the salt fog test results can't answer,Maybe even the test is not tested。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲pass through24Hour salt fog test=achieve9Level standard

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Good plating is generally used、Five years later,Some spots are allowed,But in general, still shining,This is the qualified coating,Unqualified faucet will drop the skin within one or two years。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲The surface of the electroplating layer will be easy to rust

304Stainless steelIs chromium、Nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel,It is very resistant to the corrosion resistance.,so304Stainless steel faucet does not require electroplating,Generally adoptedPolishing and surface drawing treatment,Strengthen corrosion resistance and increase beauty。

304Stainless steel material is high,If you use a slide304Stainless steel,Examples of excess hexavalent chromium,Destroy the liver function,So the best choiceCastable304Stainless steel。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲304Stainless steel polishing and brushed process

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

Black Technology

In addition to material and processes,Various brands have also launched a constant temperature、Air injection、Waterfall、Rain pulse, etc. These make people the concept of a mist,The shower has become a black technology in the second bathroom industry after the smart toilet.。

In these black technology,What is real practical?What are we worth paying??

| Multiple effluent |

Some shower except for general handheld nozzles and top spray,There is also a water exit and spray gun,In fact, this is not a black technology,Just as an optional additional function, it is said here.。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲Multiple effluent

The average person according to its own needs,Hold up,Or the top spray is enough。

The down the faucet is not a must,If you wantConvenient to wash、do the laundry,Or also installed a bathtub,Then buy a faucet will be much more convenient.。

The effect of the gun is convenient to draw up to wash the toilet,Washing woman。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲The gun is mainly convenient to do housework.

| Self-cleaning silicone capsule |

Many shower sprinklers have a self-cleaning function,Take the silica gel granules when there is scale,I didn't fall in scale.。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

I just thought this is a very powerful function.,After many visits, I found that every family said that my home is“Real self-cleaning silicone”,At this time, I understand that the self-cleaning silicone has become a showerhead.The default is basically configured.,Can not be toocare。

Just a little better silica gel is smoother,Hand feeling is soft soft bullet,Will n't very hard。

| Button switch |

General shower or passRotating dialTo select a water mode,Advanced shower can be switched by button,Can operate one hand,More convenient。Part of the partOne button,If you give your baby a bath, you will be very convenient.。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲Ordinary is to transfer the film to switch

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)▲High-end shower is button switching

| Boost |

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

Boost(Also called low embossed)In fact, there is no very high technology.,Its principle is throughTry the water hole to increase the water pressure。

delta tub spout with brass adapter


If your water pressure is really small,Can consider purchasing boost shower,The price is also very cheap。As for the promotion, how to boost the negative ion technology,The head is greater than the actual effect。

| Constant temperature shower |

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

Constant temperature sprinkle is becauseFaucet spoolThere is a temperature sensing element,Generally, it is made of paraffin or nickel-titanium alloy.。

The temperature sensing element changes its shape based on the temperature change,Adjusting the spool,Valve adjustment of hot and cold water ratio。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

The benefits of constant temperature sprinkles are the temperature fixed at the opening of the water temperature.,Will not suddenly heat,Can prevent children from being burns。

If you take a shower in the same time of your home,Or yourself bathing—do not—slow,Buy a shower with constant temperature,Never improve bath quality!

but!The use of constant temperature shower is conditional,Not all situations!

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)When used at homesolar water heaters、Be with12LofGas-type water heaterTime,Can't use a constant temperature shower。

Semicone temperature sensing element(Temperature)Temperature is extremely sensitive to temperature,Not high temperature,Solar water heaters and too small gas-type water heaters will cause damage to thermal alloy due to instantaneous temperature。

If you use it at homeElectric heating water heater,Water temperature and water pressure are relatively stable,Can use constant temperature shower。But now a lot of electric heating water heater itself has a constant temperature function.,In fact, there is no need to add a constant temperature shower.。

in addition,High precision due to thermostatic spool,ThereforeWater qualityThere is also high requirements,Especially the harmful northern friends,So it is best to installWater purification device/Water Softener,Or at the same time buy the filter to add to the inlet nut,Can make thermostatic spools more durable。

| Special water water |

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

Waterfall water、Massage、Spray water、Natural water、Bubble water、Beauty water、Rain pulse、Shuangshui impact……

Various waterproof methods,The purpose is to let you have a kind of“Wow,impressive,I want to buy buy buy.”a feeling of。Now a lot of shots are at least3Ordered water,In fact, the most commonly used or the most common and clean natural water。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

delta tub spout with brass adapter

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)▲ Waterfall water,I feel good fees.

