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What are the different models of metal through hose joints?

1、 dpj Connection type dpj Connection type,Also known as dpj End connection type,End connection type,Linear connector for connecting metal hoses to the box。


Dkj Clamp metal hose joint is clamp type,Used to connect metal hoses to no threaded steel pipe。picture3。Dgj connect

DGJSelf-fixed metal hose joint is a self-fixed hose joint,Used to connect metal hoses to no threaded steel pipe or no threaded equipment outlet,Thus, the threading process is eliminated。

brass tube fittings nz

What is the metal hose joint model??

4、90Degree connector

90Degree bend joint,British thread quality standard, A、C、FThe part is made of high quality steel,DMade of iron die casting technology。Color is silver white metal,Work ambient temperature-40Degree100Between。


Said y Table three-way metal hose joint,It is connected to the fine steel wire tube to connect one end of the joint.,The other end is connected to the metal hose。

(brass tube fittings nz)6、TJigle

tType three-way metal hose joint andYType three-way metal hose joint,One end connector connects fine steel wire and fine tube,Another end joint connection metal hose。

7、Stainless steel joint

Stainless steel hose joints can be used,Stainless steel casting development,Its structure is more closely,high strength,Connect with hoses。