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brass 3 way tub shower faucet

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Daily life,Shower faucet is a high-speed building material with high frequency and indispensable.。However, there are many kinds of shower faucets on the market.,How can I choose good quality?,Suitable for yourself?Qijia.com little knowledge every day,Easily solve everyday purchase problems。

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)one、Faucet

The faucet is divided according to the purpose,Can be divided into a bin tap、Kitchen sink faucet、Bathtub faucet and washing machine faucet。

brass 3 way tub shower faucet

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)①Look out

When you purchase the faucet, you can observe the gloss of the surface.,Surface treatment,The product will show light。At the same time, you can touch your hands.,The hand is delicate and the opening is not too tight.。

②Watch material

Among them, the most important thing is its spool.。Generally,The most commonly used ceramic spool,Ceramic valve core is not easy to deform、High temperature、Low temperature、durable、Uncomfortable characteristics,Therefore, the sealing of the faucet will be better.,Not easy to leak water droplets,Qualified spool can be used for 10,000 times。

brass 3 way tub shower faucet

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)Installation attention:The faucet needs to be installed on the basin,The actual situation of the basin must be considered when purchasing。If it is a bowl or column,Select the ordinary binaural faucet,If it is a top basin,It is necessary to choose a bowl of the bowl.(The water hole is high above the edge of the basin);If you like double-handed double control faucet,There must be three installation holes in the basin.。

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)Any hot and cold faucet(Cold hot water hose)It is necessary to use the corner valve to connect to the water pipe.,Image like a washing machine faucet、Mop pool faucet, etc.,Can be connected directly to the water pipe,Therefore, no corner valve。Generally,Every hot and cold faucet requires two corner valves and match。


①Sprinkle:Faucet、Seven-character bend、Shower down straight、ABSTop spray、Hand shower、Can be lift the hand spray card holder、Copper casting elastic hose、Silicone seal、Faucet、Bending corner、Sweat rod fixtures。

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)brass 3 way tub shower faucet

②Material:Shower is different from the material,Two kinds of copper and stainless steel,Most showers on the market are brass materials,Less stainless steel(Stainless steel does not contain lead、Expensive)。

No matter which material,All are only applied to the shower leader and the whole root7In writing,Other switches and hand shower、Top spray,Both alloy orABSEngineering plastics。

brass 3 way tub shower faucet

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)in addition,The surface of the shower will be nickelized、Chrome,This is also easy to clean in dirty。

Installation attention:

When purchasing a shower and shower board,If the shower is installed after the water pipe and ceiling installation,To measure the height of the pipe opening to the ceiling,Avoid selecting the distance between the shower height beyond the distance;If you can't measure the distance,Generally selecting a shower with a lifting function.;Otherwise, it is easy to cause a problem that the shower is too high.。

(brass 3 way tub shower faucet)brass 3 way tub shower faucet

Daily cleaning:The ideal cleaning skill is used to rinse the faucet with water,Use soft cotton cloth to remove all moisture metal surfaces,Can make the faucet brilliant。If you need a lot of cleaning,It is best to use gentle neutral lotion to remove Dirty dirt on the faucet,Wipe again with a soft cloth。in addition,If the water quality is harder,Shower usage time too long dirt,As long as you put the handked shower in the vinegar, you can restore it.!

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