Water water,I want to achieve the effect of the advertising map,Be sure to storeWater type water heater,or16LContact or more gas water heaters,otherwise,Waterfall changed the creek.。Water pressureIt is also very important,If you are not enough, you need to install the booster pump.。

To say that there is a truly technical water,It is used.Air injection technologyAir bubble water。

Air injection comes from a very simple physical effect(Wenqi effect),In short, it is in the water.,Water is made of injectionDrip,Reduced flow within the same time,So the most direct effect isSave water!

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲Changes from water columns into a water bead

BubbleSports is also very good,Water like champagne foam on the skin,Not the kind of that is still very hurtful,Water flows but very gentle。The budget is still quite recommended.。

Say“Air injection”Technology,Have to mentionHans Gya。This is the first found,Therefore, in the patent, the advantage,At the same time, technology is relatively more mature.。Hans Gya air injection technology can achieve water saving30%Effect。

As for other additional benefits,picture“Increased oxygen content in water,Therefore, there is a care for the skin,Every time you bathe, you are breathing.”This kind of saying is to see the intelligence.。in my opinion,Not as good as a purification device/Soft water machine effect is directly!

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

Shower appearance

There is also an important reason for shower prices.:Color value。

This is actually in anything.,Pyrotic explosion table,The price is also dying and dying。

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)This retro-adjusted bathroom,Delivery cat,Brassic outlet and nozzle,The price is definitely not cheap,But can exchange the king-like bath enjoyment。

delta tub spout with brass adapter(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

▲Vintage shower

Italian old high-end companyZucchettiofCloserA series of products,Make the shower to make a light。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

You can twist your head like a real light.,Very highlighting attitude,Be confusedExtremely simpleFriends hands with wallet。

delta tub spout with brass adapter


But for the general public,Deciding the most direct factor of shower appearance orInstallation method。

| Black |

Black installation is ordinary styles installed in the wall,Mainly relying on the shape of the color。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

Shower is best to buy in advance,Can provide sizes for workers more accurate,So unnecessary rework。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲Shower installation size reference

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)

| Mounted |

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)From simpleness、Senior feelings,In-wall dark suit is more winning!

delta tub spout with brass adapter

The so-called dark suit is the spray shower bracketBe buried into the wall,Just expose the nozzle,Dark installation is more difficult,Need to choose a style before the waterway is retrofitted.,And record the model,Convenient hydropower workers reserve well,Open suitable width、Height groove。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

▲ Dark installation diagram

The only disadvantage is also more troublesome.,Must have to be a wall。But don't worry too much.,Qualified shower on the market,The useful life of normal use can be reached10Year-old。

delta tub spout with brass adapter

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Purchase recommendations and brand recommendation

In general,Ordinary shower can already meet everyday use,Air injection、constant temperature、Multi-waters can be used as a choice for consumption upgrade。

Shower is a daily thing,The price of shower on the market is also from ten thousand to tens of thousands.,Be sure to polish your eyes when you purchase it.!I don't buy anything wrong with no warranty.,Don't blindly pay for brand premium。

Below you, summarize three shower levels and corresponding brands.:

| beginner level |


Imported spool

Lead main body copper national standard copper

Three-layer plating process

24Hour salt fog test(9Level standard)

Self-cleaning silicone capsule

Rotate adjustment water mode

Hose anti-entanglement

Shower bracket can rise

| Advanced version |

brand:Moen、San Rong、KVK、TOTO

Imported spool

Faucet overall copper national standard copper

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)3-5Layer plating process

48Hour salt fog test(9Level or more)

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Press to adjust the water mode

Self-cleaning silicone capsule

Hose anti-entanglement

Shower bracket can rise

| High-end version |

brand:Hans Yag(Flying rain series)、High instrument、Ya Column

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Whole copper

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Super-large top spray+Multivaded side spray+Highly adjustable handheld

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)A variety of water water patterns

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)Constant temperature function

(delta tub spout with brass adapter)One-button water

Air injection

Self-cleaning silicone capsule

Hose anti-entanglement

Shower bracket can rise

Random recommendation